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Mellie is perfect first lady

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Originally Posted by Thefrenchy View Post
^ Me too! Boyfriend and I watch at least 5 episodes a day We love it! Plus, the "President" is damn hot

Although two things drive me craaazy: the annoying camera flash transitions (gonna give me a seizure one day...) and Olivia Pope's wardrobe! Unflattering and far too matronly!
well shes a political fixer in DC

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I am addicted to this show and I can't stop watching it! My new favorite show

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This is my favorite show. I have to say that there were parts of the Season Finale that I liked and disliked however. I'm looking forward to the 3rd season and hopefully certain WTF! moments will be explained.

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I cannot wait for next weeks episode....if for any reason is to see her in this look

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Just started watching this show yesterday and I am hooked, been catching up on season 2 all day.....simply cant stop watching

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front row
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I am completely shocked by last. Thursday episode and I am really starting to dislike Olivia. She is so foolish sometimes and unable to protect herself first and foremost.
I think I am on team Mellie now!

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I am totally addicted to this show! I know it is completely trashy but I love it! I haven't been this hooked on a show since Melrose Place! LOL!

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I cannot watch this show. It is full of annoying characters.... but is this show created by Shonda (?) that woman who created Grey's Anatomy? because that would explane it all.

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I caught up with the show and I like it. Olivia's wardrobe is kind of great, I want all her coats.

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Originally Posted by Alma Kemp View Post
I cannot watch this show. It is full of annoying characters.... but is this show created by Shonda (?) that woman who created Grey's Anatomy? because that would explane it all.
same here. I couldn't watch Grey's Anatomy because of Meredith and now I can't watch Scandal because I find Olivia soo annoying. I tried several times to restart and just keep watching this show, but as soon as I see Pope's stupid facial expressions, it's done.

When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.
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I had started watching Scandal when it first premiered, and loved it. I took a hiatus after the second season but after three days of having the flu I caught up on the entire third season, which was insane but I loved it.

Just watched the Season 4 premier… Has this show officially fallen off the tracks? I was pretty unimpressed. Thoughts?

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I started watching it very recently but I like it a lot. Kerry Washington is just so gorgeous, I can't stop staring at her. I also like Fitz, he's a hottie And Mellie (slightly) reminds me of Lindsey Wixson.
I think that TV shows used to have good guys and bad guys and I dont think that's the case here. I mean you see good guys doing bad stuff and bad guys having a softer side and I really like seeing that. Tomorrow is new episode, yaaay
I think that things will get back to normal now with the next episode. They showed that she wanted a new break but she's addicted to this lifestyle or whatever but now she'll be back full time (without lying to herself that she's gonna leave) and did you see how she and Fitz put their hands one towards the other?

I really do hope they finally get to their house in Vermont (my god I'm cheesy )

.love will save the world.
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