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i like classic

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merged this thread into the schizophrenic style discussion...

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Great thread...very interesting so far .

I think that I am pretty consistent,but this doesn't mean that i do exactly the same look all the time,hopefully... .

It also varies from year to year and season to season.My current favoured look has lasted the longer than any other,but that is in part due to my having gained some weight and just feeling comfortable this way .

I'm not really schizophrenic on a day to day basis.But when I look at what I wore 3 years ago,it was very different to now.

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Originally Posted by helena
Personally I think schizo style is about being creative & expressing your emotions & feelings through clothes. Some people do it in other ways, I do it through my wardrobe. I think it shows an active mind that never stops.
I agree w/ you here Helena...My emotions & feelings change on a (somewhat) daily basis, so I dress accordingly...What I feel, and thus, look like TODAY may totally differ from what I'll feel and look like TOMORROW...Perhaps its the Gemini in me..

Like today, I felt slightly "out there" and rather boisterous, so I donned more colors than usual, and played around w/ the polka-dot pieces I have in my closet...My mood for today said "Look at me", and, as such, I played the role...

But tomorrow, I may feel like doing something low-key and more minimal (as much as I hate that word), so I'll don plain black pants, solid black shirt & black details at all...and the next day, I may feel like a back-up dancer in some pop-stars video, so I'll do jeans, layered t-shirts, wallet-chain, funky shoes and a funky hat for good measure...So my "look" pretty much depends on which day you catch me on..

...and I wouldnt have it any other way

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I'm exaclty the same..I never stick to one all depends on my mood and how im feeling and how i want ppl to view me...then again, it puzzles me when ppl i know would comment on some outfit they saw...and say " thats sooooooo you"..because i dont think there is only one me...even with hair an make up like whats been said already in this thread...i mean one day im in sweats, sneakers and a cap, the other day im in a cute vintagii outfit, the other im in cavalli with big hair and eyeliner...some people think when you dont stick to one style then your still FINDING it..which i think is crazy.......clothes shouldnt define who you are..rather define how your feeling.......

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lately, i've had no style whatsoever. my right brain is starting to hate me..

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I've been thinking about this a lot lately actually! I do wonder whether ppl perceive me as having very erratic and non-cohesive personal style because I like to try different looks and go for different things everyday.

I admire people who really know what suits them and sticks to a certain style but at the same time, I could never be that kind of person myself. I constantly get inspired by different things, one day an outfit could be worked around a beret, another day, it could be a inspired by the weather.

So...I guess I'll have to live with having schizo style....

'A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.'
Coco Chanel.
My blog - Style Bubble -
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susie, i think it is wonderful that you are constantly trying to rearrange yourself...
trying to find what suits you, what excites you...

i think that there are patterns inherent in even the most schizophrenic of styles...
it's part of claiming a style... making it yours...
i used to bounce around a lot when i was younger and in college...
now i've found certain silhouettes and fabrics that i love...
(and i practically live in them)
but i also like to challenge myself and try new things...
although i am pretty quick to decide what new things are worth trying and which ones are not meant for me...

everyday is kind of a new shift, a new beginning for me...
some more radical than others...
some days the shift is hardly perceptible...
but throughout my 'office-lady' or 'rough-chick' or 'androgynous' or 'girly' days, i can still trace the common threads...

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sometimes, but I would rather just be one style... sounds boring, but I want to find my perfect style.

Eat your salad no dessert
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schizo in the house!

secrets in her smile
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yay! I think I'm like that... Two years ago I didn't know what to do and I wore anything. Last year I started obsessing with clothes withought any print, in pastel colours, with a simple blazer and scarves... classic. And this year I started experimenting with some new buys and my mom's wardrobe.. hehe. She has some great, great pieces!! And I think that now I'm doing this because I don't care about what people think, I would prefer to be the different (and stylish) person in the whole country than one more of them...


“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” Coco Chanel

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schizo is so much more fun.
i'm only young - i don't want to confine myself to a rigid look
it's abt experimenting freely !

* belle you got the right idea !
so much of my stuff is my mum's . .

nothing can compare to when you roll the dice and swear your love's for me <33
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Originally Posted by susie_bubble
I've been thinking about this a lot lately actually! I do wonder whether ppl perceive me as having very erratic and non-cohesive personal style because I like to try different looks and go for different things everyday.
me too!!...

especially because when i have posted some tougher/harder looks people have commented on how it's a different look for me...
but then when i post softer/'prettier' looks people say the same thing...

in my world/mind...
it is all very unified and clearly defined...
all different versions of pretty much the same thing...
but other people obviously see it differently...

it always makes me wonder what other people see...
and i am sure each person sees something different depending upon their i guess we can never really know...


i do surprise even myself sometimes though...
like...i was so into the neo goth thing this year...
(well-to be fair...i always was even before)
but when it comes to getting dressed....
i am wearing less black than i usually do...
i didn't even realize i had put this much colour into my wardrobe...
it was just an unconscious flow from one thing to another...
*but it all still reads neo goth to me...
because of the shapes and tones and silhouettes...

have to say i'm pretty happy with my wardrobe as it is...:p
even if people think i'm schizo...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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As a psych major I don't really like the description of the style, but I don't want to bore you all with the details...

I thin it's an interesting concept.. most of the time I dress like alternative/punkish... boots, miniskirts, stockings.. I wear a lot of my own creations. But other times I can be a total fashionista and wear more of less of what's "in" but with a twist. I guess I always like my own twist to things, but sometimes I get my influences from punkish styles, sometimes from runways, and sometimes from more preppy sources.

I guess I vacilate between wanting to look sexy/older and wanting to look cute/younger though. Sometimes I tie my hair in pigtails and wear no bra and try to look flatter and younger/cuter, and sometimes I like sporting a mega push up bra and miniskirts and look more trampy and older.

There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting.
--John Kenneth Galbraith

My fave models: Gemma, Sasha, Stammy, Trentini, Vlada <3
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I think schizo style is what I have too... what I wear is almost always based on where I am and what I see and just the feel of my environment!

I always wish I could just dress one way all the time and have a definitive style, but I guess it's more fun this way!

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." - Oscar Wilde

my StyleDiary
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