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Originally Posted by cougess
Famous last words....

I love your pictures - especially how you have your bags organized into groups of "friends" for picture taking (e.g, gucci bags won't play with chloe bags)! :p

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Originally Posted by klow-chloe'
Thanks pucci - I will slowly building up more hopefully will get another 2 B-bags and 2 more Chanels and that's it for this year hopefully I won't purchase anymore apart from these 4 for this year
Fabulous collection, klow-chloe' !!
You seem to have a bag for every occassion!

And..good luck on keeping to your bag budget.. (I don't even have one anymore..)


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I'm in highschool (going into Sophmore year ), so my collection isn't great yet, but I have a feeling that when I have the's all going to handbags . My collection:
  • Louis Vuitton pouchette
  • Dooney & Bourke hearts wristlet
  • Small Burberry bag
  • Black leather Coach bag
  • [replica] Chanel 5 tote (That i just bought at a demonstration about an hour ago and I love's so BIG!)
  • Vintage Gucci coin purse (a bargain at a consignment shop!)
  • Black Coach backpack
  • Small black Prada handbag
  • Old Navy teal sequin tote
  • Old Navy creme velvet handbag (you wouldn't think its Old Navy)
  • pink suede tote
  • striped tote
  • Billabong tote
  • Roxy tote
  • and a bunch of Liz Claibornes...ehh

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^ You're never too young to start!

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Originally Posted by Luna
I dont have a lot of big designer bags...


I have:

A burberry tote
Coach slim duffle
Vintage fendi satchel
Two kate spade messengers
My pink and mocha Herve (I love it just cause I can fit anything in that sucker)
Dior Monogram Satchel
and I absolutely love my two Willow bags(satchel shaped) from MZ Wallace
One in gold metallic with silver trim, the other in desert camo with pink trim.
Holy crap my collection has changed.

I still have all of the above.. except one of the MZ wallace bags.
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs turquoise satchel
  • BCBG Signature Hobo in turquoise
  • BCBG Signature Hobo in dark green
  • BCBG tan canvas multipocket satchel with neon trim
  • Bebe nailhead tote in caramel
  • Vintage Fendi Doctor bag
  • BR green rockstar bag
  • Allison Burns Faithfull bag in midnight
bags i've made that i :
  • dark turquoise hobo with copper and turqoise trim
  • mustard, bronze and ruched teal hobo with knotted chain detailing
  • Light Beige Balenciagatwiggy
  • Off-white Chloe Paddington
  • Gucci Horsebit hobo bag
That's all I'm remembering right now

...and I will be strong even when it all goes wrong.

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Luna - post the pics of the bags that you've made please

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(Oh Lord Ah when my bf complaint me about my new bag I will show him this pic... you've put me to shame too)

haha, thanx i ll take that as a compliment. Since then i added about 10 more bags:
2 Balenciaga Le Dix: one black, one beige
2 Chanel: 1 bucket black with white c's, 1 black leather half moon ( )

1 Prada black leather with silver handle

and some more vintage ones

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Originally Posted by klow-chloe'
Luna - post the pics of the bags that you've made please
Here you go.. here's the mustard/bronze/turquoise one...

...and I will be strong even when it all goes wrong.

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That's very pretty you are very creative. I like the matching coin purse

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AWWW this is my post from a little over a year ago!!!!!!

Originally Posted by agirlcalledk1ll
wow. i am seriously in awe of some of your collections!!

i only have two designer bags. a LV red epi leather alma + a dior star pop print bag. well, i have the j'adore dior terry toiletry bag (with blue writing..), too...

i also, for bags of lesser value, have, i think, 7 bags of various shapes + color from the lesportsac/gwen stefani l.a.m.b collaboration (i fell in love with the hobo's perfect).....+ 2 corderoy bags from the gap, one that's covered in pins (done by me, of course. haha).

wow. i can only hope that one day i can have collections as big as some of yours. i'm fairly new to the designer bag thing! hah, i always admired, but just recently actually purchased....

my collection has grown A LOT since, lol......i'm hooked

dior star pop print shoulder bag
dior d'trick tartan plaid (+ a matching wallet)
dior rasta double saddle messenger
dior gambler tartan + green velvet
louis vuitton epi alma in new red
louis vuitton vernis reade pm in fuschia (+ matching porte tresor)
louis vuitton graffiti pochette in silver
louis vuitton graffiti pochette in peach
louis vuitton damier speedy 25
marc jacobs hobo in geranium
alexander mcqueen 'scarf' bag (not sure of the official name it's got the skull scarf braided into the handle, it's wicked)

and i'm constantly debating on adding a balenciaga to my collection....
sometimes i really want it, other times, i'm turned off by the quality problems i hear about.....:/

also, my l.a.m.b. bag collection grew from 17, lol
1st season:
small rasta stripe black hella hobo
rasta stripe black lotta coin
rasta stripe black showcase
large lamb print hella hobo
2nd season:
large leopard stripe hella hobo
small white with black trim hella hobo
white with black trim wristlet
mega red backstage
penmanship kiki
icon teak hella hobo
icon teak showcase
icon teak tattoo tote
lambi cami hella hobo
rasta ribbon baby barrel
2 donegal toasters
donegal ribbon baby barrel

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I buy a lot of vintage bags, but the designer bags I have are:

- LV Pouchette
- Dior Messenger
- Burberry Sack
- Prada Messenger
- Gucci Messenger
- Mulberry Bayswater

I'm a girl on the go so that's what all the messengers are for

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Lets see...

Dolce & Gabbana:

white patent leather/matte leather studded bag
red patent leather/matte leather studded bag
black tote with lace-up sides
"bondage" bag
2 bags from the "buckle up" line
hot pink bag
black suede/patent leather bag

Versace black biker hobo
Plinio Visona metallic seafoam tote
Kooba pink patent bag
Julie Knapp silver sling bag
Biasia hot pink studded satchel

3 Besso "le dix" bags in white, lime and seafoam

2 Tano bags, one black and one silver

3 Balenciagas, a small pink, a small red, and a small black suede

2 Fendis, a studded baguette and a metallic silver python skin biga

6 ioffer Balenciaga replicas, silver, red, black, black twiggy, black medium

3 SMAK bags, hot pink "strap on" bag, metallic silver "strap on" bag, and silver/black "sinner" tote (plus 3 mini strap on bags that I'm ebaying right now)

2 LeSportsacs, black and leopard

...I think that's it...I really am a bag-whore.

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Hmm, a good chance for me to think how many bags I have:

Hermes Black Birkin
Mulberry Oak Bayswater
Chloe Buttercream Mini Silverado
Chloe Khaki Paddington (I just got it from NAP and I love it!!)
Black Balenciaga
Balenciaga grey motorcyle
Chloe dirty pink clutch
Luella Pink Giselle
Luella Giselle Brown/beige Canvas
Goyard Red Duffle Bag
Green Goyard St. Louis PM Tote
YSL Mombasa Bag (going to get rid of soon)
Anya Blue label bag x 2
LV monogram clutch
AND many many vintage clutches, handmade beaded clutches, clutches from Felix Rey, Lauren Merkin, Kate Spade, Lulu Guinness, Gap, Banana Repulbic (these are extremely good for mix and match!)

I thought I do not have enough handbags but hmmm

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I Have Around 200 Bags I Am A Bag A Holic Lol
I Have Collected Them Since I Was 2 Yrs Old
I Started Using A Bag A An Teething Toy Lol

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MY GOODNESS! i was just adding up the approximate prices of all my bags (i don't remember how much they all cost exactly), not including taxes and all that and it came out to be roughly $10,500.00! wow! i honestly expected it to be even more but still to see this number is just horrifying. i don't even really like some of them anymore. however i've been amassing designer bags over the course of about 5 years. but still, wow!

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