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Thats a really good idea, I'd like to try as many as possible! I'm going to wait a few weeks until I'm back in the US as I think they will be much cheaper there! And also nicer if i ask to try every colour in the shop on!

L.A. Trash
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ok wheres my contact experts, does anyone think these are contacts or are they real?
ok if they're fake someone tell me where i can buy contacts that are very similar to his.
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!'m !9 not 9

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I have coloured contacts and have been wearing them for many many years. I am always changing my hair style/colour so I like to mess around with my eye colour as well. When I was living in Texas my eye doctor had these awesome blue contacts that looked grey and very natural on me. I wish I could remember the name of them but I can't.

When I moved to Canada I changed to Freshlook Colour Blends and have tried: Grey, blue, saphire, ametyst, green, and hazel. Of all the colours I thought that the Sapphire looked the worst on me followed by the blue. All the other colours look very real and people constantly compliment me on how beautiful my eyes are.

There is a pretty "new" brand called Expressions that I wanted to try but my doctor recommended that I not go for them because they are made for "Asian eyes". Apparently if you already have big eyes that are very visible the expressions brand make them "pop" too much. I've seen people around with them who aren't asian and they look awesome. Next time I go I'm going to look into trying on a few pairs to see how they look on me instead of taking the word of a doctor who hasn't seen me in them!

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Originally Posted by BabyJ
When I moved to Canada I changed to Freshlook Colour Blends and have tried: Grey, blue, saphire, ametyst, green, and hazel. Of all the colours I thought that the Sapphire looked the worst on me followed by the blue. All the other colours look very real and people constantly compliment me on how beautiful my eyes are.
I've tried the green and sapphire from Freshlook Colourblends and I find the green looks pretty good and natural but the sapphire one looked horrible on me too!! I bought them but never wore them, simply because they made me look really scary and alien-like.

I don't know if it's just that I look weird in blue contacts since I have brown eyes or if the color was just bad. I would like to try some different blue ones but I have a feeling they would look just as bad.

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Close to your natural color can never hurt. Maybe one would not want a natural look. It depends on a person's skin tone(as Asians-for the first poster- can have lighter skin)/hair also, and what looks good together. It's best to try different colors out.

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I have very dark green eyes, so I was wondering if anyone know what kind of lenses I should use to make "light green"?

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Originally Posted by pichu888
i've never heard of a bacterial infection just due to the fit. did you get a corneal ulcer first as a result of the misfit contacts and then get the infection??
It is not always caused by the contacts, but if you have certain eye infections, it is a bad idea to wear colored contacts again, b/c they have been linked to worsening the infections/conditions over time. I had a condition called GPC and it may reccur over time, so I had to stop wearing colored contacts, as did my mom, who also had the eye infections. Hopefully they will develop newer technology b/c I loved wearing blue contacts (my eyes are blue anyway though, just not as dark)!

“Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.”

John Cocteau
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I wish I was born with gorgeous greenish eyes! I don't like the idea of wearing contacts!

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I really want to try freshlook colorblends in turquoise, has anyone here seen them do they look IRL?

I've always wanted green eyes.

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Despite what people say about being true to yourself and all that jazz, I want colored contacts too. I'm just so tired of my dark eyes. I don't have a complex or anything, I just want a temporary change until I get sick of poking myself in the eye and I go back to normal.

I think I might try either grey or green since they look so pretty. I don't want to get brown or hazel because I have yet to see an opaque brown lens that doesn't look like crap in person when over a really dark eye (but I haven't really been looking, but still!).

Plus, watching Vanessa Williams on Ugly Betty has inspired me because her eyes are gorgeous.

Ruby .::The lovable lurkette::. | twitter | tumblr
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has anyone tried colormax or nighteyes contacts?

i have the elegance opaques in light blue by ciba vision. (The same ones as paris hilton), and you can't tell them from real.

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How much do colored contacts cost??? I asked once and the people at the shop hit me back with a 100 Euro + Pricetag!

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Does anywhere have dark brown contacts? I have green/ hazel eyes and I dont like it. I love the look of brown eyes but cant seem to find contacts anywhere. All I can find is light brown or hazel colours. :[

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i wear the freshlook true saphire colour contacts...i love them to bits

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I have dark brown eyes and I was toying with the idea of getting something to pop them for fun. I realized that most people I see with colored contacts look like they are infact wearing colored contacts which isn't exactly the look I am going for...I wish I could pull off an Alexis Bledel look. I have dark hair and pale skin but I'm missing the icy-blue eyes.

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