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I've had the 8100 Pearl, the 8300 Curve, the 8310 Curve, the 8800, the 9000 Bold, the 9700 Bold, the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S. I've also had lots of other phones for a while like the Xperia X10 (Android) and Windows Mobile phones but really the only two worth going for are iPhone and Blackberry. The android is truly awful. Amazing spec on the handset but poor screen responsiveness, poor call quality and too complicated to use.

Basically the phone you get depends on what you're comfortable with. The iPhone is easy to use right out of the box, has a fantastic selection of genuinely useful apps, and a FAR better internet experience.

Battery though, not as good as the blackberry, and also I find that when roaming, the blackberry is significantly cheaper to use (for data). Also good on the blackberry is the 'feeling' of reliability and durability. I don't think it's any more durable than an iPhone but they do tend to feel more robust. Stay away from the Storm though, you will regret it. Why buy a blackberry that doesn't have the key feature of the blackberry - a comfortable keyboard?

Now, as regards Keyboard, the Bold 9000 has the best keyboard on any phone ever, hands down. The 8800 is a close second.

The keyboard on the Curves is quite loud when you're trying to text discretely and also it's very small. It's still very good, and back when the three options were 8100, 8300 and 8800 it was the Curve (8300) that I went for because it offered the best balance between features, size and usability.

The Pearl has suretype which drove me mad, but is actually quite easy to get used to if you give it a day or two.

But the iPhone.

The keyboard is genuinely FANTASTIC. It's accurate, responsive, really big buttons, has auto-correct (that you can tell not to as well), like it's a joy to use, and then the best thing is that it goes away when you don't need it so you can use the whole screen for the best internet experience, for bigger videos, etc.

You will at first, find the physical keyboard of the blackberry reassuring and helpful, you know where you are with it, but with the iPhone, you realize that you don't need physical buttons and a tangible click to know you've typed the right thing, you will get used to it and you'll find it a joy to just give a feather-light touch of the screen rather than the effort of pressing a button.

So decision time. and a few last factors!

Cost! Go for what's on special offer! You will be happy with either. If a blackberry is £300 and an iPhone's free, get an iPhone. If an iPhone's £200 but on £45 a month and the blackberry is £200 on £15 a month, get a blackberry.

Travelling: What's your priority? Staying in touch (email / msn mad?) or finding your way around.
The iPhone has unrivalled local apps for when you're travelling. Interactive Tube maps for example, but if you want to stay in touch and there's not free WiFi everywhere, data roaming is horrifically expensive. On the Blackberry, it works out a lot cheaper to leave data roaming turned on than it does on the iPhone and you can stay in touch quite easily that way.

I carry both the 3G S iphone and the Blackberry Bold 9700 and am REALLY happy with this combo. iPhone great for music, videos, web when I have WiFi, tube maps, travel guides, camera, etc... and Blackberry great for emailing, msn, uploading photos to facebook, tweeting, etc.

Hope that's a bit helpful. Happy to answer any questions!

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iPhone 4 or Blackberry BOLD
major dilemma. im upgrading my phone next month and am tossing up between the new iphone or the blackberry bold

i've never had a phone by either companies so im asking to get some feedback from those in the know

i absolutely love the look of the blackberry but dont wanna be dissapointed with lack of functions compared to iphone. though, im not hugely worried about all the fancy gadgets the iphone comes with but curious that i might find them really useful

i havent been able to physically use either one because they wouldnt let me open the blackberry in store to use and the iphone is just about to come out in australia so what do you al think???


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OMG, iPhone4 of course!

I follow and read many tech news and reviews. There is no reason why you should be getting a Bold. At all. Never. Ever.

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There are so many bad reviews of the iPhone4. So many that I just heard on the news that Apple censors some forums....

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Blackberry+iPod touch= best iPhone I never bought :p

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I finally decided to get Curve 8520 in white (and baby blue skin). It's so good to be back!
And the trackpad works just fine, even better than the trackball.

I'm just a bit lost, I forget how to enable all these aplications.
Are there any themes you can download? There is only one available...

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^Congrats on the new Curve!!

Man im so confused right now, ok here's my dilemma. I currently have a bold 9000 and have had it for about 2 months now. Past phones are Curve 8320(?) Pale gold, Curve 8310, iphone 2g, iphone 3g, and now bold 9000. My contract is up and am now wanting another phone(when will i EVER stop? ). My two choices that i have come up with are the Bold 9700 and iphone 3g.

Bold 9700- Love the look of it, trac PAD, camera, 3g. But hate that it is SMALLER than the 9000
Iphone 3g - LOVE the look of it, the endless app selections, camera, 3g capabilities, gel cases. But the only thing is i may get tired of the all touchscreen.

I just dont know which to choose.

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I finally upgraded my Curve to a Bold, the trackpad is so much better than the trackball! I'm hoping it will break less too...

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Originally Posted by P Louie V View Post
^Congrats on the new Curve!!

Man im so confused right now, ok here's my dilemma. I currently have a bold 9000 and have had it for about 2 months now. Past phones are Curve 8320(?) Pale gold, Curve 8310, iphone 2g, iphone 3g, and now bold 9000. My contract is up and am now wanting another phone(when will i EVER stop? ). My two choices that i have come up with are the Bold 9700 and iphone 3g....
The best advice I can give you (from experience of having both phones at one point due to work related needs) is pick whichever you're comfortable with. Try them both out in the store and see which one fits your needs best. I currently have the iPhone 3gs (which if you're getting an iPhone and you don't want to shell out the cash for the iPhone 4, get the 3gs instead because the 3g, well frankly sucks.)

As for the blackberry, it's still my trusty go to phone incase my iPhone ever breaks. The blackberry holds up a lot longer (as I can tell) and is super nice if you're not completely comfortable with touch screen.

All in all, both are great phones and they are both heaven sent. Just DO NOT get a 3g if you go for iPhone, you won't get the coveted update that just came out (which is fantastic!) and besides, the 3gs is now the same price as the 3g used to be and a much better phone to boot.

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I got the white Bold 9700. But quite of fed up to keep it clean. I had the white Bold 9000, and made it dirty like hell. I tried to clean it many way but the dark spot never gone Anyone have advise to keep it white (not using the plastic bumper) or clean it?

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Originally Posted by Thefrenchy View Post
There are so many bad reviews of the iPhone4. So many that I just heard on the news that Apple censors some forums....
exactly, also everyone's been saying it has terrible signal. i'd be willing to abandon my bberry for an amazing iphone but i don't think it's quite there yet. and like everything with apple, you should always wait for the second one to come out, the first version of their products always comes with loads of flaws

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Are there any fashion-related groups for the bbm? I couldn't find any..

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I am finally going to be upgrading from my Blackberry Pearl to a Bold and I can't wait. Although I really like the trackball, I don't mind the touch square but it will take a lot of getting used to. Has anyone had any problems with it?
And there is also a new blackberry out, The Blackberry Torch!

Will anyone be getting it?

via -

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i really dont like the blackberry torch, it just feels like they ran out of ideas on what to do with the phone so just made a random sliding one as thats the only thing they havent done. i just dont like the look at all. it looks like an old motorola or samsung..

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I've been using my first ever Blackberry for a few weeks now and I love it (Bold 9700.) Email/WiFi is very easy to use and set up, I like the trackpad, and it's very durable. Oh yeah and I love BBM!

I hate the Facebook app, it makes my entire phone super slow and it's not very user friendly.. I suggest Snaptu.

The only major issue I've had was downloading BlackBerry Desktop Manager - the update crashed my phone!! I got it replaced and haven't tried it again since.

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