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iOffer Bags,, etc. #5 (Please read the rules in post #1)
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Originally Posted by Amyiish View Post
I just received my Maldives Day and I adore this color!! It is such a beautiful powder blue-green... The leather is just a leeeetle dry, but it's wonderfully thick and matte. I'm not used to the Day style, but I think it might be winner for me! I love the hands-free aspect of it. I can't wait to break it in.
Hey Amyiish BagSwapper-new-BFF

I agree, I felt it was a tad dehydrated. Its had a coat of leather care, but TBH my blue layette was also quite dry with that powdery white effect someone mentioned here. I've lathered the BL with plenty of moisturiser and its come up a treat now..I'm sure Maldives will look awesome when its broken in..

p.s. the lilac is in 'harbour' almost home yeeey

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I just emailed the boys about my RH black work. It looks like anthra when compared to the saturated jet black one that someone posted recently. I've attached the "group" shot of the four GGH bags, followed by various shots of mine.

We'll see what they say. What do you guys think? I didn't want anthra, I wanted jet-black black.

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Thanks for the responses about the LV Azur I previously posted. I am looking into Joy's and Jacky's!

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Smkelly- I E mailed T&D about that and they said:
It’s all from the same batch but no 2 leather hides are the same.
All hides take to leather differently and hence will color differently.
It’s one of the wonderful unpredictable things about using a natural product.

I have 2 black GH works that are much more JET BLACK than my recent rh city purchase as well. Pic by me..hope this helps
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pinkprincess- don't fear the conditioning/moisturizing process when it comes to your nbf's as long as you use conditioners meant for leather (like LMB or Apple Brand Leather Care conditioner, which i use ), apply with your hands and not a cloth (it removes dye), the color will not darken permanently!

like mm07 said, conditioning your bag gives it an initial "wet effect" which will make it appear darker. after a few days (and maybe even a week, depending on how liberally you apply or how thirsty the leather is :p ) the bag will dry and return to its original or very-near-to-that shade!

here's my amethyst ggh city compared with my amethyst rh city
i conditioned the rh city the minute i got it which was about 3 weeks ago, and conditioned the ggh city within 48 hours of taking this photo. i used leather care and applied with my hands for both bags. the ggh city is just a shade or two darker than the rh city.
now trust me when i say that my rh city was just as dark--maybe even darker--when i first conditioned it but as you can see in the last pic, it is now the same exact color as the mirror which i have *not* conditioned!

hope this helps!
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thank god for ignore lists
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My giant wallet arrived in NYC at noon today...maybe there will be a new pic up this time tomorrow!

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Here is a pic of the LV Damier Trevi GM I ordered from Catty. I love it...very structured and soft. yay!

Can someone PM Jackys email/web address?!?! PLEASE! thank you!!
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does catty have the new grey wang coco right? colorwise? AW-324
I'm putting together an order for her and jacky.


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SMkelly, I would say you stick with what you like. Jet Black is a must for every girl!

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SMkelly: My Mom's black City looks just like your Work and my black GGH Work looked like that before I conditioned it with Apple Leather Care. If a bag has the "white dust" that many here have mentioned, conditioning the bag will make it darker because it'll remove the white marbling. I posted pics of my black Work and FC after they were conditioned. Made a huge difference in the color! I LOVE my jet black Work now! Apple products are sold online and in stores. I think it's I got mine at Burlington Coat Factory for under $5!! HTH!

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I received my T&D Blue Layette Day GSH!
I am hooked on T&D with one bag.

This afternoon I received my Blue Layette Day GSH from T&D.

The sheen & texture of the leather is comparable to my authentic Bal Vermillion spring '07 bag. The LEather is thicker tho - not as fragile.

Which I actually prefer - my authentic Bal can take a lot of abuse, but I am always afraid that something sharp might rip or tear the leather.

I need to hang it with something heavy in it to shape the handle....currently the handle is a bit flat - I am confident it will mold to the shape of my shoulder.

Blue Layette Day GSH is an incredible which should I get next?

thank you so much to everyone at TFS for sharing their T&D bag pics, and honest recomendations

Still waiting for my LV order from Catty - Accessoires Pochette, Speedy 30, & Richard Prince After Dark.....

attached pics taken by flurorescent lighting - these pics do not do the bag justice at all........
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BlairWarner: congrats girl! now you are hooked on to T&D like the rest of us hehehe! And your day is soo gorgeous MmM the leather looks so chewy!!

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misspistol: Great haul! I love your speedy and TW clutch!

shel2287: Nice!

BlairWarner: Congrats! The leather is smooshy

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blair - i LOOOOVE your bag! i wasn't a fan of the day for the longest time and now i'm loving it for some reason. it's so casual and chic. enjoy!

do you prefer fashion victim or ensemble-y challenged?
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I love your Day, Blairwarner!

I wish so hard that Jacky or Catty would make the Chloe Gemma! It's so feminine and sophisticated...

Pic from
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