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Skye Mitchell-Innes
New face at eMg Models Sydney

Height: 175 cm


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From City2Surf to photoshoot

Some people barely break a sweat running the City2Surf.

Some have a rest afterwards.

And some, of course, don't finish at all.

Skye Mitchell Innes did a test shoot straight after her first crack at the world's biggest fun run last Sunday (which she completed in just under two hours, together with a posse of school mates, both running and walking the course).

Scouted near her exclusive Sydney high school four months ago and almost immediately signed to Sydney's eMg Models, the sporty fourteen year-old, who also plays soccer and netball, has an upcoming 'new faces' editorial in Kneon magazine, shot by Christian Blanchard.

Mitchell Innes is 5'9" and growing - both her parents are over 6', reports eMg - and it's no surprise she caught the attention of eMg scout Simone Hellicar.

There is something quite androgynous about her face. Her striking mane of hair notwithstanding, in some shots she almost looks like a boy.

This is the same Sydney model agency that signed/developed 13 year-old Tallulah Morton in 2005.

As many would recall, Morton made her runway debut that year at Australian Fashion Week, opening Josh Goot's debut AFW show. With a 16 year age minimum now imposed on the event, however, that would obviously not be possible today.

That does not mean young hopefuls don't continue to enter competitions such as the Girlfriend and Dolly model searches - or that scouts aren't constantly on the lookout for new stars to develop.

With new faces such as Brigitte Mitchell, recently profiled by Frockwriter, eMg Models clearly has its finger on the pulse.

Here is a so-far-unseen test shoot of Mitchell Innes. Photos supplied exclusively to Frockwriter by eMg Models.

Photography by Luke Dubbelde. Hair and makeup by Jess Chapman. Styling by Triann Marcs.


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Kneon #8
Photographer: Christian Blanchard
Stylist: Sarah Bonett
Make-Up: Felicia Yong
Hair: Kieren Street

from obscure to demure
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Now with IMG Australia!

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The pictures in #2 are lovely, very Emma Watson. She could be very succesful if they don't rush it or overexpose her.


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What charities and/or social causes are you involved with or passionate about? Why?
I do volunteer work for Our Big Kitchen, where you help make food that goes to people less fortunate, such as kids at the children's hospital or the homeless.

Which month of the year do you look forward to most of all?

December- because I love Summer, going to the beach, getting outdoors, and Christmas of course!

What is the most exotic or unusual item you’ve ever ordered in a restaurant?
Kokoda fish- which is a Fijian dish made by marinating raw fish in coconut milk and lemon. This was one of my favourite foods when living in Fiji as a little girl.

In a large room full of people would you rather be the smartest, most attractive, or most likable person?
I would rather be the most likeable, because even if you are clever or beautiful, you might not have the best personality, which to me is most important. Without a good personality you can't really do much in life.

What would your dream home look like?
I would love my dream home to be either in front of a beach or in the country. It would be simple with lots of windows and glass doors so I could always be looking outside.

What is the best present you’ve ever received?
Probably an electric guitar which I got 3 years ago, when I used to play guitar. I love to play, but I don't take classes anymore because I don't always have time to practice.

What is one event in the future whose outcome you would like to know now?

What my future husband looks like!!

"there's no design, your flaws are fine"
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