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i really want to incorporate more sneakers into my wardrobe, and have a variety of 7 different black jeans/trousers by Spring. I also want to have a new leather jacket by Spring

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I've spent the last year ditching the wardrobe I've grown out and rebuilding the basics - buying mostly for daywear - so I aim to even it out with some more evening and formal wear. In a lookout for light, feminine blouses & dresses and accessories to complement.
Plus, never forget to be as meticulous on innerwear (lingerie, gym & toe socks) as well.

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  • Find time to make more clothes for myself
  • Finish the pending upcycling projects
  • Try and buy quality staples that I feel good in
  • Try to cut down on cheap crappy stuff because it ends up being more expensive than it seems at the beginning
  • Have fun and feel good in my clothes

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Shop less!
Mix up outfits more.
Try different things.
I have so many clothes already so I just want to get maximum use out of what I have.

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flaunt the imperfection
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going back to my roots...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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I totally just did a post about this on my blog. Long story short, I want to take more risks

The Lovelorn Blog
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to dress more grown up. i'm graduating this year and i need to start building a more grown up wardrobe for this new chapter in my life.

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I'm already doing quite good, only buying things that are extremely rare and unique within a budget. If not, sewing and creating new things. I rarely have time for that, though.
This year will be a challenge to dress with crazy hair colours without looking like a clown, I'm already experiencing it. And I would like to wear hats more, so that will be a really hard thing to accomplish.
On the make up department I have managed to almost always wear lipstick, and I'm giving liquid eyeliner a try. For the moment I stink at it, but practice is the key to anything.

sell crazy some place else, we're all stocked up here.

http://pilchero.wordpress.com/ - Very Personal Style

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fashion elite
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I always make the mistake of buying two things at once/in the same store when I really only like and need one. I don't know why I do this -- some weird psychological thing where I convince myself I'm saving time and money by getting two different things at once when I'm actually NOT. The second thing I buy is always useless. This is a big thing for me that I really have to work on -- and it's not just with clothes!

What items do I want? Very fun topic. A sheepskin leather jacket. A black bowler hat (anyone know where to get one in Toronto?)

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be more minimalistic, black and white is everything.

I'm not mean, I'm factual
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  • More solids, some patterns
  • Back to my usual color palette
  • Quality over quantity
  • Finding a new wallet (or buying the McQueen one I've got an eye on but is too expensive imo )

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  • More colors/patterns/prints, I wear way to much black

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Originally Posted by RedandNavy View Post

- Wear lots of dresses and buy at least one new dress per season. I always feel best and look best in a dress (and I have to wear less trousers that way, too )
I usually buy a really nice dress to wear on my birthday and one to wear for Christmas and sometimes for New Years too. This was I have enough "nice" dresses so that when weddings or important events come up I can just shop in my wardrobe.

My style resolution is to clean out my wardrobe and actually give away all the clothes that are .sitting there that have not been worn for years

We always know we are close to our mission on earth when what we are doing is touched with the energy of enthusiasm. Einstein
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Echoing everyone else's wardrobe clean-out sentiments... I have an absolutely brutal one planned for tomorrow. I own literally hundreds of lower quality/cheaper clothes from back when I was a teenager first starting University and still trying to find my 'style'. I no longer wear the vast majority of them, and perhaps I never really did. I've come to realise that when I tell myself 'maybe there'll be a time when they'll get some use' it is never actually the case.

I'm sick of opening my overflowing wardrobe and being reminded of how much money I've wasted over the years, and it makes me feel so over-privileged and like I've just spent so much time contributing to over consumption, pollution and sweat shop labour etc. I'm thinking a wardrobe clean-out the likes of which I have never seen before will help clear my mind in this regard.

Even the ones I am sentimental about, like old gifts that I never found a way to incorporate into my looks regularly are getting the flick. All off to charity with only the key, well loved (and well fitting) pieces remaining.

I will be starting full time work this year, so I need to really tone down my look and make everything more streamlined and professional as I will have much less of a need for leisure clothes. They will only really be needed for after work dinner or movie dates or weekend parties etc. I want to make my wardrobe more simple and minimal if you will, with classic versatile pieces. I'm trying to aim for 4 - 5 blouses/classy tops, 5 - 6 basic t-shirts/tanks, 5 - 6 long sleeve tops for the cooler months 5 pairs of classic trousers in neutral, wearable colours such as black/beige/burgundy/navy etc, preferably in slim-fitting styles 3-4 pairs of jeans in dark denim classic styles, 8 - 10 dresses that I can wear on a variety of occasions and at different times of the day/night, with at least 2 statement 'party' dresses in that number 5 - 6 cardigans, 3 - 4 winter coats, 5-6 quality and versatile sweaters which are a favourite of mine in Winter, preferably in cashmere, angora or another such fabric 6 - 8 skirts in a useful mixture of simple and basic with more statement pieces included as well, 4 pairs of basic shorts in black, denim and cord. Once I clean out my wardrobe and find that some of these quotas are not met, a shopping trip will be in order.

My accessories (tights & stockings, scarves, jewellery, shoes, bags) are quite extensive but I can store them easily and I will be using them to dress up my more minimal outfits. I'll still be giving them a thorough cleaning out though, and getting rid of the ones I haven't gotten any use out of.

Sorry for the giant amount of text guys & girls, this has just been weighing on my mind a lot recently and I only just saw this thread and wanted somewhere to vent and clarify my thoughts

“I'm a cage, in search of a bird.”
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Some Like It Hot
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Continue on from what I was doing last year;
  • Quality over quantity
  • More classic pieces such as trousers, shirts, blazers etc...
  • You can never have enough black
  • No impulse purchases
I'd like to get a few more pairs of 'evening shoes' such as a brogue or an oxford style shoe and a boot, I keep kicking myself for not getting those brown suede Gucci boots.

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