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Originally Posted by fashion_boi_01 View Post
only The Killers!

i LOVE THEM!! i have like 4 or 5 killers shirts

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Originally Posted by lozz View Post
Omg I have a Parkway one too I love them! That's so exciting lol.
Oh wow! Didn't expect to find a fan on here!
You seen them a fair few times ?

It'll be my fourth time seeing them this November coming.

What shirt is it?
What other bands do you like from the scene?

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oh! darling
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Funny this thread came up... I just posted that I bought a concert T from the Jack Johnson concert I went to last night.

I don't wear them. I think they're more valuable buying them at the actual concert. They mean something.

i'd rather live it 'cause dreamers always chase but never get it............................... sam ypma
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i only wear band tees if ive been to the concert the t shirt came from and if i really love them. otherwise, i feel silly advertising a band im only somewhat familiar with/somewhat like.

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backstage pass
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i only ever wear a stones tshirt that says "who the f--- is mick jagger" across the front. and only cos its sort of funny..

not raelly into people wearing those iron on band shirts..and i also think it loooks better on boys!

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Never... I hate the patronizing small talk that can ensue: "Who are they? Oh, that's nice..."
Originally Posted by cato
I totally despise little teeny boppers who wear Siouxsie and the Banshees tshirts and they don't even know who they are.
And because I don't want to befriend a bunch of teeny boppers, sadly...

no fun
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Friend of mine has a hoodie where it says 'Keith who??' on the front, and 'Keith f***ing Richards, thats who!' On the back. I Like
(maybe a bit random to post in this thread.. wellwell)

* Live as if you'll die tomorrow, dream as if you'll live forever *
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I don't wear any, simply because my tastes in music change like the weather. I'd be wearing a new one every week!

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to bed, around the house, and occasionally when im feeling lazy (they look fine under leather bombers!!)

I'll be dancing with myself.
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I only buy them from concerts where I've seen the bands,and even then I only wear them for bed. Oasis is my fave one <3

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My mom went to a concert in the 80's, it was Bowie's.
Since it doesn't fit her anymore, she gave to me.
A real piece of vintage
But I don't think I would wear a tee of a very known band,
I'd just feel weird. The underground groups are cooler. ^^

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I don't. I feel like people wear band tees a lot to 'show off' their great taste and whatnot.. I don't know. I don't want to be one of those people. It has been done to death. Band t-shirts can be fun, of course, when worn by people who don't think of things in terms of fashion or sub-culture.. Say for instance, a man in his 50's wearing a Patti Smith shirt.. that's authentic.

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No I'm against graphic t-shirts including band t-shirts.

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I wear my dads Bahaus t shirt. It is the softest most comfortable top ever!!! I made sure I listened to the band first and I wouldn't have worn it outside the house if I hadn't liked the music either. But I do so I did.

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Originally Posted by StellaMare View Post
Say for instance, a man in his 50's wearing a Patti Smith shirt.. that's authentic.
totally agree to this!
i've never spent money on a band-shirt. but i like wearing my dad's old stones' shirts to bed

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