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^ seconding that!, I don't wear that stuff in my regular life. The bottoms are so stupidly hot indoors, and the hoodies very stiff so you feel "windy" inside lol, meaning that extra room is for recycling your own rising temperature produced WHILE working out- not wind from outside!, that's why besides being insulated, they tend to come with these mesh layers.. so unless you're producing a lot of extra heat at a certain pace (which happens with exercise), it will probably feel colder than just layering up with normal clothes.

I think Heattech by Uniqlo is the way to go, gius.. for me it's a tricky line because it can get excessively hot and I feel furious and short of breath .. you have to layer carefully imo. I would abstain from their basics because you can't take them off once you're outside and that's a nightmare lol, but a decent-looking sweater is fine, you're super warm with outwear on and still okay but not melting when just wearing that indoors.

(.. unless you're talking about the futuristic idea of not needing outwear or needing outwear that works the same both indoors and outdoors. Someone call Chalayan for the puffy duvet that shrinks into a plain white tee!. )

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I actually love dressing for autumn and winter, eventhough we have only few warm months here in Finland, I always start waiting for a/w clothing at the end of the summer. I mean, summer clothes are nice at first warmer days, but I get fed up with hotness really fast. Summer wear is so "simple", only airy dresses or shorts and tops... which are always cute of course, but I guess I just want to dress up more 😊 I love layering, cardigans, jeans, not to even mention jackets and coats. When I have to wear some kind of jacket for 8-9 month a year, I have maaany of them for different situations, styles and weather.

Ok, even I do not love -25 celcius weather, it is a "bit" too low, and then you often end up looking like the michelin man. But luckily this is pretty much extreme case, maybe for few weeks per year. At the moment I love parkas, I have them lighter and with good, thick lining, in different colors. They are nice, because you can wear almost anything under and it fits. Of course wool coats are classy and I have few for "city use" and more formal occasions. Wool coats are not excatly the warmest and usually they are very fitting, so you can't wear anything too thick under. For outdoor sports and walking with my dogs (who by the way are winter lovers, they have so thick and weather proof fur there is no need for wearing them) I have couple good jackets which are originally meant to snow boarding. If it's very cold I layer with softshell and merino wool, perfect.

Only things I do not like so much are beanies and such, it is nightmare for hair, when there is dry air and very low temperature and then you have to wear something on your head. But my ears are so sensitive for wind and cold I must use them. Fortunately there are plenty of cute head wear available, I like to match my head wear and gloves, and I always, always, use a scarf. Thick and big wool scarf is the best for cold, they protect my neck, even part of the face and shoulders. A good scarf works with wool coats, too, this combination makes even lighter wool coats to feel warmer.

But, have to say, despite what I said above I always wait for the summer when the spring is getting closer. At the end, it is nice to have all four seasons different. It makes all of them to feel more special, also clothing-wise ☺

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Matching accessories is something I'm looking forward to

Thanks for the head's up, MP and Phuel! I wouldn't have known, about the activewear. I will take a look at Uniqlo
Definitely makes more sense to wear the hottest thing as the final layer. I heat up too (and also create a lot of electricity).
My first thought was to use tights because I've had success with that. But I have had many times I couldn't take off my jacket because all I was wearing was the tights =P
Though I will take a look at the silk. Also never thought of using leather

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I really like wearing the least amount under a warm jacket I sometimes wear just the tight sweater or a tee whenever I am able to (or naked!)

I take transit so I wear more but I'd definitely be more of a wear-less person, with a car. I appreciate it a lot though, i wouldn't have worn things I love like fur hats if I didn't spend more time outdoors.
I tried to wear my fur hat during less cold days once, and it was just uncomfortable But when it's freezing, ooh feels like I brought my bed with me on the train

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Another item that’s so ideal for colder/cold weather are moto-style leather jeans. It can look so wrong with the slightest of styling mishap and turns you instantly into a douchebag billboard— or a Tom of Finland leatherman, or rentboy. But with the right cut and leather, and styled “right”, it looks so good, and feels so right and cozy on cold days.

I think oftentimes we forget just how underdressed our legs are; I mean, we cover our torsos with the warmest of materials on cold days, but when it comes to our legs, we put on— at best, two layers…??? I get that our vital organs are located in our legs (LOL), but when I see Catholic schoolgirls running around in just a (skimpy) wool kilt and not even have stockings in the dead of winter, I wonder just how cold they really are.

guis, designer boots may have the most luxurious leather and top quality materials in construction, but their soles usually aren’t designed for rough, icy terrains. I get my boots all resoled with heavy-duty Vibram non-skid soles. Be sure to take it to a reputable shoemaker who can do quality work on your expensive boots. They’ll charge a premium, but It think it’s worth it cos I don’t want to be slipping and sliding— and damaging my designer duds. I don’t mind a bruised butt, but seeing a deep scruff mark across by Prada boots is so heartbreaking...

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How to dress in cold/winter weather
*Dress in layers.
*Dress for the appropriate activity level.
*Buy or find a pair of insulated boots.
*Wear winter socks.
*Use a good quality coat, parka, or jacket.
*Wear a base layer.
*Wear a hat.
*Wear gloves or mittens.
*Hand warmers can be useful, especially if you don't have shelter handy.
*Wear more than one layer on your legs.
*Keep dry.

Hope this helps!

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