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Originally Posted by softgrey
anyone else feel this way...

i feel like several people live inside me...and share one closet...

some days i feel funky...some days hippie...some days boho chic...some days punk...some days sexy...some days girly...some days androgynous...or very japanese or belgian...or very avant garde to sexy trendy...

some days grown up ...some days like a little girl...

i find that there are so many things that i love love love...

i have some friends who have a sort of uniform and always look sort of the same...then i have other friends who go through phases...picking a certain look for each season...

what do you all do?...
stick to one look/style or wear a smorgasboard of styles...???

I feel exactly the same...I know where your coming from....

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Schizophrenic Style all the way baby..

I couldnt stick to one style all the time everytime. It wouldn't suit my personality for starters. I mean no one feels the same everyday so why should you look the same right? If a have an attitude going, mabye i will wear some baggy hip-hop pants (but i aint no chav)
Then mabye if im feeling flash (like just got a big pay) I might go all out in my most expensive suit, but i wouldnt wear one all time.

I guess dressing for the occasion plays some part of it aswell, you cant keep the same style say for a race day at ascot? could you?
I would find it very difficult.

Argue not about the hand you are dealt in cards or in life.
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fashion metaphor for a mythical creature
i think fashion and preciousness should be at odds with each other; it's what keeps it interesting and a little human. i want to revisit my days of dressing with absurdity; the smudges and the frays and the spontaneous cutting and collaging of some random, once important garment. the whole birth and destruction philosophy played out every morning, in an attempt to get that cathartic urge wringed out, so what is left is a freshly born, downy, knock-kneed imperfection-perfection of an outfit ready to be bravely sacrificied the next new day. hm, yes, i think so.

"the way a problem is set up often suggests the resolution."
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my opinion is that schizophrenia and fashion go hand in hand...i mean, creative (truly creative) minds get bored fast.

schizophrenia is good, piling it on isn't

"...buttoned up to the breast, and made with wings, welts, and pinions on the shoulder points, as mans apparel is for all the world...and though this be a kinde of attire appropriate onely to man, yet they blush not to wear it..."
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rising star
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my styles pretty much schizo too lol..
-my favorite type of style is boho/vintage/hippie-ish (lots of dangly jewelry, beaded necklaces, flowy tops, flats, etc..Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer for this type of style)
-when i go out i wear trendy/sexy clothing (usually just stuff from the mall, nothing really designer)
-very preppy clothes (a&f jeans, lacoste/burberry polos)
-when i'm feeling very girly and wear lots of pink
-when i feel boring (just wear simple designer jeans COH's, TR's or Sevens and a tshirt)
-somedays im too lazy to wear something cute and just feel like being comfy (sweats and a tshirt)

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flaunt the imperfection
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hi heels asked me if this is still true....
since it has been some time since i started this thread...

i don't know if this is true anymore or not in my case...
i haven't been documenting my outfits as frequently as i used to....
so i don't have a super clear picture...
and i was a bit confused there for a moment...

but i have gotten some focus now...
and in a way- have started to develop a uniform of sorts...
isolating the shapes and styles that really look best on me...
and the ones that feel the most like 'me'...

so ---less experimentation...

looking good and feeling good is a combination that is hard to beat...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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Yey!! I'm so happy I found this thread! I feel just the way you do, softgrey! Most days I want to look classic and girly, but other days I feel more grunge-ish, or more (as much as I'm ashamed to say it) mean girls-ish.

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I change styles all the time. I work at Abercrombie, so I'm always in A&F head to toe at work. Outside, it's usually a lot flashier, crazy shoes, black clothes, pinstripes, etc.

I could never have the same type of clothes day in and day out, I'd get so bored.

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thats how I was in high school. I was trying to hard, and varied from one extreme look to the next from day to day.

But as I grew up and now that I'm a little more sure of who I am and am not so worried about trying to impress other people, I have a more steady, consistent style. and I am comfortable in my skin

and I get a lot more compliments on my outfits than I did back then

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I also have this kind of style. A lot of the time I am "preppy" - Jack Wills, A&F ish...other days I dress very punk, other days I try to have a classic look. It keeps me interested

Fashion is fashion. Style is style. Girl, you got style.
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I feel exactly the same, you should see my closet :p But i'm trying to change it. I always wish i had my own style, but due to my fashion 'moodswings' in the past i've bought a lot of things that just don't go together because they're too much bound to one certain style. But from now on i'll try to shop in a sensible way

I have to say though that i like it when people have an ever changing style, it's just not for me

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ohmygod ive got the most schizo style ever. i swap between polished and a little funky, super feminine, total all out hippie, moddish, finnish/japanese style....i'm all over the place. i think i'd like to have a little more structure really. i can wear straight leg jeans with a simple striped shirt, cute heels, and a parisian scarf and within the same day change to a floor sweeping patchwork hippie dress.

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I came to revive this thread, as it what I have been feeling completely and utterly this week...

Monday-- Zip up Puma hoodie, AA Shirt, jeans, Puma shoes..
Tuesday-- Plaid flannel shirt, jeans, flats...
Wednesday-- H&M long cardigan, t-shirt, leggings, knee high flat boots--all black

and the beat goes on....

I constantly get a surprised to see me dressed in relevance to 'today's' style or to be clean or whatever.... I feel as though I am under constant change in my head and this paranoia that this so-called schizophrenic style is causing my identity crisis I am hoping people still feel this way. My closet is very, very un-cohesive. I don't know if this is the indecisive person in me, the insecure, the eclectic... or if it even matters?

I just wanted to start this discussion again :p

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Sounds like me on some days, but usually stick to my style on most days.

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i guess i have schizochic as well haha not as extreme as when i was in highschool though. i get bored pretty fast. i can never stay in one place for too long or stick to something that does not change for too long. so fashion design is perfect for me haha
but there are certain principles and general style i stick to. such as 'less is more', androgyny etc.
however sometimes i feel girly or feel retro or feel whatever my mood happen to be at. but i always try to make the outfit according to my mood but still keep it very me.

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