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Originally posted by chickonspeed+Dec 30th, 2003 - 4:35 am--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(chickonspeed @ Dec 30th, 2003 - 4:35 am)</div><div class='quotemain'> <!--QuoteBegin-purplelucrezia@Dec 29th, 2003 - 7:27 pm
Oh my gosh! You guys must have a lot of money to spend...
People always say that when I talk about my bags or Leyla talks about her Birkin or whatever. But I always defend it by saying that a) most of us here are young professionals working in fashion or in fields very close to it, b ) we make a decent salary and don't have husbands or children to look after, therefore we can afford to spend it on fashion, and c) because we often have close friends who work in fashion, we are often privy to private sales, gifts, etc.

Everyone has their own stupid little hobbies (Beanie Babies, baseball cards, and stamp collecting, for example) which all equate to a lot of wasted money. I guess you could say that this is our way of wasting money. I hope this makes sense and that I don't come off as a fashion airhead. [/b][/quote]
i agree -- sometimes i get that too (but never from ppl on this forum)

mine are:

elips (spelling?) backpack
monogramed mini looping
tigre in damier sauvage
pink lexington fluers
grafitti small alma

christain dior
girly flap bag my new favorite
black lady dior
butterfly saddle
punk saddle
indian embroidered saddle
gaucho saddle
brown logo saddle
pony hair saddle

black classic gucci (dunno the name )
tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny turqoise/gold bag - REALLY small

leopard biga bag
FF brown/beige baguette
FF blue/grey baguette
FF grey/charcoal cashmere baguette
beaded beige baguette
beaded turqoise baguette
mother of pearl pink baguette +fav

silver/grey bracelet demi-lune
pale pink embroidered bracelet bag

sonia rykiel
turqoise fur bag with chains
black leather bag with chains

embroidered beige fur bag

pink (cylinder shaped) bag - no idea what's the name

peach rhinestone clutch
baby blue bag with glass accents

leather classic burberry print bag
winter burberry bag with fur
beige satin evening bag
beige/grey wool pochette

camel leather bag
black classic chanel with gold hardware

misc. & vintage
hand embroidered red/gold bag
wool flower applique bag
pink sequinned pochette

-- here's a pic of most of those bags
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I only have one FENDI bag , and the rest are non designer bags

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Hi. My name is Linda. I am a purse-aholic. This is fun. I have lots of Fendi bags and also resell Fendi bags. AUTHENTIC ONLY.

Hmmm, I will try to upload some pictures of my bags. I LOVE Fendi bags. They're so much more sophisticated than Coach! I love LV bags too! These are all AUTHENTIC BAGS. I hate fake bags!!!

3 medium sized zucchino baguettes (black/silver - cappuccino, zucca brown/black)
1 rose colored zucchino messenger bag
1 black mama style
1 cappuccino mama style in GLASS material (vinyl) great for rain!

1 Papillon 30 (with the mini)
1 Murakami multicolor rainbow pochette in black (I am selling an extra one too)
1 murakami multicolor rainbow pochette in white! (yea how lucky am I!!)
1 murakami rainbow white ID bracelet
1 murakami rainbow white mirror with bow
1 murakami black scarf
1 Florentine clutch (fanny pack) with belt

1 Bowling bag

1 brown waist belt (LOVE THIS)
1 brown/gold pochette

1 prada backpack

Isabella Fiore:
1 Cottage Lane clutch

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Majority of your picks are great, guys!

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I can hardly write English let alone know the name of the bags but here it goes:


Denim and Leather


Jackie O
black leather
black canvas, small

Louis Vuitton

vintage, small
vintage folder


black, small


brown zucca with red leather
brown zucca with dark brown straps
vintage folder
vintage zucca
black sequined
black nylon

Nine West

Lovely!!! black leather, never mind the brand

No brand

Black velvet with black lacquered bamboo straps

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Ok, thank god that i can show this thread to my boyfriend and he will think that there is more"crazy handbag people" than i.
Prada - one small handbag. black
one pink small hobo ish bag-

LV- brown cherry blossom papillion
white multicolore speedy 30

Guess - pink shoulder bag - one of my faves i love the color

Handmade in 1978 by a greek man- crocheted bag small with fringe- my personal favorite - even though it doen't have any kind of closure, but it is my favorite and bought at a yard sale for 25 cents!! what a steal!!!! like i said it is not a designer or anything but it's beautiful and older than i by a year and i love it!!!!

fashion insider
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i have 4 lv bags
a poppie clutch (my newest, love it)
a prada bag

and a few old coach purses i never use oh and a burberry bag i never use oh and a bunch of old kate spades that collect dust.

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Gucci- Black leather & suede hobo, pink leather bag, black snakeskin horsebit clutch

Prada-Red leather Bowling bag, Metallic silver leather clutch

Versace-Black leather tote, grey leather clutch

Louis Vuitton-Multicolor Alma & pochette, large Ellipse(sp?), small gold evening bag, Pink cherry blossom papillion

YSL-Large black leather mombasa, mini velvet mombasa, suede emerald flower bag

2 straw totes from bahamas

vintage gold evening bag

vintage silver evening bag

vintage black tote with tortoise handles and bright blue, red, and yellow beading

i know im forgetting some

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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue][B]I love this thread! Anyways I'm new here and here's my list: (by the way I'm a soph. in high school)

signature demi in khaki
demi in navy
black leather bag w/ gromments (not sure of the name)
black Hamptons tote
pink signature wristlet

J'dore Dior white terry makeup bag

Louis Vuitton
monogram pouchette

Dooney and Bourke
white "It" bag

Kate Spade
00' rose print makeup bag

*~Sapere Aude~*
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I am a junior in high school


DOONEY AND BOURKE white "it" hobo bag ~Birthday present from my mom

A dark gray classic GUCCI logo shoulder bag~Hand-me-down from my Grandma

A classic gold chain-white CHANEL handbag w/ CC logo on the front. ~ hand-me-down from my mom

A red GIVENCHY purse~ hand-me-down from my mother

Non Designers

A "Roman Holiday" Audrey Hepburn handbag ..i LOVE this purse! it was only 15 dollars!

A chinese floral patterned beaded small's made of black beads and colorful floral embroidery. ~ my friend got it in her trip to hong kong. It's nice for the evenings

and a whole bunch of other non-designers ones.

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oh I forgot one of my favorites: one cute and casual Vivenne Westwood tote!
I kept on missing things here

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Chickonspeed, I would die for your bags
my collection:
Ann De Meulemeester:
Messenger bag in distressed black leather

Motorcycle leather bag in black
Motorcycle leather bag in jade
Large Cargo bag in indigo
Parachute bag in dark blue

classic small bag

embroidered pink/gold clutch
vintage crocodile bag

yellow clutch bag with flower wristband
small black leather purse

80's black leather messenger bag

embroidered metallisé clutch

silver and black leather oyster bag
small woolen pochette

black classic leather bag (with rings on the handles)
embroidered pink/black clutch

Isabel Marant
brown distressed leather bag

Jamin Puech:
2 embroidered bags

Louis vuitton:
brown epi leather pochette
cherry blossom pochette

Marc Jacobs
pale pink sofia

Miu Miu
Neon yellow leather bag
bright blue leather bag
same as above but in linen/black leather
pink leather bag
small black/fuchsia leather bag
pink/cream leather bag
brown distressed leather bag

brown leather/Nylon messenger bag (with big metal rings)
wine leather bag
white leather pochette with flowers
green real crocodile bag
cream satin and lace clutch
black little messenger with a little fur
camel suede bag
big black leather messenger bag

Brown leather Banana bag
small Mombasa leather clutch
Large camel leather flower bag

I think I forgot a few

and lots of vintage bags!

a few bags:

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boootyful collection matisse, i absolutely the dior clutch.. & the red/black bag -what is it?

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Originally posted by Boudoir Belle@Dec 31st, 2003 - 8:21 am
boootyful collection matisse, i absolutely the dior clutch.. & the red/black bag -what is it?
Thank you the black/red is a 'O2 Fendi

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