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Graysha Assoun

Height: 5'10"
Bust: 32"
Waist: 24"
Hips: 34.5"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Dress: 0/2
Shoe: 8
Instagram: @grayshaa


"there's no design, your flaws are fine"
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A Models Perspective
Monday, 27 February 2012
I had so much fun interviewing down to earth, German born, London raised, French/American model Graysha Audren who currently lives in Dallas, Texas. I asked her about her life, work and style.... not only is she one to watch for her great look but for her amazing style too!

Ten Questions With Graysha Audren:

1. Ella Lucia: Lets start from the beginning, how did you get into modeling?

Graysha Audren: Well, I was at a fashion show by designer Nha Khan, it was time to go sit down. When these two women behind us started talking about their agency (Wallflower Management) and how they would really like it if I stopped by. Me and my mum had been discussing it for a bit before then, but we were going to wait until I was 16, which is normally the age you start working. I also had another agency scouting me so it was a big decision on which one to choose. I ended up with Wallflower Management.

E.L: so you were just in the right place at the right time!

Graysha: Completely!..I'm thankful that my mom dragged me along as i didn't even plan on going!

2. E.L: Now I know you're fairly new to the modelling world but what has been your highlight so far?

Graysha: The best part about modelling is walking down that runway and all the lights are on you. Modelling is a lot of hurry up and wait type of business. But once your make up is on and you're in these amazing clothes, you just feel out of this world.

3. E.L: What would your dream job be?

Graysha: My dream modelling job would be to do a campaign with Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, any big line. That would be amazing! Also to walk in London Fashion Week

4. E.L: How do you keep yourself healthy?

Graysha: Well my grandmother is a nutritionist, so she is always bugging me to eat greens and fruit. She says a lot of crazy things sometimes, but what has worked for me is a very, very, very lean diet. Barely any meat at all and ALL fruit and vegetables. You should probably have a bowl of salad for every meal and tons water. What I always remember is lots of water vegetables and fruit.

5. E.L: What else do you do apart from modelling?

Graysha: I love acting. Sometimes I think I want to be an actress more than a model, but I think modelling, for me, is easier. My plan is to become, hopefully, a well known model and then trickle into the acting business. Yet its only just a dream... My hobbies are dancing, I have done ballet for about 10 years and I just quit about a year ago to do modern dance. Yet my favorite hobby is horse back riding! I have 5 horses and when I'm not at school,shopping or modelling I spend my days with my horses! One of my favorite shoots was with my horse Earl Gray. He's my favorite horse and the shoot was all natural and the set was beautiful!

6. E.L: Do you have any advice for girls wanting to start modelling?

I would say SLEEP and eat HEALTHY haha! Those for me are the biggest things to do! Once you are on a healthy "diet" then find an agency. Try and find an agency that you can really trust otherwise things might not go as you want them. Always remember that you are your own business. For those who don’t know much about it there are many great books out there

7. E.L: Who inspires you?

Graysha: In modelling, I would say Lindsey Wixen inspires me! I love her lips and how she has full face control and her unusual look! She almost looks like a modern doll and she is just altogether a great model! and style wise...Alexa Chung, I love British style!

E.L: I'm going to take that as a direct compliment..why thank you!

[the conversation then drifts as Graysha and I talk about Alexa Chung]

8. E.L: would you describe your style?

Graysha: I would say my personal style is normally all over the place. It is very hard to categorize my style as it is always changing day by day. Yet I would say it is understated, quirky with an edge. One day I feel like being in the 50s the next I'm completely modern. I would say my style is influenced by the magazine shoot that inspires me most that day. haha! I'm obsessed with magazines and their crazy style!

E.L: I know...did you see the shoot in British Vogue with Lana Del Ray.... [off topic]

9. E.L: what are your key looks for S/S 12?

Graysha: My key items would be these Valentino Rock stud shoes, American apparel high waisted, flowered swim suit, motorcycle boots, and everything in pastel colors!

10. E.L: Ok this is the final question, whats your favorite item of clothing?

Graysha: My favorite item of clothing... always changes! At the moment I would say it is high waisted shorts! They are so easy to put anything with them! They are really easy to wear and they never get old!

"there's no design, your flaws are fine"
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