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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: europe
Gender: femme
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1. eclectic
2. jeans freak, love levis type 1, their cut is not made for me though
3. silver animals as jewelry mostly
4. love customizations
5. love mixing textures
6. hats are important
7. colors: everything except pink& violet
8. flat shoes
9. velvet and fake fur
10. assymetric colored short hair

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Originally Posted by anberlin
1. Converse lo-tops in pure black.
2. I love worn-in, jeans with holes that appear because you've worn them for so long.
3. You can never wear enough bracelets.
4. Obsessed with aviators.
5. Hoodies... any color.. a little bit baggy.
6. Hoodies over blazers
7. I like purses that look comfy, like they are molded to you.
8. Hate bra straps showing I don't care if SJP made it cool on Sex & the City.. it's tacky. Or pantylines
9. Belts aren't always necessary.
10. Skirts are nice, as long as they are a-line (i'm pear shaped) and comfy. I must be able to breathe!
That's a lot like me, except for the blazer over hoodie and the aviators.

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Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: London
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1) I love assesories and beads and head scarfs and hairbands as my hair is sometimes uncontrolable
2) I believe shoes can make or break an outfit
3) I live in flat shoes as i have short legs, so heals kind of dwarf me (converses and dunlops are my most worn shoes)
4) I love anything that sparkles (have loads of sequin slip on shoes and lots of beads and pearls etc)
5) I love vintage
6) I hate wearing something I have seen some one else wearing so i customise quite alot
7) I love to get dressed up
8) I normally wear trousers or long skirts never short i dont have the legs for it
9) I love flowy skirts
10) I love leggins and cut off tights etc. and layers


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Join Date: Dec 2004
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This is a pretty neat thread!

1. I hate wearing shorts. Jeans are a big staple for me.

2. I like canvas belts. They give everything a more rough edge to it.

3. White sneakers with almost all of my daily outfits!

4. I like the slight rock/punk look mixed with clean sharp lines. The mixture of the two creates an interesting and distinctive look.

5. I love fall/winter because of how you can layer and wear coats and all those other wonderful things.

6. I choose sneakers over dress shoes. I'm still only just getting used to heels on shoes!

7. I can't stand having something that I know a ton of people have. I'll go to lengths to find pieces that I like that I know I'll never see anyone else with.

8. I'm not an accessories sorta guy. No bracelets, rings, necklaces. Just a watch my father gave me, and a nice white Dior plisse wallet.

9. When I wear button on dress shirts, they will ALWAYS be tucked in and sleeves NEVER rolled up. Collar will NEVER be popped.

10. I love the jeans with a white dress shirt and black tie look. Top button of the shirt unbuttoned, cuff button undone as well.


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Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 1,406
1. I have long hair right now and I am cutting it quite short in a few weeks

2. Even though I am 5'0, I normally wear flats (converse high tops, flip-flops, flat boots)

3. I am 17 now and I cringe when I think of the clothes that I liked when I was around 14/15 (juicy etc.)

4. I really hate malls and my favorite place to shop is NYC

5. "Designer jeans" (like True Religion and Seven) really bother me (especially on men )

6. My favorite clothing color is black

7. I have several pairs of shorts, but i can't stand them and much prefer skirts

8. I feel like my style is still developing, but I am happy with the progress that I have made so far

9. My favorite reasonable brands are Ruehl no. 925 and Free People

10. I maintain a good, light diet because I prefer how clothing looks on me when I feel thinner and healtheir

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front row
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Minnesota
Posts: 301
1. I love flashy, girly things, like bows, ruffles, polka dots, sequins, the color pink (but never all at once)

2. I don't have one set style. I change it up everyday according to my mood.

3. I'd rather be overdressed, then underdressed.

4. I'm obsessed with little black dresses. I have about 4 of them. Now I want a classic, luxe designer one, preferably Chanel.

5. One of my favorite pieces is a white, fitted halter sundress that reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

6. My first "high class designer" piece I bought was a pair of Gucci shades.

7. I love high heels. Nothing is more beautiful then a woman's foot in a pair of 4 inch stilleto heels.

8. I will not wear neon colors. I'm pale and they make me look washed out. And I think they look tacky.

9. My favorite "look" this summer is my vintage cowboy boots with sundresses and denim mini skirts.

10. I never wear much jewelry, just one stand out piece, like a pair of fabulous chandelier earrings, or a diamond cuff bracelet.

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Lovely idea!

1. Grey has always been my color. I think it's because grey can convey every mood and feeling. (Generally speaking I wear lots of neutrals).

2. I always wear lots of thin string bracelets, but lately I've found that small elastic hairbands do the job, strangely enough.

3. I tend to over accessorize, although I've learned to control it a bit. (My gold mens watch and my gold four-leaf clover necklace are mandatory though).

4. I practically only wear flats, which does nothing for my height (I'm 5'2), and I have a thing for blue shoes.

5. I adore red ribbon headbands, and wear them a lot.

6. I own too many dresses in every color and fabric. I love to color them myself, so I can get them exactly the way I want them. (I don't own any dresses or skirts that are much below knee-lenght, since it makes me look funny).

7. Out of bad habit I always have drawings on my hands. Sometimes just patterns and at other times pretty detailed and elaborate drawings.

8. I often wear belts, strings or ribbons high on my waist. It started out with a lot of my summer tees being too large and loose.

9. I like wearing thin strapped tops or dresses over tees and long-sleeves. Most of the time there are subtle broderies or something else on the tops and dresses, and they are mostly from thrift stores or flea markets.

10. I only wear straight or skinny legged pants, I don't know why. And almost all of my pants are dark colored (but come in every fabric).

.. And I always wear flavoured chapstick or lip-gloss, it's like an addiction.

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1. i love winter clothes even if i never get to wear them.
2. i wear most of my grandpa's coats from the early 70's.
3. i have TONS of necklaces in all colors and shapes..you could say i collect them
4. Love glittery shoes.
5. I dont wear hats but i tend to buy many of them for unknown reasons.
6. I dont like tight clothes
7. I hate combinations (say, pink shoes, pink purse, pink top, pink eyeshadows, pink lips, etc) so you'll rarely see me wearing too much of one particular color.
8. I love wearing shorts.
9. I feel stupid when i wear sunglasses.
10. sometimes i watch 90's classics just to see combination of colors..and clothes

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Location: San Francisco
Gender: femme
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1. since the weather changes so often in sf, i've become accustomed to layering...i have a big collection of jackets, blazers and cardigans.

2. i live in heels, 3" most of the time. i love shoes in funky colors. i only own one pair of flats.

3. in the summer, i live in skirts and t-shirts.

4. i love mixing dressy clothes with casual stuff (ex. wearing a sequined cardigan with a vintage t-shirt, jeans and heels)

5. i love earrings, especially ones from the street vendors here. besides that, the only other accessories i usually wear are my big smoky quartz ring and my wedding band.

6. i love nike waffle racers and usually have to order them from the uk.

7. the piece i turn to most often in my closet is my marc by marc jacobs military jacket from one of the first seasons. i can throw it over anything.

8. i own about 20 pairs of jeans, but i've been trying to wear trousers more for going out.

9. my style leans from the clean lines of narciso rodriguez to the feminine funkiness of vuitton.

10. i lean towards clothing that is black, grey (charcoal or heather) and red.

j'adore couture (life in fashion and in print)
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Location: Toronto
Gender: homme
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1. Ghetto. I can't afford to shop, so it's either I wear my clothes a different way or I get my dad's stuff.
2. Evolving. I don't stick to one style, no mattar how hard that is to do.
3. Black.
4. Leather Jacket.
5. Tight T-Shirts.
6. Band T-Shirts, like Nirvana and The Sex Pistols.
7. T-Shirts with weird statements on them.
8. Uniform. I go to a Catholic School, but I wear my uniform sometimes while strolling downtown. It gives the "Lolita" effect.
9. Scarves One time, my English teacher threatened me that if I wear a scarf on her class, she'll confiscate it.
10. Fall clothing.

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etre soi-meme
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Originally Posted by utopia
ooh, cute thread - good idea, kimkhuu!

great styles posted, each and everyone

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Join Date: Mar 2005
Gender: homme
Posts: 696
1.I like to wear my dad's clothes in a rock way

2.I'm wearing my grandpa's zenith-watch

3.base colors are brown,royal blue,racing green,...

4.almost hate black

5.I used to be a punkrocker 10 years ago

6.hate all the kinds of rings and gold in general...I like to feel my fingers free

7.I always have my turquoise neckless on

8.I'm looking for the perfect fusion in all my outfits

9.I never get tired in the stores ...I could go to shopping everyday all around the word..if could be possible.

I'm tired to see men only in blaser and jeans(10)

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Join Date: Feb 2005
Gender: homme
Posts: 52
1) 75% of my closet consists of black or blue clothing

2) Polos are a basic...along with white tee-shirts and jeans

3) "Designer" denim- 7-True Religion- etc- is not necessary. I don't care what anyone says about them making your "butt look great" it's not necessary to spend 200 bucks on jeans.

4) I vintage blazers

5) Subtle pin stripes are great

6) I have wayyy tooo many pairs of sunglasses and scarves.

7) I HATE when men wear rings- They just dont look right

8) i HATE when you walk into a store and the guys section is a 1/4 of the size of the girls section.

9) I love love love hats and caps-i just never wear them

10) Shopping is a basic of life.

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Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Hong Kong
Gender: homme
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1. I won't be caught dead in a pair of sandals.

2. My style is pretty basic...i don't like to over-accessorize or do crazy mix-and-match combos with too much details in the clothing...i'll normally go with a well cut suit, or a solid t-shirt or sweater and the perfect jeans. Simple works best for me, it's all about the attitude of the wearer anyways. Outfits can never be boring if you got swagger.

3. Bright, flashy colors don't work on me, most of my wardrobe consists of pieces in a muted palette ranging from black to navy to match my quiet and brooding personality.

4. I hardly shop these days, I just buy clothing when I feel that owning a certain piece I have my eye on is a necessity. I'm not really a fan of compulsive shopping, as long as I have the basics I'm happy with, I don't feel the need to buy on impulse all the time.

5. Top button of a shirt is always undone. If I'm ditching the tie then I'll most likely unbutton at least one more.

6. After trying on a multitude of brands, I've come to the conclusion that the only two designers who make clothes that fit me perfectly are Yohji Yamamoto and Dior Homme. I'll rarely settle for anything else these days, especially if I'm gonna be paying top dollar.

7. The denim jacket and jeans look is actually one I prefer for casual wear. Despite the stigma it seems to carry, I think I pull it off quite well; one of my favorite outfits I've worn for this season has been a blue jean jacket with white v-neck t-shirt and my drainpipe Dior cords.

8. I spent most of my life with a hair style that looked horrible on me...it was basically hair that almost covered my eyes and I would brush it to one side. It got especially annoying when I had to constantly brush it off as I wasn't used to using gel, so I decided to just get my head shaved one day. The buzz cut hasn't failed me yet, and i've been going with it for the past 3 years.

9. Even though my style is pretty minimal and basic, I like to keep it fresh by going with pieces and cuts that I won't see every day walking the street, and basically make a regular outfit unique with my own twist on it (i've never seen any guys around here wear mens pants as skinny as mine). I don't wanna roll up to a place and see some dude rockin my look, because chances are they ain't gonna pull it off as well as I do.

10. This is probably the wrong place to be sayin this, but I can't stand fashion victims. I've always made sure that I won't turn into one, and I'm not about to...which is why I stick to my own style, and I won't start wearing things just because it's gotten more exposure or Jude Law is endorsing it. Those Linea pants or leather shirt aren't my style, I ain't gonna force it.

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1. I don't wear shorts, I cannot pull them off and I haven't met a male who can pull shorts off without looking like he's wearing his 5 year old sons. I love to wear capris, I can pull those off.

2. I reinvent myself without thinking about it. Looking back Ive had many fashion incarnations. I think I reinvented myself last in like August 04.

3. People tell me I dress well but I feel I dress like a pauper. Im never pleased with what I wear.

4. I don't have a suit, can't stand them. I have a double breasted blazer from my dad that I wear with loose grey trousers. It gives the effect of a smoking suit.

5. I don't like super loose clothes, pants, shirts, whatever. I prefer Chanel-like structure, it's comfortable but still composed.

6. Mao collar is by far my favorite, all my most recent jacket aquisitions have been with this collar. I think it might become my signature thing since I can't remember a time when I didn't like it.

7. I like simple or classic things with extremely interesting twists or details. I have this motorcyle jacket with trenchcoat detailing, it is my favorite piece.

8. I hate matchy-matchy, it's too easy to wear all one color. I try to make it interesting by matching in ways other than color.

9. I generally always have a top layer on. Like a jacket, coat, track top, sweat top. Something I can remove or add as I wish.

10. Right now Im obsessed with the colors navy, red, cranberry, ivory, charcoal and grey.

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