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I still love beautiful bags, I just don't want to wear the instantly recognizable and very much copied styles that have become soooo common.

I swear, every chick in Sydney has a vinyl quilted Stammish looking bag with a chunky gold chain.

It's become so boring and over-saturated, but it was to be expected... *shrug*

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I'M sooo over IT bags ,I 'm more into classics OR.... truly unique,rare ones,for classics,i mean Hermes birkins and kellys,and classic chanels,yes they cost an arm or two,but they last a lifetime,you might even inherit them to your kids someday ,I like truly unique and cute ones for fun the moment my favorites are:Luba J,My Flat In London,for exotic leathers my fave are Nancy gonzalez, B Romanek,and MIMSY ,a local brand in my country(They make real beautiful high quality phyton clutches in every colour imaginable,).

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Ha! Lisa Armstrong (editor of Times fashion and Vogue contributer) declares the death of IT bag - it is now official! Thank god! I knew the Times would never let me down!

From The Times
June 6, 2007

Death of the It bag

With politicians adopting status bags, should we all set an example and move on?

Lisa Armstrong

Thrilling times for bags, Last month they became a symbol of all that is divisive in our current approach to saving – or very possibly not saving – the planet. This month they’re at the white-hot centre of the battle to become Deputy Prime Minister, as well as emblematic of the fissure between rich and poor.

What next? A government White Paper blaming the housing shortage on overconcentration of manual labour in the Mulberry factory?
But let us begin with the Justice Minister, Harriet Harman, who last week said that Britain was a divided society in which some people struggle and “others spend 10,000 on a handbag”.

The Justice Minister seems to have been scratching at a weeping wound. For in weighed Yvette Cooper, the Housing Minister, with the right-on news that her favourite bag cost an unimpeachable 70 (ie, not so cheap as to imply slave labour, but well below what Victoria Beckham might spend on a nail file).

One of Harman’s rivals to become Deputy Prime Minister, Hazel “Mine’s a 250 Orla Kiely” Blears, hit back by telling them both to bog off, in so many words, because the Right Honourable Member didn’t believe that “it’s the job of politicians to tell people what they should spend money on”.

Next came Tessa “Marie-Antoinette” Jowell, flaunting her 750 Chlo bag. But then, as the Tory backbencher Justine Greening (a natty dresser, if memory serves) explosively revealed: “Westminster life is tough on bags.”
Sadly, Greening didn’t reveal whether Tory policy would be tough on the causes of so many bags now at large in society. But – and I don’t think I’m kicking anything into the long grass here –it’s probably a safe assumption, given the role of Samantha Cameron (David’s wife) as creative director of Smythson, purveyor of luxurious stationery and er, bags, that the party will be taking a traditionally Conservative approach to the free market in Chlo and Dior.

Now, it isn’t often that I get to write the words Justice Minister in the fashion section, so allow me to savour them and repeat what the Justice Minister said about the price of bags – namely that “it is a matter for society”. At ease, all those traumatised at the thought that Labour might be about to inaugurate a Bag Price Czar. There is a large part of my heart that knows whence the Justice Minister cometh: is there a stronger argument against free markets, excessively blingy bags and the downfall of civilisation than the one that can be summed up in the words Paris and Hilton?
Still, I think it is incumbent on us to accept that Blingy, Overpriced Pieces of Dreck have always been with us. Should we not also, in the name of tolerance, acknowledge that one person’s idea of appalling what-this-country-needs-is-another-bout-of-austerity vulgarity is another WAG’s idea of this week’s hottest investment?

And yet, and yet. It has not escaped the attention of this fashion desk that prices of bags have, in the past two years or so, vaulted from the ludicrous to the “Are they having a laugh?” category. Nor can we endorse the current trend for back-breaking sacks with more shiny metal bits impaled on them than a rapper’s dentures, and the concurrent spiral of debt into which the nation appears to have tumbled.

Things change constantly in this modern morality tale. For starters, Lulu Guinness reports that she has removed the label from the front of Penelope, one of her “couture” bags: “People want to be special and have something different. It depends on the customer and whether they need a brand to fit into a tribe. I think the only way it can go is limited editions, something that’s not easy to get your hands on. Luxury as a concept means difficult to obtain. True sophistication is no logo.”

So, the day of the It Bag is definitively over – or it is until someone comes up with the one bag we all want. In its place is a general lust for all things vaguely baggish. According to Tina Lamb, the accessories and shoe buyer at Harvey Nichols: “There is an increasing interest in nonobvious bags – a move to making a fashion statement with the actual bag, as opposed to the label. It’s about quality, style and exclusivity.”

Along with Harrods and Matches, Lamb is finding that logo-free bags from companies that are deemed, whether accurately or inaccurately, not to be part of a huge global brand are steadily finding favour, with labels such as Bottega Veneta (no logos), Nancy Gonzalez (alligator) and Zagliani (crocodile injected with silicone to make it as soft and squashy as cashmere) are gaining credence over the overexposed Chlo’s Paddington and Marc Jacobs’s Stam bag. Naturally, a nonblingy bag exuding style, exclusivity and silicone softness costs even more than the blingy ones.

However, jubilation is at hand because finally, after years of churning out absolute dross, the high street is fighting back. Marks & Spencer’s soft synthetic Slouch bag in pale blue-grey or pink (35) has been doing a roaring trade with the Times fashion department (bag-pickier than whom it was not previously possible to be). There is also a healthy supply of bags around the 200-250 mark. OK, a few years ago we all thought that was a prince’s ransom, but in so many troubling ways we’re all Posh now. Reason enough to rein back, you might think. Ultimately, perhaps, the happy ending lies in spending what we can individually afford. Here then, for the Hazels and Harriets that lurk within us all, is a guide to finding the right bag at the right price.

"Style is saying no"

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I love lifewithbird bags

We always know we are close to our mission on earth when what we are doing is touched with the energy of enthusiasm. Einstein
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the only IT bag i really love is marc's stam bag...
i don't want to be slave of fashionable bags...

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It was only a matter of time - the bag market is totally saturated at this point anyway. There are great indie designers out there doing more interesting things than ever before.
I stumbled on "Ashley Watson" who makes some nice bags out of recycled leather. I have been wishing someone would do this for years and have decided to carry some of the line.
She does them all herself by hand from old jackets, pants etc.. and each one is unique.
I'm hoping for the day when more designers re-use. I love it!

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I have a lot of Longchamp. I like it, it's very practical and cheap. I don't like their leather ones, just the la pliage.

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