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Originally Posted by eostre
1. Ive been a vegetarian for the last eight years but have recently turned carnivore again and now Im saving up my money for a fur coat, which will probably be the suorce of much conflict with a lot of my friends.
2. I love 70s punk fashion, and 80s dance /gym clothes.
3. Heels make my life worth living.
4. Id rather by clothes that are too expensive for me and eat nothing but canned tuna than be frugal when it comes to style.
5. I dont believe everything that is printed in Vogue is good/beautiful/right..
6. "A little bad taste is like a nice dash of paprika" - Dorothy Parker
7. I love make-up and its defintely something you can have a lot of fun with..
8. Goth-lolita is always right
9. I dress up with different ideas in my head on different days, somedays I look like your average H&M girl, sometimes I look like Diamanda Gals.
10. Something you can have too much of in my opinion is jewellry, at least of the flashier variety, I just associate it with hookers for some reason..
I have already given you karma but I just wanted to say that I love your "10 things" and agree with you wholheartedly. That paprika quote is just perfect and true and I associate a lot of jewellery with hookers too. Get a fur off eBay -there are gazillions!

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Originally Posted by Jane Loves Marc
1. When in doubt, ask mama.
2. Never ever wear white shoes.
3. Usually have one standout piece, like oversize sweater, scarf, or fabby boots.
4. Take trends with a grain of salt.
5. I have a belt and a bag for every occaision.
6. Pearls, oversize silver disk earrings, and chunky bakelite are my signature jewelry items. (not worn all together, though)
7. When in doubt, opt for ballet flats.
8. Don't wear those damn black leggings.
9. Avoid the Olsen look at all costs.
10. Pretty sundresses are the best!
Yay I ask my parents too! Hee hee. They were quite hip in the 70s I reckon. I agree with all your points too especially about the white shoes and Olsen twins (hear that Oola Cocoa?) Oh I do wear black leggings though (*she hides*)

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backstage pass
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1 / the only color i like to see with black is white. the contrast is always beautiful.
2 / think in terms of proportions... whether form, silhouette, or color... i love exaggerated proportions...
3 / style before fashion.
4 / less is more (when the composition works).
5 / better to go commando than have dental floss up your behind...
6 / think beyond the obvious intent of an article of clothing... make it yours... turn it into something else...
7 / comfort is good, but a little pain never hurt anyone.
8 / my hair is my favorite accessory... it completes every outfit..
9 / confidence makes a good outfit a great outfit.
10 / say no to crack!! please wear proper pants!

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1) I love skinny jeans and have for a long time ... I do worry about my thighs sometimes though ...
2) I love vintage clothes but sometimes get a bit grossed out knowing some dense woolen articles have been on other peoples bodies ... and might be unwashed
3) I love pearls and diamonds (well fake pearls and cubic zirkonia studs on the current budget)
4)I love flat shoes (especially pumps)
5) anything ballerina inspired is wonderful
6) I've always wished that I could dress a bit randomly and not shower for awhile,but I dont know,I admire it but I like feeling a bit put together
7)I don't like dressing with too much co-ordination though,I couldnt do colour co-ordinated bag shoes and belt (like the recent metallic trend)
8) I LOVE LOCKETS! what an obsession! beautiful,elegant little opening devices
9) I love how cosy earmuffs are
10) Absoloute H&M addict ( so excited about stella mcarntneys range)

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1. My wardrobe consists of 5 brands: Dior Homme, Comme des Garcons, Dries Van Noten & Acne Jeans (soon to join is Cloak pieces )
2. wear white sneakers all year around... because i don't think i'm mature enough to pull off a pair of boots..
3. always wear atleast one black piece of clothing...
4. wear skinny jeans 6 out of 7 days.
5. Nothing can compare to Dior Homme skinny jeans..
6. I listen to.. Franz Ferdinand, The Hives, Phoenix, The Strokes, The Raveonettes etc. - That, pretty much says everything about my style.
7. I've got semi-long hair.. which also tells a lot about my style..
8. I would like to own a The Ramones t-shirt...
9. At the A/W season.. when the days are long and dark.. i try my best to keep things very simple, because i'm just not in the mood to try complicated outfits..
10. Yeah you get the picture...

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My list, take it with a grain of salt.

1. I never wear sneakers/trainers unless training. (But I would consider wearing Converse-style sneakers, maybe...)
2. Chelsea boots are the best, they work with practically everything in any situation. They are some of the most versatile shoes there are; they can be elegant, rock'n'roll, anything you want them to be.
3. Knitwear always works, things like black cashmere is eternal.
4. Basic everyday bags and accessories should be simple and good quality.
5. Style is everything, fashion is fun but fleeting.
6. Buy the best quality you can afford. Good wool, for instance, doesn't really wrinkle and hangs/flows smoothly and has a subtle shine and luster. You can actually see the quality, you don't have to touch it to confirm it. Cheap, bad wool easily looks dry and rumpled and rarely manages to look elegant. It looks like what it is: cheap. Like cheap leather looks cheap.
7. Shoe trees are your shoes best friends. As well as a little bit of shoecream.
8. Buy clothes you fit into. I'm constantly baffled by how many people (both fat and thin!) buy and squeeze themselves into clothes that are simply too tight and unflattering. Like suit jackets that almost can't be buttoned, and bunch up when they are.
9. Don't match everything obsessively. A little co-ordination is good, too much gets boring.
10. Don't be afraid to splash out on extravagant pieces if they suit your style. Everything doesn't have to be sedated and timeless...

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I apologise but maybe just three more ... sorry

1.I love make up especially the naturalistic glowy type
2. I love having bleach blonde hair,white hair seems to feel so right!
3. I think carrie from sex and the city get its wrong sometimes,but when its right its very right

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As I've gotten older, one thing I've learned is how not to take other people's opinions, even really obnoxious sexist ones, personally. (I'm still not very good with really obnoxious racist ones ... ) Sometimes the best thing to do is just laugh. What we're discussing here is ultimately pretty superficial ... what really matters is on the inside, and there are some really good people in unfashionable packages (and vice versa ).

Anyone else have 10 things to share?

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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Sorry guys -that exchange should have been pm'd. Thanks for your wise interjection fashionista-ta I still can't stand sexist comments as you may have guessed :p

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Originally Posted by fashionista-ta
As I've gotten older, one thing I've learned is how not to take other people's opinions, even really obnoxious sexist ones, personally. (I'm still not very good with really obnoxious racist ones ... ) Sometimes the best thing to do is just laugh. What we're discussing here is ultimately pretty superficial ... what really matters is on the inside, and there are some really good people in unfashionable packages (and vice versa ).

Anyone else have 10 things to share?
Well said

I'll post 10:

1. All of my shoes are either flats, or heels of 3.5" - 5.5", I dont like anything in between.

2. Same with boots, I like knee high and ankle boots, not really anything in between. I think they make my calves look even bigger.

3. I love high waisted clinching belts

4. Jackets are becoming a staple in my wardrobe, I jackets

5. Love jeans as well, I'm in jeans prabably 90% of the time. I preffer skinnies now, but still wear my bootcuts or straightleg, depending on the top I'm wearing.

6. Most of my shoes are painful and lots of my clothes in uncomfertable. I typically choose style over comfort everywhere except for school and just running chores (dry cleaning, post office, tanning, etc....)

7. All of my shoes and bags are high end, but with clothes I mostly do contemporary, with a few investement high end pieces, and a few cheaper basics.

8. I check eBay regularly for vintage, past season items, or just cheaper past season (authentic) designer clothes.

9. I like things slightly stuctured and fit to the body, I dont have many loose things. Dont like turtle or crowl necks eithers.

10. I dont have much jewelery, only what my mom and grandma get me on my birthday/new year. I accesorize with belts and scarves mostly.

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^ thanks guessgirl for getting things back on track.

remember that this thread is for our personal top tens - personal discussions and especially personal arguments must be taken to pm! I hate having to delete things from threads - staying on topic is considerate both to us mods and to everyone else reading the forums.

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rising star
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one of my co-worker commented on my style saying that its very lolita-ish. that made me very happy!

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- I'm afraid I'm too tempted by Raf Simons (80% of my wardrobe is RS), but somehow it just feels genuine and right for me

- most of the time I wear baggy jumpers/ sweats and super-skinny black jeans, can't take anything too giddy or over-designed

- I try to wear color, but fail miserably. 99% of everything I own is monochrome

- I'm alienated by everything too researched and re-fabricated (Marc, Prada...)

- same goes for the glitzy gay stuff, though I love my sparkly Bernard W sneakers

- I loathe people with celebrity role models

- I've got a soft spot for jumpsuits and capes, Raf or vintage Yohji

- Caroll Chrisian Poell / Ann Dem boots make the man

- Swiss army coats and jackets from 20s/30s make my heart beat

- same goes for vintage Lewis Leathers, 50s Belstaff and beaten up oil cloth

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hello everybody, I 'm back and glad to be around again...

1. I focus enormously on shoes... Either a pair of brown Balenciaga gladiator sandals or those YSL black velvet geisha heels are my key towards a hot step.

2. I always wear tops that are either rare or desirable, like my Marni printed tee with long sleeves. Even my nasty work-colleagues are fond of them.

3. Never leave away my tomboyish black pants that adjust to my hips like a true rock star.

4. I love the jeans and silk blouse mix with high heels and a slim-fitted coat when I am on my ordinary mood and sort of fed up with rutine.

5. I don't pay so much attention to bags...I always wear my black minimalist bag and for the biggest occasions, I love to put my Chanel brown classic on.

6. I hate following trends, specially the bohemian spirit this winter...

7. I enjoy giving some allure to my outfits with my Chanel earrings and necklaces, and always wear parfum... My newest: Hussein Chalayan by Colette.

8. My next big acquisition will be a pair of Azzedine Alaia's ballerines in dark grey leather, not rat grey but rather asphalt grey... love them. My greatest items are so far a Dries Van Noten grey/white silk top, Paul&Joe cardigan in tiramisu yellow, TopShop sixties dress in green viscose, Lagerfeld black chiffon skirt, Sessun glam dark grey blouse in silk.

9. I prefer to spend more money on apparel than exuberant underwear. I like uncomplicated underwear, and my exception is Agent Provocateur.

10. I got tired of wearing full length boots, and turned into the ankle boots mood since I got those gorgeous MJ ankle boots with the lace on.

"Live life for now. Work hard, play hard".
(Amanda Moore to me, backstage Lanvin A/W 04-05)

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1. i wear jeans everyday
2. i love ballet flats
3. i am a mix of thrift store clothes and old navy, marshalls and ross
4. i like layering
5. favorite colors: purple, grey, and blue
6. sometimes i am glad i don't have money to buy into trends, because the trends can be worn badly by other people.
7. i love buttons - i have a shirt that i sewed buttons all over
8. accessories are always fun
9. i try not to match too much
10. i totebags

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