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The Race Between Races: Next season of Survivor to be Segregated
Survivor host, Jeff Probst, has confirmed that the new season will divide 20 people into 4 tribes by race. The rumor surfaced earlier this week.

Jeff said: "Well, that's probably one of the reasons it will be interesting and controversial, maybe, as you say. I know, from where I sit, I found it to be one of the freshest ideas we've had going back to the beginning of this show in season one." "I think at first glance, when you just hear the idea, it could sound like a stunt. Especially with the way reality has gone, it wouldn't be unusual. But that's not what we're doing here. The idea for this actually came from the criticism that 'Survivor' was not ethnically diverse enough," he said. "Because, for whatever reason, we've always had a low number of minority applicants apply to the show. So we set out and said, 'Let's turn this criticism into creative for the show. I think it fits in perfectly with what 'Survivor' does — it is a social experiment. And this is adding another layer to that experiment, which is taking the show to a completely different level."

Reception from the contestants was mixed. Some thought it was enforcing stereotypes and others didn't care, they were just there to play the game.

Here's some information on the new tribe members.

African-American Tribe:
# Make-up artist, Rebecca Borman, 34, from Laurelton, N.Y.
# Jazz musician and recording artist Sekou Bunch, 45, of Los Angeles
# Nursing student Stephannie Favor, 35, of Columbia, S.C.
# Retail salesman Nathan Gonzalez, 26, of Los Angeles
# Sundra Oakley, 31, an actress from Los Angeles

Asian-American Tribe:
# Nail salon manager Anh-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui (pronounced Cowboy), 42, from Christianburg, Va.
# Attorney Becky Lee, 28, of Washington, D.C.
# Management consultant Yul Kwon, 31, of San Mateo, Calif.
# Real estate agent Jenny Guzon-Bae, 36, of Lake Forest, Ill.
# Fashion Director Brad Virata, 29, of Los Angeles

Hispanic Tribe:
# Heavy metal guitarist Billy Garcia, 36, of New York
# Professional volleyball player J.P. Calderon, 30, of Marina Del Rey, Calif.
# Police officer Cristina Coria, 35, of Los Angeles
# Waiter Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth, 25, of Venice, Calif.
# Technology risk consultant Cecilia Mansilla, 29, of Oakland, Calif.

White Tribe:
# Copier salesman Adam Gentry, 28, of San Diego, Calif.
# Writer-producer Jonathan Penner, 44, of Los Angeles
# Boxer-waitress Parvati Shallow, 23, of Los Angeles
# Performer-roller girl Jessica Smith, 27, of Chico, Calif.
# Pre-med student Candice Woodcock, 23, of Fayetteville, N.C.

Source: Dlisted via CBS


Do you think it was wrong of CBS to allow a racially segregated game?

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It's just a stop-gap to keep people entertained in front of their TVs, thus forming a much-needed dialogue between people of different races whose only shared cultural outlet is their television viewing habits. I'm sure we'll all learn so much about ourselves by the end of the season, and avert a race war in the process. Or at least that's programming's magnaminous view of their own importance.

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races? wonder what tribe they'd put me in? i might watch it just to scoff at it.


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What a cheap ploy to get more viewers.

Sadly, it worked on me. I might check it out...

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