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Join Date: Aug 2007
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I think the 'it' bag has been in a critical condition for a while, now, so its (no doubt, temporary) demise was to be expected.

Regarding price, ITA that the ridiculous price increases (way above the rate of inflation and most other designer goods), especially when coupled with an increase in availability, have had the affect of making most R-T-W designer bags seem very poor value for money. Normally, an increase in availability of an item would be coupled with a plateau, or decrease, in price; unless demand had risen way beyond supply, of course.

I also agree that obvious logos and monograms and designs that are, very recognisably, by a certain brand (e.g. the Chloe Paddington) have become, progressively, less desirable as more and more people own them (or own fakes of them).

Also, popularity cycles go in.....well.....cycles! A few years ago, people were really into designer homewares, then it was bags and you couldn't give the homewares away and so on. I think the bag fad has just run its natural course. Designers can only come up with new variations on a bag for so long, before the designs become gimmicky and forced-looking and even if they could continue to produce fascinatingly beautiful bags forever, there would eventually come a point when most people would begin to tire of buying new bags, in general, anyway.

I also think we can't afford to ignore the crucial fact that two of the most talented designers, especially when it came to accessory design, have stopped designing bags - Tom Ford and Phoebe Philo and also that the creator of all the earlier Phoebe era Chloe bags, Zoe Knight, has left Chloe.

Despite my username, I don't own a Paddy, a Silverado, an Edith, a Bay, or any other Chloe 'it' bag apart from one S/S '04 Bracelet Bag, which I bought recently (I had bought the far less commercial clutch, at the time). This is partly for the normal reasons one doesn't buy a bag (i.e. because I simply didn't like them, visually, as much as some of the less well known designs and/or I found the styles heavy, or impractical and/or they didn't suit my body type and/or lifestyle), but also, partly because I am shy of my bags being constantly recognised and partly because most of these bags seemed a bit too contrived and gimmicky to me, which, TBH, I found a slight turn-off.

Almost all of my Chloe bags are from S/S '04, or before, when most of the bags from a collection were just like the other accessories, i.e. visual extensions of the collection as a whole and/or beautiful, non gimmicky, objects in their own right; which, IMO, is what a designer accessories should be all about.

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front row
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Originally Posted by just_me View Post
Nah.. I think its just because people were caught up in hype's easily before.. but now EVERYONE owns designer bags, they have become common.. and specially 'IT-bags' are seen as fashion victim-ish... people are more after individuality and not 'look I'm carrying a Chloe bag!'

At least that is what has happened in my circles.

i agee with you.

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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: along the lines of my mind
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i think 2007 is the year of 'scooping up bags we regret passing up'...i find myself (and from what i've read, others) buying up bags that struck my fancy from past seasons...

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Join Date: Jun 2005
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Originally Posted by jun3machina View Post
i think 2007 is the year of 'scooping up bags we regret passing up'...i find myself (and from what i've read, others) buying up bags that struck my fancy from past seasons...
YES! That is exactly my current situation!

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Join Date: Apr 2005
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I think the fact that lots and lots of more people now own designer bags- its hard to keep a bag from becoming fashion victimy- what is one to do? even more ppl are carrying chanel...I dont think ive carried one bag of mine and not seen one person carrying the exact same one... it turns me off..even hermes birkins (not the other styles) have been everywhere lately...and even though ive loved balenciaga for years and years...i have not bought any of the new colors- though gorgeous- because it kinda became an it bag..
i hope the hype will truely die off i dont see it dying off france yes..but in the middle east- its just starting :X

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Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 1,449
I sed to never, never see Birkins.. now there are so many I see one at least every day!

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leyla m.'s Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2002
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the birkin being everywhere does actually worry me slightly..
the worst being that its worn by certain celebs in multiple colours just because its a birkin not often matching the mood of the outfit. but oh well.
i do also start seeing a trend growing in the middle east. in kuwait since i spent some time there, ladies who have absolutely no clue about the bag itself and who were victims of the super BLING bags in the past.. i am talking ANY IT BAG.. start buying them like hot baguettes (as in bread ) many to differentiate themselves from the "mass" but the late popularity has even made the Birkin one of the most expensive/exclusive bags mainstream.


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fashion insider
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Hermes has been increasing its production lately and birkin is no longer as hard to get as it used to be

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