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^ I find blogs are the best for keeping up with either up and coming brands or brands that are being revived. Usually, like clockwork, I start seeing more local stores carry these brands a few months down the line.

Aside from that, I also flip through magazines and with my short attention span, I usually gravitate towards the blurbs, rather than the feature articles. I find these are actually the best places to find out interesting tidbits about designers, stores, fashion gossip, etc.

If it's runway I'm looking for, then I go to Nothing beats that site for runway images.

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British Vogue
Vogue Paris
L'Officiel (when I can get it)
Italian Vogue (occasionally)
US Vogue (occasionally)

Sartorialist/Garance Dore/Streetpeeper/Cafe Mode/jakandJill/Facehunter (most of these i find quite irritating though)

...oh yes and I come here when I have time.

I also keep in touch through looking at various shop website - NAP/Matches/Browns/La Garconne/myTheresa/ASOS

I also try to go to Paris or London relatively frequently.....and obviously I watch people!

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Welcome to the board! I learn about fashion from this forum and fashion magazines (occasionally books too).

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Hm.. I actually learn quite a bit from vintage / boutique store clerks. They are all pretty fashion forward in the city... at least the ones I go to. Blogs are great too like the ones Helena listed. I also feel like looking at model streetstyle is a pretty fun and easy way to keep up with what the fashion forward are wearing... although sometimes their outfits are terribly trying, the individual pieces are usually right on trend.

It's neat because once you pay attention to it, it's like you tap into the collective consciousness of fashion, and can almost instinctively know what's in style and what's out.. to a degree.

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I read this forum and buy People StyleWatch every month.

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I generally just browse .. now that I am a mod for the Designers+Collections forum, I have no excuse whatsoever if I dont know who designed a piece

Its taken a while though .. and in tFS not everyone knows everything .. generally everyone has their forte .. either models or designers or accesories or photogs or something like that ...

I do read the blogs and to tell which trends are ahead of the curve .... you just have to pay close attention ... the first people to wear it are a clear indicator but sometimes you can tell its gonna be big just by seeing it at the street

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do you guys have any blogs or sites on a direct feed?
what's that called...RSS....or something like that?
or do you just check them when you think of it?

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Originally Posted by ultramarine View Post
I generally just browse .. now that I am a mod for the Designers+Collections forum, I have no excuse whatsoever if I dont know who designed a piece

Its taken a while though .. and in tFS not everyone knows everything .. generally everyone has their forte .. either models or designers or accesories or photogs or something like that ...
I think this is a good point - I used to never know who designed something by looking at it. For me it started with shoes, now I know the sort of quirks and characteristics (the Nicholas Kirkwood platform, McQ - generally nuts, CLs, the Erdem patterns etc) certain designers have in their shoes and can usually tell by looking who has designed them. With clothes these days I can spot items that keep a trait of what they are known for in a lot of their designs, like Proenza/Chanel/Vivienne Westwood for example, but can nowhere near do it with everything yet. Maybe about 10%, if even that!

Also I found a lovely UK blog called What Emma Did. I think she writes nicely and it doesn't seem as though she is plugging things because she has been told to (which is a real pet hate of mine, along with celeb endorsements that they would never wear in a million years!).

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I am a massive blog fan..I like to see more street style and orginal ideas rather then manuafactored looks that everyone will be wearing, also I people watch ALOT this helps me imensely in deciding styles and ideas etc.

I also still visit tfs regularily even if I am a bit quiet now days... as well as for catwalk images I visit these daily with out fail..

I also read magazines (but seems as im pritty skint most of the time magazines I regularily get are getting less and less)

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Good thread!

Add to me the list of folks who couldn't do a design ID. I do browse the designer threads, but I'm mostly in the vintage designers section rather than what is on the current runway threads. (I visit TLo's blog for breakdowns of runway fashion.)

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Honestly, I feel more creative and in tune w/ what's 'next' when I don't subscribe or check blogs/websites religiously. I rarely post on tfs these days because I'm so busy but my eye is better than ever as a result. It truly amazes me.

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I go on and LookBook. That way I get the runway side and the real world side of things.

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