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Miranda Kerr at Siren Studios for a photo shoot in Los Angeles, CA (June 9)


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^ i hate the shoes, but she looks lovely as always

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love the last look

backstage pass
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STATUS Magazine (Philippines/June 2012)

my scan

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Those chunky shoes don`t match with her tiny ankles, looks weird, like a little girl wearing mama`s heels.

But other than that I love her simple and chic style, plus she is always so glowing. She is one of my idols what comes to healthy lifestyle I love how passionate she is about it.

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i don't like these wedges at all...they are very unflattering.

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I don't think she was shooting VS: http://twitter.com/MirandaKerr/statu...73571431051264

She was tweeting Tabitha Simmons too.

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Miranda joined instagram !

backstage pass
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Model, businesswoman, author, yummy mummy. Is there anything that Miranda Kerr can’t do?

by Lauren Ezekiel
She’s been voted one of the world’s most beautiful women, is married to one of the world’s hottest men, and has a body to die for.

So surely Miranda Kerr is going to stop us dying with envy by being a horrible diva from hell. Nope. She’s completely lovely. So lovely, in fact, that she keeps her hubby actor Orlando Bloom (yes, Orlando Bloom) waiting so we can chat to her.

As we meet in her hotel in Munich – where she’s busy promoting a new fitness range – she’s frantically texting.

“It’s my husband, he wants to talk to me,” she explains in her soft Aussie drawl. “Sorry! I’ve told him I’ll call him back.”

The Victoria’s Secret model flashes a warm smile, shakes hands and insists we sit beside her.

“I love your whole look, where are your jeans from?” she asks. Erm, that would be New Look… Then she turns her attention to our bag and watch.

Miranda with hubby Orlando and son Flynn

“Great style, is that Marc Jacobs?”

Yes it is! We confess to sharing a minor obsession with the brand. “I’m exactly the same with Stella McCartney,” she continues. “I can’t get enough.”

Fresh from a Reebok photo shoot, Miranda herself is dressed in figure-hugging sportswear and trainers, and looks younger than her 29 years. Her hair is loose and tousled, her skin flawless. If it’s possible, she is even more beautiful in the flesh. Small wonder that she’s spent 15 years in the modelling business.

And if that wasn’t enough, Miranda is also author of a self-help book and has her own organic skincare range, Kora. All this while being mum to gorgeous 18-month-old son Flynn. She certainly puts the super into supermodel.

Miranda, having children can be tough. How have you and Orlando, 35, adapted to being parents?

We share parenting duties. Like today – because I’m only away for a few days, I thought it was too much to bring Flynn with me. You’ve got to think what’s best for your child, and this week it was staying at home in New York. He’s with Orlando right now, and his grandma.

Has being parents changed your relationship?

Yes it has. It’s wonderful, Orlando’s so hands-on. He likes to get in there and do as much as he can. I’m very lucky. We love it – now we argue about who’s changing the diaper!

Being a mum at 27 is seen as quite young these days. Is it something you always wanted?

Yes. There’s a picture of my mum Therese breastfeeding my younger brother and I’m next to her, aged three, trying to breastfeed a doll!

Do you plan on having more kids?

Not anytime soon, but at some point.

You snapped back into shape after Flynn. What’s your secret?

For me it was all about putting the right nutrients in my body. I breastfed Flynn until he was one. It was something I wanted to do, but I understand thatnot everyone can. When I was travelling, I’d pump. I still have breast milk in the freezer – you never know, one day, if we run out of milk… [Laughs]

Nice! Do you think breastfeeding helped you to regain your figure?

I’m not sure. Since having Flynn I’ve got into Pilates, as it’s great for targeting the butt. I exercised during my pregnancy by walking and doing yoga, but I needed to get my butt back into shape afterwards!

Did you feel pressured to get your figure back?

No, not at all. I just wanted to get the right nutrients into my body, so I was feeling good and had enough energy for my son. It’s important to feel your best.

Keeping fit is obviously important to you, what’s your daily regime?

I do Pilates and yoga three to four times a week. I mix it up with strength and resistance training. You’ll often find me doing squats on photo shoots!

Blimey! Does Orlando keep in shape, too?

Yes. We both do yoga and Pilates, and go on long walks together. We love the same food. It’s lovely when you like the same things.

Do you follow a healthy diet?

I eat a lot of “super foods” – goji berries, blueberries, acai berries, cucumber, avocado, goats’ cheese. I grew up on a farm so this was all I knew. I believe in balance – 80 per cent strict, 20 per cent indulgence.

Any other beauty tips?

I’m very aware of what I put in my body, and this goes for the outside too. Skin is your biggest organ and it’s important you look after it. That’s why I developed my skincare range. I struggled to find organic products, so in the end I made them myself. I put my heart and soul into it. The lab in Australia would send samples around the world so I could try each one. I’d give them to my husband and friends to try out, too.

And what does Orlando think of the range?

He really loves Kora, we both use the body lotion, he even puts it in his hair! The scents are unisex and Orlando loves the rosehip oil.

You wrote the self-help book Treasure Yourself in 2010. Why?

When I was growing up I was very shy, and feel like a lot of women can be quite vulnerable. I wanted people to know that as long as you know that you have good intentions and a good heart, you should be proud of who you are. My mum always said: “Let your light shine”.

Has being a mum changed you?

Yes it has. I made the decision to spend 60 per cent of my time with Flynn and 40 per cent working, which means I’m very picky about what I will do. And I make sure it works with the family. I’m at my happiest when I’m with my husband and my son. Waking up with my son and my husband in bed – there’s nothing better.

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Miranda Kerr at LAX Airport on Tuesday (June 12) in Los Angeles.


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Miranda Kerr rocks a sheer blouse while carrying her dog Frankie on Wednesday (June 13) in New York City.


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^ her style is flawless

fashion icon
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Love her outfit at the airport!

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