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kim - ! I can see why you love's a beauty, enjoy!


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Kim!! Where'd you get this!!

I saw one on bonanzle i was debating on... but I was intrigued by the Sunburst BB bag.. bought one of those instead. I love the orchid leather. Is yours orchid also? It's a hard color to photograph.

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thanks kxm099, iLC and luna...

luna...i got it from *bay, about a month ago...the color is called "charcoal," but it's actually a medium gray/green...
i wanted to get one from nordstrom when they came out, but they one had one (at the sf store), and it was scratched where the kisslock is...
i've seen the orchid one irl, and it's really pretty...

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kimair I am seriously drooling over your bag right now!!!!

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got one yesterday XD

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I NEED a Stam bag in my life! In the process of saving up for one!

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Originally Posted by xEmma2k5x View Post
I NEED a Stam bag in my life! In the process of saving up for one!
Oh god do I need one in my life as well...

Im thinking the original stammy in the dark blue

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I just saw someone walking around with this bag yesterday and I'm in love. It looks like a heavy bag, but I have decided heavy bags are good for muscles Now to find a place that retails it around me.

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It's actually not so bad. My Alexander Wang duffle bag is much heavier because of the studs. I guess it's all a matter of getting used to the weight.

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Helens, Velony is right - you do actually get used to the weight. I never notice it really as most of my bags are so heavy. However I was actually starting to get shoulder pain (mainly because my bags are so roomy so I put more things in it and they were weighing about 5 kilos...) so changed to my Chanel for a while, and when I went back to one of my Stams I did notice the weight then.

I was in the Marc Jacobs London store the other day and they have plenty of different Stams around (the studded or scaled ones in black are nice) if you do want one. I presume most of the stores and department store stockists would be able to find one for you as it's still an ongoing style each season.

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its so funny..i always have soo much in my bag that when I lift weights im like "hmm..not so bad". my guy friends pass me my bag sometimes and always say " god! what do you have in there, bricks?". My stam is acutally one of the lighter bags I have.

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I have the baby Stam in black. I got it senior year of high school and absolutely loved it. Now, I haven't worn it for 2 years. It's been replaced by my Balenciaga city bags and my Chanel jumbo bag. Maybe I need to bring it out. It's perfect because it's not too heavy and I can take it out at night.

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I have the baby too, but haven't worn it in ages! If I need a big bag then I take my regular Stams, and if I want a smaller chain bag then I tend to go for a Chanel instead. But I really need to show it some love!

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can someone please tell me how many different stam bags there are?

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I only know of the regular size and the baby...

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