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Handbags: Yay or Nay? #2
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Originally Posted by Serenity*Now View Post
just goes to the home page. Anyway to cut/paste/credit the pic here???
Yeah sure!

The picture is from net-a-porter.com

Wild and Free

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Feels Like Heaven
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^Hmh,I don't know.I think it would be Nay.Sorry..

For that night you cast your spell,and you taught me how to dance.

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raerae - if this is for work or school, I'd say YAY but as a std bag to carry around, Nay.

"...insanity is thinking that you need something you don't have. The mere fact that you exist right now without that which you think you need is proof that you don't need it."-Byron Katie (<-DOESNT APPLY to SHOES) TheFitChick.com *~* TWITTER me
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in the mood for love
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yay to mulberry. It's classic and simple

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted
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simple but nay for me.

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nay i don't really like that style

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Of too many minds
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yay to the mulberry as well!


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Yay to the mulberry!!

...and I will be strong even when it all goes wrong.

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A small nay to the mulberry. I don't mind it, but I just find the bayswater so boring,

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front row
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Yay, to the Mulberry. It's timeless, nice, and KateMoss-approved.

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girl who fell to earth
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another yay for the mulberry

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Blood On The Leaves
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It's the heart and the soul and the body and the brain driving me insane.

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fashion icon
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Yay to the mulberry!!

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A nay from me, it's nice and perfectly fine except a little boring.

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raerae - Yay! I like that it's simple.

send me the pillow. . .the one that you dream on
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