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Short Leggings/Tights
One time, I had to wear a borrowed pair of full length leggings underneath short shorts. (Long story short: had been rescued from being stranded in hot country and had no appropriate clothes for planned holiday with family.) I decided they looked quite daft.

This led to me searching for short leggings for occasions when I might want to wear something short, but at the same time not reveal too much. Almost everything that comes up is a pair of three-quarter length leggings. As a petite woman, I know three-quarter length anything on the legs is meant to be avoided like the plague. I can pull off some items of clothing that are a bit longer than three-quarter length, but the average pair of three-quarter length leggings stops in a place where they can make my legs look fat and short. I feel the most flattering length is when it stops a few inches above my knees. So I went on a search for short leggings and this is what I came up with:

Unfortunately, these kinds of mini leggings/tights seem to be quite rare and I'm wondering if there are any other online stores that carry them with more variety in style and colour?

I would also like to hear some opinions on wearing short leggings/tights underneath short skirts, dresses and shorts.

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OH I love these. I just bought some lace legging shorts to wear under jean shorts, dresses, etc. and I loooove them!

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I really don't like them, I just don't think they would suit me as I am 5'5 so would make me look stumpy in my opinion.

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Thanks for the replies. The only place I've found that sells them in more variety of colour is here:

However, I can't seem to access the main website, which is

stannerslove - Maybe you need to play around with different lengths? I came across an interesting formula on this blog for figuring out what your ideal length of skirt/dress should be. It was illustrated with photos and you do see a huge difference in the appearance of the legs depending on where the hem stops.

People don't want to accept the truth either because they don't want it to be true, or they are afraid it's not true.
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The fit and length of the leggings remind me of biker shorts. Does anyone else see it?

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yeah- it's totally a version of biker shorts...
another late 80's/early 90's look being trotted out and revisited...

it was hideous the first time around...and it's not any better now...imho...

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^ I rocked this look hard in the early 90's.
I had about every color of the laced trimmed ones and would wear them with my jelly shoes and sequin headbands, and looking back at old pics I agree with Softgrey that it was indeed hideous.

I really hope people don't start wearing these alone the way they have done leggings.

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Ooh, I love cycling shorts!

My current style crush, Jameela Jamil, really rocked them at Glastonbury...

Here's are some more interesting pairs, as seen at Louis Vuitton:

And Chanel resort 2010 made them look cool, in my opinion:

And so did Alexa Chung!

I wouldn't wear them alone (I wouldn't even wear regular leggings alone; I hate it when people wear leggings as if they are trousers), but I think they look lovely under shorts or a short skirt.

All pictures from, apart from the first one, which is from

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I got a pair in the H&M sales a while back for £1. I haven't actually worn them yet though.

ASOS have a couple of pairs on their site, only patterned ones though.

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I'm not so sure... they remind me too much of sports classes as a kid!

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these are something I think you need to be super thin to pull off, they dont really do your legs any justice although plain look better then pattern in that respect i guess

I remember these being a trend in the 90s to wear under super short skirts fore the self concious, i guess the same rule could be applied now??

Its funny the british high street shops really bought into this trend, and now theres racks apon racks of them in the sales, guess they didnt really take off here

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I'm not keen on the short ones. I have a few pairs of calf length footless tights and leggings and prefer that length on me. I got a pair of the short ones in Primark just to try out and they reminded me of magic hold-you-in knickers! Straight into the charity bag for those.

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they look like granny's underpants!
this is what arab women wore as underpants 3 decades ago, even the same lace details
i like how jameela wore it though, also chanel's interpretation <3

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I was about to say something useful, but then was derailed by the Louis Vuitton catwalk photos - the hair is phenomenal!

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