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hello origamitea...
welcome to the forums...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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Originally Posted by softgrey View Post
hello origamitea...
welcome to the forums...
Thank you honey.

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I used have a schizophrenic style, but now i seem to dress in similar things, t-shirts tucked into high wasted skirts, pretty blouses, cardigans & blazers. I haven't worn jeans for months!

blog no 2

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I wouldn't describe myself as schizophrenic (well at least regarding my style ) and I think I found my style yet. But within my personal style I vary my clothes.

Most of my wardrobe is quite pixie and feminine. But I also have my days when I'd like to go out as a rock kitten for example. Then I often combine a rosy frill skirt with a black shirt and my leather jacket and paint smokey eyes...

I guess I'm quite in between of the "schizophrenic" and the style-faithful camp...That's schizophrenic


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Hello, I was not too sure where to post this but because it is on the topic of my style, I decided to post it here. Anyways, i don't know but I think I would describe my style as "hipster"-(My friend told me what I was wearing one day was "hipster", so i went with "hipster."). I like vintage clothing(mostly shoes), blazers, fedoras, leather jackets, loose tees, but i also like dresses & skirts. Mostly dark colors. I am so all over the place its crazy! Well I was basically wondering what would you guys think if a person was dressing up differently everyday? Would you think that one does not have a mind of its own or is just dressing according to their wishes? Also, as I said previously, I like leather jackets but when I wear I feel like too of a rule breaker/bad. (I am the most innocent person you'd probably meet so it doesn't really match up my personality) Do you think a leather jacket is too tough for someone like me?

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you've lived so cautiously, that you might as well not have lived at all." -j.k.rowling
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I love being a fashion student, it's the best excuse to wear things others find bizarre. My style changes from day to day and during the seasons as well.. I can never quite figure it out!
I'm an artist by heart, so I always follow my emotions in every move I make, including when I get dressed. Something that was totally right last week can feel so incredibly wrong this week. I'm a mess...

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The last couple of weeks I was feeling kinda 'weird' toward my clothes. I make clothes myself, mostly women, but I wanted to make something for my own, and I just couldn't decide. I spent hours pondering That's when I started thinking about the rest of my wardrobe and I felt something was 'off', but I couldn't describe it exactly what was wrong.

Until yesterday, when I finally realised that I have two styles!
One is more A.P.C - COS - Margiela kinda style, with browns, burgundy navy and bottlegreen etc, simple clothes.
The other is more Demeulemeester, Owens, ... lots of black and more edgier.

And now I'm trying to decide which one I should make my style, and my only style. (you just can't wear a fitted RO leather jacket with brown trousers :p) In my heart I know that I prefer the edgier style, but being an engineering student, I'm afraid I'll constantly get weird looks from people (who aren't all that fashionable at my faculty ) I know I shouldn't let that bother me, but still... Maybe I should try and 'merge' the two styles, but I have no idea how

"Are you mad? I haven't got anything to wear on public transport!" - Patsy Stone
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I'm having a hard time deciding between a soft, kind of romantic look, and a darker style. I used to be in the goth/industrial scene a few years back, but I've changed a lot since then, even my character has become sweeter. Hence the change in appearance.

The Nyctophilia
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a thread for me...
i'm stuck between classic style: something like old hollywood, glamour, sexy, dramatic; and boho/romantic... i always loved all these pastels, flowy skirts, flowers, frills, laces...
don't know how to put it together... i don't have any inspiration! well Olivia Palermo has style similar to this that I want to achieve, but... i want more inspiration!
so... one day i'm boho, one day i'm classic... don't know if i'll ever decide which style is "mine"...

t u m b l r
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i'm a big mish mosh.... the uniform thing doesn't work for me. but i feel like somehow, even though my styles are kind of schizo, all of the pieces i pick are very "me" in their own way, and i have a way of combining things in proportions that i really like and that work for me... so even though my hard/modern punk, soft/femme/romantic, etc etc looks are all really different, i think you can definitely tell that they all come from the same person's closet/that the same person styled them, know what i mean?

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