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i have a few frnds who i know, don't 'steal', but imitate / copy my style to a large extent
certain elements . . . mainly my fault b/c i'll tell them where i got things & how i made this or tht
then they go & follow my given 'instructions'
i think i've changed my thinking abt this . . . a couple of yrs ago
in this situation i was so mad . . . got really frustrated
partly b/c i wasn't dressing to please myself but others . . {i was only abt 13 }
it was important tht ppl knew i was the one who wore tht skirt . . . etc.
but now i couldn't care less . . . in fact i almost pity them
almost a little bit sad tht they can't think for themselves
i would hate to feel tht leechy abt fashion ? it's so easy to me . . wht i like / hate etc. . .
so i just let it go & smile knowingly to myself when i see them wearing smthn i know is blatantly 'inspired' by me
but i know tht they've also matured when smtimes i over hear them telling someone
tht they did smthhn . . made smthn tht they saw me wearing . . .
it's a cute way to know they appreciate my style !
& it's gd to be able to admit to yr influences . . no-one's style is ever wholly original
myself i'm heavily influenced by japanese street style . . .
but at this stage i'm past caring wht anyone else thinks . .

nothing can compare to when you roll the dice and swear your love's for me <33
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I'm not one to "steal" anyone elses style, although I own some designer handbags and shoes that I've seen certain celebrities wear, I wouldn't consider myself a style thief because I buy those thing because I like them not because I've seen someone with them then gone out and bought it for myself. And I've never had my style copied. I do love it though when I see some random person on the streets wear something in a completely new way that I can draw inspiration from style wise, it's always refreshing especially when you walk down the street in Sydney and all you see are skinny tsubis, ballet flats and chunky belts.
I do think though that is very hard now especially for younger people who haven't quite found their "look" to not look like everyone else, especially with all the latest trends so quickly picked up by the major chain stores, and teeny magazines dictating fashion.
Sorry for the long post i can't sleep

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the only way I consider is stealing, is if someone wears the exactly same clothes in the same way as someone else. I haven't noticed that anyone would have ever copied my style. and if someone would have, I wouldn't be offended. I guess I would take it as a compliment

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fashion insider
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Originally Posted by urd
the only way I consider is stealing, is if someone wears the exactly same clothes in the same way as someone else. I haven't noticed that anyone would have ever copied my style. and if someone would have, I wouldn't be offended. I guess I would take it as a compliment
I agree but I hate it when I bought something and the next week you see my 2 best friends buying the same things

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Well said, susie and chanel.

Inspiration is one thing, being an identikit copy of someone is very different. We get inspiration everywhere...books, magazine, movies, museums,'s what we choose to do with that idea that makes each of our styles unique.

Very little in fashion is "new" (which author said there's no such thing as a new story idea, they've all been written before?). Everything seems to reference some prior time (Victorian blouses, anyone?) but is hopefully tweaked to make it modern and fresh.

I think I verged off topic...

Anyway, trying to steal someone's style IMO is wrong.

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde
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I've got a frend that just copies me period lol..kinda irritates me that she isn't very original but meh... couple a years back i got my tongue pierced..then she did...I told her about a particular hair style I was gonna get..she got it (and did it before me :-\)....I kinda take it as a compliment but geez.. now I just shake my head.


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I sometimes get inspiration on how to work in pieces, or ideas for an outfit that I can alter to fit me more from here and mystylediary, but I'd never COPY an outfit outright. Style is all about being original, creating a look that is for you and only you. It's not cool or unique or 'you' to copy an outfit that someone else has worn. It won't look right, and you won't feel right. Inspiration=good. Copying= not good.


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yeh I think it's impossible to have a wholly un-inspired style, whether you are inspired by a friend or by a celebrity or an artist, or even the fashion spot (that's what tfs is here for!), whatever. but that's quite different from copying... inspiration is only re-interpreting elements of something and making it entirely your own. for example, I am inspired by the new gothic thread... or I am inspired by a friend's vintage wardrobe... but never copy. copying is boring. I have too many ideas and clothing pieces that are my own and unique to rip someone else's style off.

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At this age..I could never balantly copy someone simply because I know what suits me and what makes me uncomfortable.

I like to look to the various style threads in TFS for inspiration, especially
the model's street style thread and various magazines.
I really believe it's hard to be a total original, we all follow trends to a certain extent, it's really how we translate them to suit ourselves that's an indication of our style.

I am aware of people who try to imitate what I wear....but they do it so badly that it's sad...
But at the end of the day, I dress to make myself feel good.
I think I am at this stage where I don't really care if a person "copies" my look or not.

Really, everyone is different and two people wearing the same outfit can give a different feel to it.

So, at the end of the day, I say, just follow your own style and wear what you like.
Style is inherent and can never be replicated!


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I'm not sure that it's possible to fully steal someone's style. I think you can only attempt, but I guess that's a fine line

I only know of one instance where I was flat out copied repeatedly. To me, it was slightly scary Like single white female I hate to say it, but "style stealing" kind of indicates a less than solid sense of self and confidence to me.

Inspiration is a different story and I agree that you can't avoid inspiration. We're human for goodness sake When inspiration turns into replicating exact pieces though... then it's a bit annoying. Basics are one thing, but if it's a special piece and someone close to me buys the exact same one, then I have to admit it kind of pisses me off. Rightfully so or not :p

This topic reminds me of some of the comments made in the "shopping with friends with similar taste". For extracurricular reading

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tea time
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i get inspired by other peoples style but would never steal out right because i have my own style and i'd rather be me than someone else.... i usually get inspired by the clothes when i see them in the shop rather than on a person!

but stealing someones whole outfit is completely wrong! we need more individuality not clones!

"It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion. that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure." - Coco Chanel
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I've never stolen someone else's style and I doN't think I ever will cause to me style is about being individual and not trying to copy it frome someone else. Though I think Inspiration is a good way to find your own style. I get inspired by a lot of other people whether it's a celebrity, a friend or someone i see on the streets or i magazines, but I would never copy, i think that's really cheap.

A "friend" of mine, used to buy exactly the same clothes my best friend and I would wear. It was really annoying. She would copy everything. I never thought of it as a compliment really cause it was just too annoying to see exactly the same clothes on somebody else everytime: i didn't want to wear my own stuff anymore. I hated it and when we spoke to her about it she would always say "I didn't know you have it." or "I can wear what i want, I don't copy you." something like that and she wouldn't stop. She would copy everyone. Whatever we bought, she would buy the same stuff and it didn't even look good on her because she really doesn't know how to throw things together. I could never do something like that. If you don't have Individuality or copy someone, you really have no style.

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I have never steal someone style but I have get inspired by someone. Like all the stars. I like NicoleR, LindsayL styles but that because they have Rachel for personal assistance.

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great topic!

Ive noticed quite a few women on another fashion board I frequent "steal" celebrities styles (Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson to give example) meaning they find out who makes the outfit they like & they wear it exactly how the celeb did right down to the exact hair style.

I find it kind of annoying because, to me, fashion isnt about wearing something exactly the same way as the celeb. I have no problem with people being inspired but to copy the style the exact same way shows no inspiration and (to me) shows you arent very fashionable or stylish. Youre just a clone.

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I've had my style stolen a couple of times. first they think my outfit is a bit strange but then a few weeks after they're all wearing it...
can be annoying sometimes.
I don't think I steal other peoples style, I just get inspired.

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