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Join Date: Nov 2012
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How do I credit them?

Which sections should I post this in?

Well I've seen these ideas but I would like more, IDK which blogs to go to to look for them, nor do I know where to buy them

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It is difficult for a new member. We have a lot of rules here, so you'll be spending a lot of time just learning them.

Here is the link to a thread explaining how to credit at tFS, in the Announcements Forum:
Crediting Rules: posting the source/credits for an image, article or news story Be sure to check out the other pinned threads while you are in that forum .... lots of things to learn for our members.

You need to state what site you got each photo from (your source), best to post it under each picture as you download them here. Do not post links to any site ... so make sure that you remove the www. and/or http or it will automatically turn into a link. Read the info in that link, then take a look around at how other members credit their photos ... most of them do it the right way.

So, now that it's too late to edit your posts ... you can just post a list of the sites where you got these pics in your next post ... if you remember. If you don't ... we'll ask you to start again and we will have to remove this thread.

Also ... if you want to learn about where to buy things, take a look around the Shop til you Drop forum .... lot's of threads there where you can get ideas and ask specific questions about things you have seen that you are interested in buying.

** It's All in the Details! **

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best thing is to experiment - you'll know that it's your style when you'll feel awesome while wearing it )) don't buy big quantities - start with several styles and see what makes YOU fell good....
good luck

fashion designer
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Originally Posted by onourown View Post
Hello all!

I'm usually a t-shirt,jeans, and a sneakers type of girl, and I figure I should branch out and try to be more fashionable, but I am not sure wear to start
I want to define my own personal style, but I don't know how to go about it.

The best way I can describe the look I'm going for is very urban and simple, kind of like the things sold at Mango


Do you ever look at fashion shows online? If you're a jeans & sneakers type of girl, then I suggest you look at designers like Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, Balmain and G-Star on Sometimes I find looks from shows & I think "how can I make that my own?". I know looking at HF collections is not for everyone, but it helped me appreciate all types of fashion: high end, mass market, street style, etc. Developing a good eye for fashion takes a lot of trial & error, but that's how you learn what works & doesn't work for you. Hope that helps a little.

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I think the key is in staying true to who you are. Don't wear dresses and high heels if you don't feel comfortable in them. You can be very "stylish" in just a teeshirt and jeans. In the end, it's all about how you wear things; not what you wear. Read fashion magazines that offer what you're looking for, go through fashion blogs (and/or tumblrs), street style blogs, etc and you'll be able to define your own style.

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backstage pass
Join Date: Feb 2006
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Hmmm, my style has been very consistent since I was a teenager. You could say I have a touch of old school goth and punk but a more minimalist, casual and comfortable approach. Work me is definitely more boring, but has bits of that as well. I mean I'm never going to be wearing a pink sweater set and turquoise skirt to work.

I think as I've gotten older the accessories have gotten more luxe, but I've always loved certain things. Now don't get me wrong I'm not wearing baby doll dresses with combat boots anymore but I am still wearing black or dark gem tones, love things with studs, velvet, a dark edge, etc. So I think it is a couple of things:

buy what you're drawn to, but if 1) it looks good on you and 2) suits your lifestyle. At many points in my life I've found myself with literally 2 pairs of pants that fit and a collection of fabulous high heels and evening bags---- not really functional. and 3) buy things that work within your exisiting wardrobe effortlessly as if you don't need another 1-2 items to "make" them work.

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fashion icon
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I think a great closet in many ways is like a great home in that it takes many years for it to look and feel like an extension of who you really are. I'm wary of people who like to go out each season and create a new wardrobe in one shopping trip. It's always better to take your time and look for those pieces that you love no matter how long it takes. I have things in my closet that I've had for years and I bought them all without seeking out a particular 'look'. I just ended up going through my wardrobe and realized that I was a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. It wasn't really a conscious thing. It's funny how without realizing it you can conjure up something of a personal style without even trying. It's best to just follow your heart and wear what you like.

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I spent a great deal of my highschool life watching Desperate Housewives.. And as a result, I have subconsciously inherited Bree's fashion style! I know! How embarrassing!
Now i'm trying really hard to steer away from that "Housewife" style and go towards something a little more fresh, youthful and my age.

But every now and then I find myself liking those old pastel cardigans and old granny pants :S eww what was I thinking!?

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Location: Singapore
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I am studying Information Technology at normal university, you know, university that has no art major in it. My personal style, I can't define it lol, as the trend moves, I probably move, so I kinda a mainstream person. Here I'm always scared to show my personal style is. Mine is basically breaking the rules, contrast, eccentric kinda style. Here in my university, wearing shorts with red socks, or even like stripe socks (contrast colour), some people will look at you like, "what the!" And I always like "are these normal enough?" Whenever I choose what to wear everymorning. So I wish I can go to art school, because I believe in art school people don't care what are you wearing because each person has their own vision in fashion.

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