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I think it could have turned out that way if it had stayed "sacred" -- the truly visionary bloggers were the only ones out there and you didn't have to dig through the wannabes.

My style icon is anyone who makes a bloody effort.
Isabella Blow
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flaunt the imperfection
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i wonder what happened to the original poster...
they ran away...

anyway- i agree with what many others have said....
you can't be an icon if you aren't an original...
and most bloggers aren't...


"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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Thanks to everyone for your comments, really thought provoking.

I don't think the value of blogs is having millions of girls "putting more or less effort into producing something special" (wekilledcouture) or being the "arbiters of taste" (tangerine), but to have millions of girls with a voice, it's like an alternative to the top down traditional approach this industry has had.

MulletProof, beautiful words, you've said it beautifully!

About the lack of individuality of fashion bloggers, I think you find everything, as in all aspects of life. Having a blog does not mean necessarily willing to have this strong fashion presence or willing to be famous, it might just be a way to document what you wear, for you or for your closest friends. Or even if you want to reach many people, I still think that's fine. I respect it, what I think it's important is to feel well with how you dress, whatever others think, whatever your motives for having a blog are.

What I like about blogs, however, is that you can now be inspired (or not inspired) by real people, just like before you could be inspired (or not inspired!!) by models/magazines/etc. Again I think MulletProof said it beautifully "blogs are just a new alternative outlet to broadcast your wardrobe, a new gigantic kind of avenue people go to see and be seen". And that's what I like, you don't have to listen only to the industry experts, there is a new side to this industry.

wekilledcouture asks How many of the thousands of bloggers will make a difference, and will we remember? And I don't think that's the relevant question (but I really enjoyed your comments!!), people don't need to have blogs to make a *world* difference, maybe they are making a difference just for themselves, or for their friends, or just having a good time blogging or maybe even influencing their small group of friends.

Anyway, I really appreciate everyone's thoughts, very interesting!


María Arenaza -- --
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Thanks for your kind words, chicisimo, I'm glad you appreciated everyone's opinions. We are currently having an interesting debate on fashion bloggers in another section, click here. I think you might like it and feel tempted to join us there. :p

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Interesting topic, while I mostly agree with everything said, I still think there are a few (very small few) bloggers who are gaining "icon" status. An icon doesnt have to be just a household name, the way things are going these days an internet icon holds just as much status in my opinion. If you look at Rumi Neely from FashionToast, personally I love her blog and her sense of style. She has fronted the new Forever21 campaign and is plastered all over the new Times Square store, but I think the most important thing is that it still looks like her and exudes her personal style! Has she inspired the brand and thus inspiring people all over the world? Interesting how they used a blogger and not a professional model, just a thought, and Im probably rambling now

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front row
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^^ She has been signed with NEXT in LA for a while, although i do agree her internet status helps her to book jobs.

yours truly, madeleine louise
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i am a fashion blogger & im certainly no icon.
I cannot compare myself to any other blogger - I hate cloggs, only own a few (old)Designer pieces, don’t go shopping every week & no – one will gasp at the way I have matched up a very ‘erin wasson’ outfit.
Im not groundbreaking , nor can I pair my H&M dress with my new Miu Miu heels.

Some bloggers I do like to read, but I would not try to be like any of them. Im perfectly happy being just me

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tfs star
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I think even if we don't wish them to be "icons" some of them are! A couple are recognized by big name stores, (Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe) not high-end I know, but they must be doing something right!

And then...there are the ones that no one cares what they wear and it's just a boost of self-esteem they're looking for..

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