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How do you wear corduroy?
i'm just wondering, because here (england), besides old people, you never see people stray from jeans and wear corduroy pants, or khakis, etc. except for when you're in work clothes. so i think my question is are corduroy pants and the like really not that good a look?

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I live in a warm climate, and corduroy isn't worn much here. For whatever reason, I usually see it worn by men originally from India, which is a warm climate too

I have an uncut corduroy coat, which looks like velvet--I think that's the only piece I own. When I lived in a cold climate I wore a fair amount of corduroy, and particularly liked very wide-wale corduroy ... the pile seemed luxurious.

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Oh, I remember the only thing of corduroy I used to wear were overalls

Honestly, I don't think I wear it anymore or ever would. A blazer in beige corduroy is hanging up in my mother's closet that I used to borrow, but not so much anymore since it isn't in my current style.

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I mean, I guess you could wear it like a hipster or something -tongue-in-cheek/too cool for the school kind of way- but... I guess a very dark beige, gray, olive or black corduroy blazer may look quite chic as long as it is a fitted cut and very sleek in its pattern, but I cannot imagine it working for pants anymore. It is too robust and geeky.

Let me put it this way: the typical Dolce fitted blazer with two buttons and peak lapel may be done with black corduroy, and may look interesting. But I cannot imagine a typical old Brit man's square blazer working on anyone who cares about fashion - even a little.

The problem is; corduroy is soo thick, no one cuts a sleek design with it. It looks too bulky and square for today's clothing. Even blend wool suits are much lighter now that shows off an erect physique; nobody wants to get lost under that much of heavy and solid fabric.

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Pinwale cord was an early 90's staple.
That is all bound to make a comeback as we exhaust denim ideas once again. Extremely fine waling is key and even printed versions (as in checks) lend some freshness too.
Dolce Gabbana's foray into thick 70's cord is best left to sofas I'm afraid.....

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For some reason, I adore corduroy.. Especially in dark red, burgundy colours. I think it can look cool if you style it well. I prefer cord mini skirts over denim skirts, and pants too. I like to pair mine (colour is burgundy-ish) either with something preppy, like a purple Ralph Lauren cableknit, or a plain white grandpa sweater.. I think it's most fun wearing them with 'untrendy' 70s colours though.. And I guess part of what I like about corduroy is that it's hardly ever in fashion, but it's still always around anyway.

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Pinwale cord was an early 90's staple.
That is all bound to make a comeback as we exhaust denim ideas once again.
Yeah, I think so too. Corduroy is really comfortable, and it suits both saturated and muted colors well. Unlike denim however, good-quality corduroy is key, otherwise it can look and feel kind of stodgy. I really like corduroy in romper-style dresses, it's a very sweet look.

And I guess part of what I like about corduroy is that it's hardly ever in fashion, but it's still always around anyway.
But the problem is it's hard to come by nicely cut clothes in corduroy. I was looking for a pair of soft corduroy trousers all through the winter, and all I could find were these baggy, pocketed army-styles and hipster bell-bottoms. I didn't like either. If it were a more 'in' fabric, there would be a wider selection of styles to choose from.

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i had the BEST corduroy pants as a pre teen in the 70's...
i think they were by LEE...

i'd pay good money to get something like that again today..

high waisted, thin wale, wide bottom (but not flared)...great with a wedge...
with the perfect back pockets...


oh what i would give to have something like that now....

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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