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rising star
cereza_glam's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: La Plata, buenos aires, Argentina
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I think in black would be nice!
But in other colours.. i don't think so!

ē Everybody says it's just like Rock 'n' roll ē
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liberty33r1b's Avatar
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Location: Manchester, UK
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i agree on black, other colours are more of a no-no, IMO, and would probably make you look dull...

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Location: Kansas City, Missouri
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Originally Posted by liberty33r1b
i agree on black, other colours are more of a no-no, IMO, and would probably make you look dull...
That's an interesting thought. Black has such an intensity to it. I think this intensity makes up for the "boringness" of monochromaticism. And since other colors lack the raw emotional intensity and depth black has, creating an outfit exclusively of these colors comes across as dull or, in some cases, obnoxious in comparison.

Last edited by AlexN; 12-01-2005 at 02:00 AM.
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backstage pass
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I used to work with this girl called Frank in Notting Hill, and she was always in one complete colour. But it wouldn't be block colours, in that she would have a blue / white flower print kimono dress, blue trousers, white shoes, white obi belt fastened with blue brooch and all topped off with an array of flowers in her hair (blue of course) Her dressing consisted of this.

Once though, whilst waiting at crossing, some people driving by wound down window and shouted "FREAK!"

Saw her picture in British Vogue a couple of months ago...

"Style is saying no"
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tfs star
urd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2004
Gender: femme
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all black or all white. but I still wouldn't wear it

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front row
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all black and all white is fine, as long as the black is something like.. oh.. dior homme and all white, chanel 8)

the key is to have nice pieces. if it's all black and so so stuff it could just look DRAB.

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fashion elite
Dizzydi's Avatar
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Location: Copenhagen, DK
Gender: femme
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It works with black, grey, dark blue, dark brown and sometimes white (in the summer) - but it al depends on the person who wears it

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front row
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Just one color - what would yours be?
One Is the Loveliest Color
Commitment? Art project? OCD? Five New Yorkers who wear only one color all day, every day (and itís not black).

By Joanna Goddard Published Feb 18, 2008

Valeria ďValBluĒ McCulloch
Shoe Designer. Yves Klein blue.

Why blue?
In college, I majored in color theory. Blue was the most interesting color, historically. Germanic tribes wore it to ward off enemies; Christians used it to denote divinity. Wearing blue for me is being in a dream all day.

Do you make your own blue shoes?
I go to leather fairs and have the factory make me shoes. I also buy white Chanel and Christian Louboutin shoes, and I color them blue with custom-ordered electric-blue Sharpies.

Do you wear blue makeup?
I wear YSL No. 3 mascara, Chanel Blue Satin nail polish, and blue LancŰme lip gloss, which looks clear when you put it on. And my bathroom products are blue, like my toothbrush.

Does the color reflect your personality?
Blue signifies loyalty, and Iím very loyal. Itís hard in this industry, but Iím a humanist.

There was a lot of electric blue in recent seasons.
Itís getting trendy. When it hits ďmass,Ē itís a turnoff.

What do your friends think?
My friend studied photography, and I was part of her thesis. She did a color study and took photos of me.

What color is your apartment?
My living room is neutral, but just go into my bedroom. I have a blue Nintendo, bedside table, suitcase, pillow, BlackBerry. And I collect blue gemstones. People once believed that sapphires had healing properties.

How does blue make you feel?
Blue is a peaceful color. The U.N. has a blue flag; all the presidential campaigns have blue. It touches every realm of life, from cosmic to future.

Rebecca Turbow
Fashion Designer. Gray.

Why gray?
I actually wore turquoise for eight years, but last September, I switched to gray. Iíd had a bad year and needed to get out of it.

Thatís a big switch.
I like everything to be clean, and gray is clean. Gray is between black and white, so itís a noncolor, almost. I feel messy and unclean if I wear other colors.

Where do you shop?
I make all my own clothes. I canít wear anyone elseís.

What about shoes?
Thatís hard because even the soles of my shoes have to be gray or white. I get annoyed if the soles are black.

Do you ever miss turquoise?
When I was in turquoise, people would stare at me everywhere I went. Itís still the color of my clothing line, so my business cards and stickers are turquoise. But Iíve separated myself from it, so Iím separated from my work.

Is that a good thing?
Gray is refreshing. My boyfriend says it looks classy. Sometimes heíll wear black, and Iíll wear silver. I like that; we match.

Does it bother you when other people wear mixed colors?
I like mixed colors on other people. I just canít wear or make them. I work for the singer of Of Montreal, and he lets me make him wild, monochrome outfits.

Will you wear gray for the rest of your life?
My mom thinks I should branch out, but I canít imagine that. I donít know if itís a condition; Iíve always wondered if thereís a name for it.

Karim Rashid
Industrial Designer. White half the time, pink half the time.

Why white?
In college, I was obsessed with wearing all white. I felt angelic and free. But then, in the early eighties, I started wearing black. That was status quo in the avant-garde. If you were interestingóa designer, an architectóyou wore all black.

How long did that last?
I went to Rome to do my masterís in í82. I wore all black, with pink hair. But that was considered Fascist. I had to tone down my dress.

Why didnít you return to black back in New York?
Every profession has dress codes. In 2000, I was on a panel with nine architects, and I wore a white suit. Everyone was wearing black except me. I felt detached from the incestuous profession.

Now you also wear pink. Why?
Sometimes I think itís because my mother dressed me in pink when I was a child. She wanted me to be a girl.

How do people react to a grown man in pink?
I make them smile. They say, ďYou make me happy.Ē

What about underwear?
The only place in the world that sells menís pink underwear is American Apparel.

How do you keep your clothes clean?
I carry Tide to Go. If I spill red wine, I just rub it off. I should write a book about wearing white.

Do people try to convince you to wear other colors?
I was shopping in Europe with a couple friends, and they talked me into trying on a black shirt and black jeans. If you look good in white, you look really good in black.

But you didnít buy the jeans?
My statement is, Be who you are. Do what turns you on.

Elizabeth Sweetheart
Fabric Designer. Kelly green.

Why green?
Iím from Nova Scotia, where green is in your surroundings. I missed nature when I moved to New York. I started wearing green nail polish, and it spread all over me.

When did you move here?
I hitchhiked down in 1964. I had long braided hair; I was a beatnik.

Where did you live?
We used to live on the Lower East Side. A hippie gang was on our block, and you had to know them to get down the street. They had weapons and chains. They babysat for our son.

Whatís your son up to these days?
Sam is a mentalist, a magician. Itís classic mind-reading; heíll memorize a deck of cards. Heís our one and only.

How long have you been married?
Forty-one years. Every Saturday morning, weíd say, ďMaybe weíll make it to City Hall this morning.Ē We missed a few because we slept late. Finally, we went and got married. We didnít have a ring, so my husband, Robert, made one out of paper.

Do you have any grandchildren?
No, but I have a grand-puppy. My son asked me to babysit him, and I airbrushed his tail green. Sam flipped out.

Tell me about your style.
I always wear overalls. I have 30 pairs. I buy childrenís sizes from GapKids and Chadwickís. And I dye everythingómy Nike sneakers, my underwear. I canít fall asleep unless Iím wearing green.

Do you wear green to work?
Every day. Iíve been in the design business over 44 years.

How do strangers react?
Many people say, ďOh! Thatís my favorite color.Ē On 42nd Street, tourists ask to take my photo. I take the F train and know everyone on itókids, Japanese girls with green in their hair, all the junkies. Iíve never had a negative experience.

Stephin Merritt
Singer-Songwriter. Brown.

Why brown?
Years ago, I did a photo shoot with my dog, Irving, for Esquire magazine, where they had various celebs wearing fake eighties clothing. They put me in a preposterous outfit. Blondie was also part of the shoot, and they gave me advice: Just say, ďSorry, I only wear black.Ē

So why didnít you start wearing black?
Unfortunately, black at this point tends to make you look like a French tourist in Soho. It also makes me look ill. I look ill enough; I really donít need to call attention to that.

But brown is good?
I have brown hair and eyes, and I believe in matching.

It must be hard to clash when you wear all brown.
Impossible. The great thing about brown is when it fades, you canít tell what color it originally was. Thereís no sense of the ďrightĒ color saturation.

What else do you like about it?
Brown shows absolutely nothing. Youíd have to spill some fuchsia paint. If you wear black, dandruff is horrific and lint is a nightmareóand dog hair, in my case, is a particular problem.

What color is your dog?
White and beige with a little brown nose. Heís incredibly cute.

Are there any downsides to wearing brown?
Iíve been invited to two events that required black tuxedoes, so I didnít go. I always said Iíd wait until Iíd been asked to three tuxedo events before I accepted. So Iím in danger of needing to wear a tuxedo.

What were the events?
The first was a party at an embassy; the second was a wedding. I donít know why tuxedos were necessary. But obviously Iíve never been to a tuxedo event. Maybe itís glorious fun.

What would your one color be?

Honk if you love the status quo.
The Missing Link
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vertebrae by vertebrae
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Gender: femme
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I was surprised to see Rebecca Turbow picked grey... until I read the first line she said Everything I'd ever seen from her was turquoise.

Thanks for posting


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tfs star
chaneladdict's Avatar
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Gender: femme
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I could definitely not do this! I do love grey, but that takes some dedication!

"Life is a joyful strain. Can you hear it resound?"
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liashoes's Avatar
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Location: San Francisco
Gender: femme
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They are all so inspiring in that they really do not care what others think about their choices to choose one color and stick to it. Admirable.

If life deals you lemons, make lemonade . . . if it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys.
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tfs star
ChloeFrancoise's Avatar
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Location: New York
Gender: femme
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I couldn't do this either. How could I wear only one color? I would miss out on every other color and every color combination I could want to wear.

I had a teacher for some of my art classes who only ever wears black. One day he wore light grey and I felt confused.

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rising star
blackpeace's Avatar
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Gender: femme
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Wow the first blue picture looks it's been photoshopped or something. Gosh, even though I wear a lot of black, I don't think I can live without wearing other colors.

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Soviet Camaro
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Gender: homme
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I think this is a personality disorder, and I call it monochromania.

It works with black though.

after all, it was you and me
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tfs star
dizzytacks's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Gender: homme
Posts: 1,879
"My mom thinks I should branch out, but I can’t imagine that. I don’t know if it’s a condition; I’ve always wondered if there’s a name for it."
yeah. OCD!

two girls in paris "the twig and the tree" -circa 1968
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