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Originally Posted by Alejandro View Post
Oh Gosh, I don't know how to describe myself

*It's crazy
*I don't follow rules, I break them...sometimes make them
*I love heels, but I haven't worn them for a while now.
*I love jeans, skinny, super skinny ones
*I also love leggins, I think Im an 80's reject
*I try to make everything look overstyled.
*I love vintage bags, more than big designer labels, even though there's some exceptions
*All my shorts have the same lenght, right under my butt, otherwise, if I bow down and you can see ****, that's too short
*I make a lot of my own clothing, most of it big vintage pieces, that I end up fitting to myself
*I always try to wear cowboy boots with everything
*I always have a staple piece, my vintage balenciaga blazer
*Makeup is everything.
*That's more than 10.

how ridiculously embarrasing.

two years then, things seem to be better for me, lookswise

Homosexuality is God's way of insuring that the truly gifted aren't burdened with children.
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1) I wear ur dead grannys clothes
2) I love lace up shoes, boots etc
3) I like things to have charecter and be a convo starter weather its vintage pieces or toally off the wall
4)androgynous look is hot
5)boots boots boots
6)skirts n dresses over pants everytime
7)leggings or thick tights layered up to hide thunder thighs
8)flats all the time no heals
9)checks/tartins/plaid etc. loads
10)patterns all the way

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fashion elite
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riiight nowww..

1 i like like like bows but i do them in a way that does not make me look 6.
2 i do not like high waisted jeans.. ahh the dreaded mile-long butt.
3 the whole super-scene-trend-i-try-to-be-so-individual look really pisses me off
4 i love karen walker sunnies and collecting them
5 love mixing feminine+masculine
6 please no more neon overload
7 hoodies are annoying when overdone and overworn and used as a staple item
8 whats pissing me off is not having enough time to post in the WAYWT thread
9 i need more jeans ... stovepipe pants.
10 i forget to wash my hair a lot.. luckily it looks better a bit dirty.

I'll be dancing with myself.
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Gender: femme
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At the moment:
1. I love red heels
2. I'm often inspired to wear an outfit by seeing it in films.
3. I love colored, tight sweaters.
4. I sort of like glittery eyeliner.
5. I love wearing a colored scarf with my school uniform even though it's against the uniform code.
6. I only like black, navy and grey tights. Anything else... especially white, I hate.
7. I love Parisian style; chic, comfy and classy.
8. I like wearing nude lipstick. It feels... fresh.
9. I love putting on a dress; it makes me feel pretty and feminine.
10. I hate seeing people wear tracksuits out.

I bet in a month's time and I reread this post, I'll have changed completely.

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a lot of people seem to make "at the moment" lists. mine is an accumulation of the past 10 years. and i guess it'll stay that way for a long long time

1, i'm a skater by heart.
i was really influenced by skaters when I grew up (adolescence). their moves, their style, the music. i still find a lot of skaters hot. this includes surfers & snowboarders. i personally don't skate though but my closet's got a good amount of skater branded tee's. and there's nothing i feel more comfy in than in one of my S tees and a pair of good, worn in denims.

2, i dress preppy.
besides the skater tees in my closet, you'll find an abundance of polo shirts, button downs, oxfords, dress shirts, crew neck tees & pullovers. comes with the way i grew up (i grew up in logo'ed polos & shirts by all the big prep names. RL, Lacoste, Benetton, even YSL for kids. call me trashy, but please blame my parents.) being surrounded by preppy kids from wealthy families during my time in an international school did the rest.

3, i don't really care.
my biggest lie when it comes to my style is that i don't care. sure, it'd be awesome to simply reach into my closet, fish out some stuff blindly, put it on, leave the house and look fabulous. awesome? yes. possible? only once in a while. nearly everything i put on is to deliberately put that "effortless" twist on things. worn out and holed Nike's with that Purple Label dress shirt? why not? Gucci messenger and accesories with those stone washed, baggy and stained jeans with genuine wear & tear? bien sure! but effortless? please, i fret at least for 15 minutes if i should throw on a bracelet or change pants before i'm ready to leave. which is the reason why i tend to be late. honestly, before i buy anything, i mentally consult my closet to see if i can incooperate it in any way.

4, i can make things look pricey.
there's nothing i love more than to shock my friends with the statement that i got my chino's at some super cheap outlet sale and that one of my most favorite pants cost 10 Euros. when there's an Hermes belt slapped around it, who can really judge how much the garment the belt is holding up really costs?

5, my choice of colors is rather limited.
the majority of my clothes is either navy, white or brown. in that order. they served me the best over my past 10 years, why abandon them? I also got pieces in lime green, red, bright yellow, orange and dark green. just to mix up things.

6, formal clothes? egh. me no likey.
i can wear suits. people even tell me that i never look better than when suited up. problem? they don't allow me the freedom i have in my skater/preppy clothes. and clothes should be all about freedom. when you feel uncomfortable, you can't look good.

7, i dislike black.
i got enough pieces in my wardrobe so that i can basically wear head to toe black. but it's either no challenge (cause everyone seems to wear black) or i can't pull it off (albeit that chance is slim) or i'd rather leave that for the black loving crowd. my color of choice is navy. it's dark, flattering, but the color goes into a lot more dimensions than black.

8, i hate to conform.
do you think i wear "nice" pieces with "broken", dirty or lived-in pieces out of fun? it's all about the statement. "yes, i can afford certain things. should i look entirely that part now too?" it's just like a slap in the face to people who are too uptight and rigid about status and status symbols. it doesn't mean anything! in the end, it's just a bracelet, bag or piece of clothing!

9, i love chic... with a twist!
it might be cause the men's fashion has become more and more formal in the past years, but more like "formal" in a broken down, lived in way. it might also be cause i'm slowly but steadily approaching my mid 20's.

10, i love to mix things up. just to confuse you!
there's nothing better than dressing in old, worn in clothes for several days (dirty, baggie denims, skater tee's, casual/sporty jacket, dirty and broken sneakers, hoodies) and then, the following day, coming to Uni with hair product in my hair, a crisp white shirt, raw denims, velvet blazer and clean, new white sneakers, still acting as nonchalant as before. not a change in the attitude or person. just the clothes.

i might have more things to add, but it took me long enough to list these things, lol.

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i might add one thing, maybe the most important thing:

*, good manners shine through your clothes, no matter what you wear
you can act as nonchalant as you want, when you had a good upbringing and your parents instilled a lot of good manners into you during your childhood, it will reflect in your style. but, to follow my #8, that i hate to conform, i tend to be a bit blunter than my parents would actually like

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  • I live in skinny jeans.. extensive paper denim & cloth collection [my fav. pair in neon yellow]
  • slouchy & masculine
  • mostly neutral & muted colors
  • vintage thrift store finds
  • heavily influenced by underground 80's hardcore music 'scene' style
  • worn out jack purcells
  • flannel shirts
  • colorful sweaters
  • layering
  • distressed leather jackets

Symptomatic of what we've become, I used to think you were the only one.
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fashion insider
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1. lots of layers
2. tight tight tight clothes
3. i wear girl's jeans (but not the girly kind-i'm skinny so they fit better )
4. very skimpy-tight underwear (european-cut trunks)
5. grey is my favorite color on me
6. labels don't mean much to me anymore (i LOVE looking at fashion rather than wearing it)
7. i'm one of the few (young) guys i know that still wears cardigans
8. not a tuxedo or business suit attire kind of guy (although i love dating those types )
9. messy hair
10. designer glasses (i'm contradicting myself on #6, but designer glasses look better and my insurance usually covers it, so why not, no? )

liu wen. freja beha erichsen. bette franke. amilna estevao. julia nobis. xiao wen ju. binx walton. leila goldkuhl.
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fashion elite
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Gender: femme
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1. im 13 yet i dress like someone 10 years older
2. i think simple is the key
3. i never over do the jewellery
4. lounge clothes stay inside my house(i shun people whon wear sweat pants while shopping)
5. im petite(short 161cm) so heels certainly makes me feel better
6. bags usually dominate my outfit(coz its so big and im so small)
7. designer sunglasses are over rated(but b'coz i wear glasses, designer frames looks good)
8. when i know im bloated or going to eat 3x my body weight i wear dresses that flatter
9. i never wear too much make up(concealer and lip gloss) even tho i have aot of it.
10. dressing well and suitable for the occation is respecting other people


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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Latin America
Gender: femme
Posts: 3
1. Classic Minimalist: not too trendy, not matronly. Simple, classic and clean in 5 colors: black, white, gray, tan & red. I also have a few colorful, tendy pieces I buy each season to 'keep 'em guessing'.
2. Clean, clear skin: Skin that looks radiant without the need for a make-up mask. Takes hard work, but is worth it and complements my simple fashion style.
3. Simple jewelry: diamond e-ring, simple diamond band, diamond studs, Cartier Americaine tank, all in WG.
4. Signature scent: Usually something Chanel.
5. Basic make-up: concealer, lip gloss, mascara
6. French Style influence: signature pieces, cashmere, good quality clothing that lasts, good leather, good jewelry, good skin and just overall neat.
7. NO SKIRTS EVER: Formal is usually feminine tuxedo pants with a beautifully beaded or feminine, frilly top and sky-high heels. If the event requires a ball gown, I usually cancel.
8. Curls: Hair usually pulled back into a neat ponytail.
9. Lounge: I dress for comfort but always look put together. NO SWEATS!
10. Vintage: A well selected piece is always part of my ensemble - vintage exotic skin clutch, 20th century American Indian bracelet, vintage Hermes scarf, etc.

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Join Date: Aug 2007
Gender: femme
Posts: 93
- I'm addicted to black
- I'm a short-dress person
- My closet doesn't close anymore
- I think bags are just as important as clothing.
- I dress how i feel
- I love dressing up and the things i have in my wardrobe match with that (some crazy pieces)
- If im lazy im wearing just leggins with a big boy's shirt
- I hate skirts
- I have a lot of, identical, black turtleneck sweaters

and uhmm...

- I can't live without it?

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rising star
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Location: CPH
Gender: femme
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1. I love dresses
2. I love jeans, especially diesel-jeans
3. I love leather
4. I like the rockchick/romantic-combination
5. I get inspiration everywhere. Furnitur-shops, shopping streets, celebretys, tv, magazines, nature, internet

6. I almost always wear high heels
7. I LOOOVE to spend a lot of money on shoes and bags

8. I like funny details.

9. I love silk and other fine material

10. The most important thing for me is to feel great in what I wear.
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* i try to mix very expensive things with very cheap things. (earlier today i wore ksubi jeans, a 5$ plaid oversized vintage shirt, a balenciaga messenger, and leopard vans bought at sale for 15-20 bucks)
* i tend to wear alot of dark colours.
* i don't really have a favourite brand, but im very into Ann Demeulemeester..
* music influences my style, right now i listen to alot of Patti Smith, Nirvana, The Clash, Sonic Youth..
* i -always- wear a scarf and bracelets. every single day.
* i have to be comfortable. that said, im comfortable in most things
* i have a very standard silhouette, skinny jeans, oversized on top, a scarf, bracelets / long necklace. i also wear alot of stripes.
* my whole wardrobe is worked around oversized plaid shirts, skinny jeans and my westwood pirate boots.
* i love wool. love.
* I like outfits to look slightly eccentric / unplanned.

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It's been a half year since I wrote here the last time, and when I read what I wrote, I almost can't believe how much my style has changed.

1. Black, black, black. When I started having each clothing item in black (instead of the old me who had every item in green!), it just made it so much easier to put together outfits. Can I put on an all-green outfit? No. Can I put on an all-black outfit? Yes! Now I can sleep longer in the mornings! :p

Besides, black is the colour that fits me best, and it's true, it makes me look more slender.

2. I'm a lazy girl who goes out 3-5 days a week, often spontaneously, which make it like this "Okay, lets meet in half an hour!". The solution to this: The Little Black Dress Just put it on, it can't look anything else than good! Well, with that said, I have more than one... (but I always grab the one which is nearest me atm).

3. My style inspirations are Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg (compared to Cory Kennedy and Mary-Kate Olsen a half year ago). I even cut my hair inspired of their haircuts, and dyed my hair to my natural brown from bleached platinum blonde.

4. Quality over quantity.

5. I keep it simple. No need for a bunch of accessories. Because of no.4, every clothing item looks nice in itself, without help.

6. Too big clothes are over in my life. They make me look bigger than I am, I can't understand why I always wore big XXL-tees and slack jeans. I have a waist, and I will never hide it anymore.

7. It's not my body that has to fit the clothes, it's the clothes that has to fit my body.

8. I never dress in something that feels uncomfortable. No way.

9. I love the mix of cute and rough. Black ankle-high Vans, black skinny jeans and my cute, girly coat for example.

10. I don't want my clothes to drag the attention from me. And I focus as much on my hair and make-up as on the clothes. Clothes are fun and can tell things about a person and all that, but in the end: it's me it all depends on. Which works well, because I feel just as comfortable being naked. :p

Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better.
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1. I love sleek straight boot cut jeans, especially dark washes from guido & mary.

2. I am having a love affair with gold jewelry. Hoop earrings, chain bracelets.

3. The sleek bob is the haircut of the season.

4. Black is my favorite wardrobe color. Sleek, minimal and spoof proof.

5. Less is more. Never one for extravaganza.

6. Black liquid eyeliner on the top lid and slightly thick towards the outer corner, with lash defining mascara. Gives the sleekest eyes ever. My fave look of the moment, along with chapstick for the lips to play up only the eyes.

7. Lacoste long sleeved polos are things I love to stock up upon.

8. Don't wear skirts.

9. Adidas makes the hippest urban wear. Their track jackets have the best cuts and colors.

10. Local designer Francois Beauregard makes the best evening dresses and trench coats... Simply love them.

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