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^ I'm researching as we speak! I just remembered: Christ knows why but I have this red leather jacket in the coat cupboard with studs and fringes, et al, matched with dark sunglasses and maximum hairspray I think I might be able to pull off a blendered version of all those listed ?!

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I'm in san diego for a week for comic con and I actually did the mystique costume that I was wanting to make. It took about 25 hours and another 2 or so for hair and makeup. It's very uncomfertable... I couldnt eat or drink, go to the bathroom and had to be very careful how I move. I was miserable by the end of the day. We only stayed for half the day the first day but it was still worth it. It was a really big hit at comic con and I got tons and tons of pics taken, I found a few of me up online already and I got 2 tv interviews. After doing this once and seeing what kind of problems I ran into, I know how to do it much better and more realistic next year but I have to start far in advance. I've been wanting to be her for years so I'm really happy I did it. One thing checked off my "to do before I die" list :p

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Wow thats amazing good job. Ive always wanted to go to one of those things and make up my own character and then tell people that its really obscure and that why they dont know who it is lol.


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It sounds kind of lame, but there will be a party by the department of literature at my uni and since we all are invited to dress up as books (well, not literally), I'm planning to go as Tristram Shandy. But not in an entirely costumy way, it should be kind of a modern interpretation. Any ideas? Or maybe any idea for a more creative character?

But don't even mention Dorian Gray. I'll leave that to the bigheaded fellows.

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Dress up as a black sheep with style..
I just wanna hear if this ok or if any of you got some good ideas?
Pardon my french.. Im going to this party saturday where everyone has to dress up, normally i'm not into that but now i have to i'll go as the black sheep (They always blame me and i always wear black clothes).. I think a black sheep is cool because it's also metaphorical so i don't have to look like a real sheep .. I got a few ideas:
Big curly hair,
lace ears (picture :
a black dress - i got a few dunno witch yet.
Thigh-high black boots and blonde tights
and of course a little "tail" at my popo

I also thought of getting i little black cloud over my head?
And use lace make-up (and a black nose and lip) (picture:

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When I go to the theatre/ballet, I always like to dress for the production. I'm going to see Matthew Bourne's Cinderella in May which is set during the Blitz. I want to wear something 1940's themed, but not looking like full-on fancy dress. Any ideas?

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What to wear as a steampunk Alice
Hello, Am going to a steam punk birthday on the weekend and have NO IDEA what to wear, however my friend who's birthday it is has suggested I go as a steampunk Alice.

I'm blonde and petite, so I can see this working but not sure how to punk Alice up at all. I was looking at Annie Leibovitz's photos of Natalia Vodianova as Alice but I think all the looks are quite sophisticated, and I have very little money (read almost none)

I have a blue dress, which could work for Alice at a push, and my flatmate has a lace collar thing she says I can borrow. I also have a cigarette holder. What do people reccomend? I have never read any sci fi, steampunk, but am familiar with Alice. It would be amazing to recreate one of the Natalia looks, but am stuck as to how on a budget.

Thanks in advance and Karma for anyone who helps, offers inspiration.

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Saucy minx
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^ Have any combat boots?

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