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Kate Moss (March 2010 - November 2010)
Note from the Moderators :

Welcome to the new Kate Moss thread!

The first Kate Moss thread was closed, because it became too big and a lot of members were having problems with many reposts of pictures. Therefore the new thread, holds certain rules. Because of the usual speed of Kate Moss' threads, these are the rules we have made up to avoid the old problems:
  • Reposts from pictures that have been posted in the past 5 pages, will be deleted.
  • Falsely or non credited pictures will be deleted.
  • Pictures from the old Kate Moss thread are not allowed to be reposted here. If you want to see the old pictures again, visit the old thread and view them there, but do not post them here.
  • Because we want to avoid the reposting problems, these rules will have to be followed very strictly. That means that we expect you to check the past 5 pages before posting the pictures you want to post and that you correctly credit all your pictures.
  • Reposts are strongly prohibited, and such posts will be deleted. Please use the "Report post" function on any post that you believe is a repost with the following information:

    1) The link to the post you believe is a repost.
    2) The link to the post in the old thread.

    Images which are available in the old thread but which are reposted in higher quality do not qualify as reposts. In order to keep this thread friendly, complaints about reposts are restricted to the report posts function. Any posts in the thread containing such complaints will be deleted.
  • This strictness means that everyone who does not adhere to these above rules will be issued an official warning immediately, with no exceptions. This can eventually lead to a ban.
  • If you still run into problems in the thread, please communicate about them with the Supporting Cast moderators and do not confront the member who is causing the problem yourself. We will do it for you and we will then decide whether steps should be taken. If you still start an argument - or of course cause it - we will edit your posts which may lead to a warning.
  • For more specific information on the crediting of pictures see here.
If you have any questions or remarks on these rules, please PM one of the Supporting Cast moderators and do not post them here.

Enjoy the thread!

To view the Old Kate Moss threads please go here : Kate Moss : ( August 2003 - March 2006 )
Kate Moss : ( March 2006 - January 2009 )
Kate Moss : (January 2009 - August 2009 )
Kate Moss (August 2009 - March 2010)

To discuss anything other than Kate's work or style (relationship gossip, speculation about her personal life, etc), please go here:

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Thank you.

Kate Moss arriving at a business meeting London, England - 04.03.10

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is that tan bag from her new line?

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^i think so since it has the zebra scarf

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without the belga single


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void( )
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im getting a bit bored of that chanel hat.

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hat again? seriously?

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that hat is chanel? cool.
I like this look.

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Kate Moss Wild Meadow (2010) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Kate Moss will add a new flanker to the Kate portfolio of fragrances from March 2010 with Kate Moss Wild Meadow. The perfume is inspired by the out-of-this-world English landscape of the Cotswolds, one of Moss's favorite places to be on earth and more particularly the sensual experience of walking through a meadow of wild flowers.

I remember touring the Cotswolds for the first time when I was at Oxford. I almost needed to pinch myself when looking at and stepping inside this postcard-like idyllic countryside with its thatched cottages seemingly plucked out of a fairy tale and as if the whole region meant to teach a thing or two to Hollywood fantasy productions. The area has incidentally been classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AON since 1966...

Kate Moss explained,
"The landscape of the Cotswolds is one of my favorite places because of its breathtaking beauty and relaxed, quiet life ," says Kate. "Whenever I'm there, I feel relaxed and balanced - every day is fresh and different. With Wild Meadow I wanted to capture this feeling of happiness in a scent, so I can relive it anywhere in the world."

Wild Meadow is described as a light, fresh and feminine white floral fragrance. It was composed by perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu of Givaudan.

The perfume opens on notes of bergamot, tart pink grapefruit, vineyard peach and leafy greens. The heart is meant to capture the charm of a rural England garden with notes of rose essence, heady magnolia and sweet honeysuckle. The base notes are sensual and warm with benzoin and amber and fresh and happy with a woodsy note of apple tree meant to convey a feeling of pure, simple joy.

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I wonder where they sell it.

Some Like It Hot
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the hat is beyond a disaster and the bottle design for her new fragrance is awful

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I love that hat! Been looking for something like that for quite some time.

Wild and Free
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Thank you^There is someone else in this thread who can appreciate that hat! its fab!

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Why did we have to start a new Kate thread ? This must be the fourth one.


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^ It's just the mods cleaning up to make the site load faster. They are doing it to all the long threads.

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Originally Posted by MARLOWE TIGER View Post
Why did we have to start a new Kate thread ? This must be the fourth one.
Actually is the fifth one .

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