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How many pieces of clothing do you have in your wardrobe?
I was just reading "French wadrobe" thread and that inspired me to ask you, how many pieces of clothes you have in your wardrobe? Please, don't count your underwear, outdoor clothes or accessories - only real clothes!

Are you a wardrobe minimalist, capsule type or collector? Do you use all your clothes? Or just collect them?

I have about 75 seasonal pieces in my wardrobe, but I'm trying to manage with about 50 pieces. Now I'm using my whole garderobe, but still have some duplicates (even triples) in my basics. I purchase 2-3 new 'trendy items' for a season (I have four seasons in my fashion year) and update my staples randomly, when I really need something. Mostly I get rid of those trendy items in the end of season, but sometimes some pieces get some extension... But when some new ones come in, at least one (better two) old ones have to go out! That's my wardrobe philosophy! So, I'm going forward to minimalistic wardrobe with 50 pieces and that's my goal.

How about your wardrobes?

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gosh..i dont even know where i should start clothes are everywhere
hum..but my guess is probably around 30 or 40..and i wear most of them..some more frequent than others..all depends on how i match them
i try to get rid of alot of my old clothes..they are in the basement

i would say my black evening jacket and blazer get worn the most

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Oh my God...

Just for Spring/Summer. I have at least 100 tee shirts at the very least and I have 22 pairs of jeans.

I don't wanna count everything or else I'll seem like a spoiled brat... (which I guess I sometimes am.)

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^ wow..that's pretty excessive. how do you get the wear out of it?

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I know that I have around 80+ shirts alone, but figure a good 20-25 are tshirts that I wear when either working out, sleeping or painting. I would say altogether that I have between 125 and 150 pieces if I were to go through everything.

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i'm a collector....i have lots of clothes....i love clothes.

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I've no idea how much clothes I have...gotta count them some day soon...

...but I would say that I have less than I want and more than I have room for

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I have other clothes, that I don't actually wear, but of the clothes that I DO wear:

5 tops, 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of pants, (that were recently sort of ruined so I don't know if I can still wear them) 1 sweater, 1 sweatshirt, 1 dress, 2 pairs of shorts.

I have things like old ratty jeans and t-shirts I wear for painting or whatever, but I think this thread is about a person's "fashion" wardrobe so I didn't count them? My wardrobe is kind of small because I've been unemployed for the past year, trying to focus on school and travelling. At the same time I've discovered places like tfs so I'm bent on making my wardrobe up of things I really like, that I think will last awhile, usually = more expensive. A bit of a problem for me.

EDIT: Clothes I don't actually wear means they are either ruined or too big, I'm not just not counting them because I don't like them.

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Omg I dread to think....I have over 25 pairs of jeans....a guess is something like 200 pieces of clothing...i'm not 100% sure though.

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Wow! I do just fine with only 3 pairs of jeans!
Black denim with white stitching, dark blue denim and a pale blue wash!

I don't really find it necessary to count how many items of clothing I have. Rather than restricitng your wardrobe by number, just refine it by tossing what you don't like/use. I would hate to senselessly give away perfectly good, loved clothes! 50 items is a bare minimum really in my opinion.

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my wordrobe is really small, for some reason I have a habbit of buying "It looks good right now" clothes and I wind up throwing away most of my new clothes. I am getting better at it though

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I have a lot of f*cking clothes, but my actually circulation is really small. I have four pairs of jeans in circulation right now, like 15 shirts random jackets, coats, and other accessories.

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^ same.

I have a considerable amount of clothes but only wear an embarassingly low percentage of everything. A lot of it has to do with the fact my weight fluctuates a lot and a lot of clothes don't currently fit me (both to small & to large) and I can't bear to get rid of them because I have thrown out old clothes that don't fit only to have weight gain/loss.

Hopefully, once I'm able to stabalize my size is stabalized I'll be able to clean everything out

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Well considering I attempted to clean my closet out the other day, I counted roughly 300+ shirts (tshirts, polos, dressy tops..etc). Unfortunatly I barely wear any of them, I just feel bad getting rid of clothes so lots of this dates back about 3.5 years, possibly more (my school uniform is still in there and i graduated HS 2 years ago!!)

But pants wise I do get rid of quicker so I only have about 20 or so pairs.

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just basic stuff.... not a lot.

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