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Join Date: Jan 2004
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Guys have 'em too!!

Here's my collection... I love each and every one of them more than anyone cares to know!

Dior large messengers: red logo, and 2 variations of the punk denim ones from 2001

Dior logo multipurpose duffle bag (mine is black), John Galliano black messenger with embroideries, Chanel hobo (messenger)

John Galliano Perch of the Nile messenger (yes, fish skin!!)

Right now my collection is small, but it makes me very happy. I love my bags

Here are some that I am really lusting after right now, and hope to get soon!

John Galliano Homme Fall 2004 Cowboy bag (I want this one SO bad!)

Red/black J'Adore Dior makeup bag <3

Dior Star Wallet

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wow. i am seriously in awe of some of your collections!!

i only have two designer bags. a LV red epi leather alma + a dior star pop print bag. well, i have the j'adore dior terry toiletry bag (with blue writing..), too...

i also, for bags of lesser value, have, i think, 7 bags of various shapes + color from the lesportsac/gwen stefani l.a.m.b collaboration (i fell in love with the hobo's perfect).....+ 2 corderoy bags from the gap, one that's covered in pins (done by me, of course. haha).

i really want a dior logo boston bag, in black. that's the next one i'm saving up for. + i'm also lusting over the black/red dior toiletry bag. mmm.

wow. i can only hope that one day i can have collections as big as some of yours. i'm fairly new to the designer bag thing! hah, i always admired, but just recently actually purchased....

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Join Date: Nov 2004
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My bag collection
Marc Jacobs
Black Stella Tote
Light Blue Hobo
Brown Multipocket Hobo
Black Pochette bag
Teal shoulder bag
Cream Camera bag
Light Green Purse
Brown Wallet double pocket

Luella Bartley
Small Lilac Tote

Black Twiggy
Green Motorcyle
Grey Arena
Brown Med Saddle

Pink Satin Evening Tote
Brown mini messenger
Black Messenger

Black leather hobo no logos
Brown logo hobo
Black logo messenger

Wine Leather Messenger Vintage

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black Leather Messenger
Wine Leather hobo

I sold the other 15 bags (fendi, prada, gucci, dior) and gave some to my sister. I was a Gucci addict a few years ago

I don't remember all the styles of the bags so forgive my descriptions.

I like my money right where I can see it, in my closet!
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Have you guys ever tallied up the prices of all of your bags? Like Carrie from SATC didn't realize she had $40,00 worth of shoes. All of you are lucky. I only have my LV cite pm in monogram, and some old coach purses.

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Originally Posted by metal-on-metal
Oh, my! I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on these! This is the worst thread idea EEEEEVVVVEEERRRR! haha! :dizzy:


Blue Suhali Le Fabuleux
White Murakami Speedy 30
White Murakami Eye Miss You
Blue Monogram Mini Jeanne GM
Black/white Graffiti Alma
Green Epi Leather Soft Briefcase
Monogram Canvas Musette Tango


Fall 03 Berlino bowler with umbrella attached
Spring 03 Red/white goatskin duffel tote
Spring 01 Flat goatskin clutch with extra-wide strap
Spring 00 Blue/burgundy bowling bag
Spring 00 Black half-moon shoulder bag


Blue Logo Double Saddle bag (a sadly unwanted gift)


Spring 00 Blue/red/beige leather leather and mesh clutch


Spring 00 White nylon half-moon shoulder bag
Fall 99 Insane-embroidery baguette (another unwanted gift)

I really should consider selling some of these.

The saddest part is that I know I'm forgetting some!

A quick collage of my favorites:

what happened to the collage?...

i wanted to see the pretty bags...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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Join Date: Jan 2004
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I don't have many, but am saving up for a few things...hehe.
LV Medium Looping
LV Epi Small Looping
LV Blue Mini Lucille (yummy)
LV Large Looping
LV Porte Tresor Wallet
LV Damier Porte Tresor Wallet

Waiting for: Trouville, Keepall 55, Gucci Hobo.

Posts: n/a
omg, you guys have such an expencive and big collections that I almost feel bad about my bags! I'm so jealous

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I am so jealous

Join Date: Jan 2005
Gender: femme
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I've stopped counting..

epi luco
epi looping medium
black MC alma
white MC pouchette
grey mat vernis shoulder bag
vernis silver walker
vernis beige shoulder purse
epi black pouchette
epi black dhinard
orange epi speedy
damier parioli

honey dew pouchette with buckled pockets - cammie?
red east west
plum tere
black pouchette

brown logo tote
dragon head shoulder bag with gold bamboo double chain strap

Burberry tote in nova check

Prada black nylon handbag

Chanel chain strap shoulder bag (silver metal wear)

Black botkier luxe trigger

Eek - that's 21...

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Join Date: Dec 2004
Gender: femme
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Me too, soooo jealous. I am just starting a collection for myself. I currently have a Cole Haan Roll Alexa Bag, an LV Monogram Pouch, a Dooney & Bourke Brown Signature Wallet, a small Coach wrislet and 2 Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. purses - a white with black lettering Concert Bag and a Large Lambi Cami (which is now a collector's and sold out and I just got it, woo hoo). Like I said, still working on it...I REALLY want an LV Vavin Tote or any larger LV monogrammed bag really. I also really like Fendi and Gucci. Anyone got any they want to sell me? I want, I want! Hee hee!

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too many... plus im always stealing mums too

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Join Date: Feb 2004
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Teal MJ satchel from 03 I think
Bright blue BCBG Sig. Hobo
Faithfull bag in midnight blue
my green balenciaga-ish bag from Banana
Burberry plaid tote
Dior boston bag
Two kate spade mini messengers
A coach bag from High school graduation..
Tons of non-designer bags
a bunch of sample bags from my internship
many many many bags i've made myself

.... I have at least 300 bags... majority non-designer. lol

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me and my sisters share bags.. (more like me using their bags, but oh well )
so i will list what we have...or what i remember about the bags we have...a lot of these are my sisters' though..

camel flat jackie-o
black leather square pouchette from a while ago
baby blue bucket with gold trimming

speedy 25
periwinkle blue vernis pap
pink cherry blossom pap
monogram pouchette
brown epi pouchette
brown epi demi lune pouchette
black epi office bag (forgot the name... )

black caviar with gold chain L
black caviar with silver chain Sm
black enamel shoulder bag with CC in silver

gold beaded baguette
beige selleria mama baguette
zucchino shoulder bag
zucchino tote

black leather mombasa
red shoulder bag with ruching/studs

baby giselle in lilac
baby giselle in black

vanessa bruno
camel sequined canvas tote L
green sequined canvas tote Sm
Beige sequined leather tote L

white moto Sm

black leather bowling bag
black nylon backpack
black nylon piano bag
red nylon piano bag
navy blue shoulder bag #1
navy blue shoulder bag #2

denim logo shoulder bag (not a saddle)

camel mikey bag L

my sisters have some more bags from cartier(3) ferragamo(3) bulgari(2) celine(2) etc. that they rarely use... but im too lazy to go through all those...

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i think i'ma go rob matisse, chickonspeed, mjcouture and leyla *drool* you guys havr some amaaazing unique pieces

Join Date: Sep 2003
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hmm..i always thought i'd already posted a list of my bags, but i've added some recently, so here goes -

mono pochette (i use as makeup bag and go-to-lunch bag at work)
mono speedy 30
mono short strap musette salsa
mono cabas mezzo
damier alma-special ordered 2 years ago - now it's a part of their regular collection =(
black epi demi-lune
black epi wallet-also special ordered (i've since lost it in my closet)
a couple of mono wallets, lavonde vernis wallet, damier checkbook, and a few planners

some more that i can't quite remember. i'll check closet when i get home (i'm at bf's house)

large ebony and tan tote (the large size...not the medium ones they make now)
ebony and tan makeup pouch with strap
limited large black piston bag with studs on corners, hardware in rose gold
vintage (from grandma) boston bag in tan and brown with red and green strap
various matching wallets

cinched tote bag in purple
small black mombasa
pink fish scale looking leather bag. i have no idea what the name is, bought it at neiman's sale 2 months ago.

coach (bought when i was much younger, and sit in the closet now)
black signature market tote
black signature clip shoulder bag
matching checkbook wallet

celine boogie in red leather with zippers and pockets on outside, i forget the name

balenciaga small moto in taupe with silver hardware and matching clutch/coin purse

chanel 2.55, lambskin with gold hardware (looks quite mature for me)

hermes birkin 35cm togo with silver palladium hardware (too heavy to use everyday)

burberry tote bag + wallet

burberry blue label handbag in blue

dior messenger bag in blue (i use this most often as a throwaround bag) + wallet (would love a dior boston in red, though!)

fendi mama in pinkish color + wallet

way too many others that are non labeled to list...i can't remember without seeing, perhaps i'll just take a picture. =D i wish i didn't purchase so many logo bags...i highly regret it.

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