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Umm...I guess I've always been this way.

I can't think of a time when I wasn't interested, even as a toddler. Certainly my sense of style, likes, designer/industry knowledge & especially particular TASTE has evolved; and continues to! I also see that along with that, it becomes more important to me, not less.
Nobody in my family has anything remotely resembling style or fashion . My grandfather, who passed on when I was younger, was in 'the biz' apparently. And my friends dress in what they are comfortable with, stylish or not; fashion is just not that important to them & I don't pick them because of their style or lack thereof. It would be nice to have a partner in crime to shop & discuss things with but I guess I picked my fiance for that
When I was younger, I expressed myself through various things one could say are "art" or "artistic" and dressing, to me, is the one appreciable "art" that I have continued the longest and have the most passion for.

"...insanity is thinking that you need something you don't have. The mere fact that you exist right now without that which you think you need is proof that you don't need it."-Byron Katie (<-DOESNT APPLY to SHOES) *~* TWITTER me
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Definitly came from my parents... and I mean my Dad too... They're ( I hate to admit it ) actually quite stylish for parents and they always dressed me in cute clothes as a child. I've been ballroom and latin dancing since I was 4, so I think that that's played a role in my style aswell!

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my parents both have great sense of style and my mom loves fashion and design... i got(my mom bought me=)) my first issue of vogue (it was italian edition)when i was eight,but at first i was only fascinated with models,who looked like real-life barbies,it was a supermodel era,and my favourite designer was gianni versace,who made this sexy bright colored dresses LOL
i am 25 now,and i have been buying,reading,collecting,books&magazines related to fashion for 17 years now.i am a fashion veteran=P

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I was at the airport giftshop about to get on a flight to Cancun, when I randomly decided to pick up an issue of Vogue (American) to read on the flight. I'd always been interested in fashion, it was just such a huge world to get into so late in the game. But after I read that issue, the ball rolled from there and here I am today haha. Although ironically I am not a fan whatsoever of Vogue US now!

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Deffo came from Victoria Beckham (im huge huge fan since 1997) and then.... just wanting to look better myself and loving colours and glam.

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when i was a kid (about 7 or 8 years old) i started wearing what i thought looked awesome, not what other girls my age were wearing. i got stared at and made fun of, but i really didnt care because i liked being me.

i kept this up all my life, and it wasnt until i was about fourteen that fashion itself started intresting me.
Here, where i live, girls who say they are into fashion, mostley means they are into trends and wearing surfie name brand clothes...which is why i never had an intrest in fashion.

when i was fourteen, i was looking on websites of celebs and i really liked what they were wearing. from that i started watching catwalk shows and everything else and i realized that fashion, like real fashion, was a creative expression...which was what i had always been doing.

ever since then, researching and following real fashion has become a hobbie of mine.

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1. i have been interested in fashion for as long as i can remember. I went into an art program when i was in high school and always leaned towards making and designing clothing when it came to projects. I wasn't that great at it but i had such an interest in it and have always bought vogue since i was real young.

2. yeah i liked high-concept and unusual pieces. firstly when i was doing fashion in my art program we had to be as creative as possible when designing pieces so thats when i looked to the haute couture collections for inspirations and that's when i really began a love of couture. i've always had a facination with high-style.

3. no none of my family are in fashion though i did work experience with a fashion magazine while at school and formed a great relationship with the editor there she was quite young so we became great friends and she helped me a lot with understanding the industry

4. i worked in the fashion industry since i came out of school. the job was offered to me from the same place i did the work experience although i not only worked for the magazine being PA to the Editor but she got me many styling jobs for runway events which was great fun for being so young. This year though I am no longer with them anymore as the owner of the magazine was making many changes with his other companies and need to lose people in order to survive financially. It was a good opportunity for me to do the make-up artist coarse i always wanted to do since i loved accompanying the makeup artists on the styling shoots and runways i was doing. I also have taken up accounting (studying) because i want to understand the business side of things. I would love to end up back in the industry but it's not a major issue to me because my love for clothing will not change and if i can make more money and afford these beautiful clothes then i am just as happy!

5. I dont really participate in the fashion game as i am studying now and can honestly not afford to buy these extravagant gorgeous expensive things. i do fashion in a way that i invest in something quite expensive and then i work around it with cheaper pieces. hopefully one day i will own all those things that i dream over though!!

thats my story sorry for it being so long!!!

peace xx

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