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1. i like different types of necks: cowl, turtle, scoop, etc.
2. jeans are a staple - skinny and boot cut. i'm a grad student with an hour commute.
3. lots of layering, when it's cold, i can never just wear a simple t-shirt. when it's hot, i can never just wear a simple tank-top or cami.
4. accessories are very simple: watch and a charm necklace, sometimes earrings (usually studs)
5. although i'm usually seen in jeans, i LOVE dresses.
6. dresses usually mean tights. i have lots of them in different colors and textures.
7. i like wearing flats, boots, and sneakers.
8. i have a lot of handbags, size depends on what i'm doing that day. no outfit is complete without a handbag.
9. i need COLOR in my life at all times, whether its in my tops, tights, or makeup.
10. i like to mix classic styles with trends.

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backstage pass
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Gender: femme
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1. neutrals
2. i hate jeans in summer/tropics
3. must have fabulous footwear
4. well fitting lingerie underneath clothes
5. never tight, i like fluidity, ease and comfort
6. huge or too much diamonds are vulgar, acessorize with style and not money
7. i really dislike push-up bras, why do people even consider breasts pushed up to the chin attractive?
8. entirely clad in one brand aka no creativity aka not a single fashionable bone in the body
9. all dressed up and no makeup
10. layering

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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: england
Gender: femme
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-i wear jeans most of the times but never ever skinny jeans.
-lots of black.
-lives in either uggs or converse in the winter and flip flops in summer.
-i will never ever wear real fur, nothing could change my mind.
-i have a love of bags, the more expensive the better!
-i have far too many band t-shirts but i love them and still wear them all the time.
-i love scarves, from wool to silk.
-i hardly ever wear jewellry. i don't have my ears pierced, i don't own any rings and i hate necklaces. the only thing i sometimes wear are bracelets.
-i have very pale skin which i love, i never wear fake tan and i wear spf 50 all year round.
-red or black nails, always.

"just like the ocean, always in love with the moon"
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Gender: femme
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1. scarves are worn daily
2. "simplistic, neutral, clean and classic" is my style mantra
3. jewelry is limited to pearls and a watch for day; diamond stud earrings for night
4. my day-to-day outfits tend to rotate between a wool blazer, button-down shirt, dark wash jeans & flats - or a cashmere sweater, wool trousers, and bright colored high heels
5. my coats consist of a red wool coat, a white wool coat, and a black trench (I live in a cold area)
6. my makeup is pretty natural, but I curl my hair with electric curlers every morning for body
7. i feel my most beautiful when traveling (particularly in europe)
8. i ritually clean out my closet every 2 months
9. bags consist of a black leather purse and a slate colored tote - I still need a killer clutch for evenings out!
10. drinking water, plenty of sleep, eating healthy, and dancing to music are "additions" to my style : )

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Geometric Discharge
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Gender: homme
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1 - Second-hand/vintage very rarely new
2 - High brand designer/tailors rarely high-street
3 - Inappropriately formal waistcoats, ties and cufflinks
4 - Inappropriate fabrics silks, cashmeres and furs
5 - Boots and pointed shoes biker boots
6 - Almost androgynous Some male, some female qualities
7 - Crimson underwear Mary Queen of Scots
8 - Single curl ponytail hair is always wet in the morning and dries as a single ringlet ponytail
9 - Details top-pocket handkerchiefs, bullet belts and pocket watch chains
10 - Outside of the box.

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rising star
Join Date: Sep 2008
Gender: femme
Posts: 123
1. Only dresses and skirts. I feel more beautiful when I wear it.
2. Make-up. It finishes the look ; always mascara, sometimes red lipstick.
3. Nothing perfect, because perfection is boring. Being a little messy is better.
4. My bags are huge, because I have a lot of things to carry.
5. Shoes are important - more than bags. It makes the whole look. When you're in the street, you see the coat and the shoes : it's what matters more to look great.
6. Style is not only clothes but also manners and posture.
7. I've got my favourite colours : purple, black, grey, green. I've got always a touch of them. It's my signature, and I think that signature is important because it's our personnality in only one touch.
8. Clothes must have a touch of humour. Style and elegance are great, but humour makes it less boring, less strict and more spontaneous.
9. I am opposed to fur, and I try not to wear leather when it's possible. Being stylish and ethic is always possible.
10. I am faithful to my inspirations rather than to fashion.

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Location: Kabuki Empire
Gender: homme
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1. I have a love/hate relationship with colors. I prefer black, gray and white.
2. I'm into deconstructed clothing.
3. I don't wear too much accessories. Just a simple watch would do.
4. I love beautiful shoes! Who doesn't anyway? Haha. Dandy oxfords and some cool high top sneaks are my current favorites.
5. "IT" bags fascinate me.
6. Personality counts when dressing up.
7. I love mix and matching high end brands with high street.
8. I love dressing up when traveling! It makes me enjoy traveling even more. And who doesn't want to look cool in the photos, right? haha
9. Street style blogs somewhat influence my style these days. But I don't copy everything of course. I still let my own sense of style stand out.
10. Before I leave the house, it is a must for me to check and criticize my outfit in front of a mirror. I give ample time to "edit" my outfit until I get satisfied with the look I've come up with.

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Here goes...

1. I own way too much gray. I have eight gray cardigans...I tried to buy a ninth, but my closet refused to take in another (just spit it right out!) and I had to return it.

2. I'm not hard core punk, but I'm not a really a frills-and-ruffles girl, either. I'm somewhere in between. I looove unusual draping and asymmetrical angles.

3. I always wear earrings. I had my ears pierced when I was six months old, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've left the house without earrings. Plus, I always wear two diamond studs in my left ear.

4. I consider myself a pants girl, but somehow wind up wearing skirts 3-4 times a week. Go figure.

5. Purple is my favorite color (I used to wear something purple every day when I was little), but now I only own 4-5 pieces of purple clothing. I'm working on remedying that, though!

6. I don't drive much, so I almost always carry big, colorful bags that will hold all my stuff. My friends call it my "luggage." I have huge red, purple, yellow, and pink bags.

7. I've been walking in high heels since I was nine thanks to my mom's old Jordache heels (thanks, Mom!) and feel perfectly comfortable wearing them all day...and night.

8. Only in the past year have I come to realize the benefits of scarves. The versatility! The splash of color! The warmth (with the right one)!

9. Some people keep journals...I write down outfit ideas. I have a notebook full of them.

10. My cold weather staple is American Apparel thigh-high socks. Better than long johns and they actually stay up!


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Gender: femme
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1. skirts , shorts and dresses are the most important pieces in my wardrode.
I rarely wear jeans or pants. I feel uncomfortable in them.
Black tights or black thick cotton leggings. are essential in my wardrobe.
I do not care what people think about leggings, I love them...but Im not like Lohan...

2. I need big bag with me. I carry a lot stuff and somehow I tend to gather more
Stuff to carry along the day. I do not need to own million bag to different situation,
I love my balenciaga-ish bag with over shoulder strap (that I took from another bag).
I carry it everywhere and with anything.

3. Im such a care-free girl. and it really shows off in my style.
I like when my shoe colours do not match with my handbag or other accessories.
Actually I have never understood people who match everything. It is rather boring.

4. Motor biker boots. LOVE THEM! so me Or allways flats.

5. Leather jacket in fall and early winter. when it is winter I wear black tight that comes
to mid tight, it is loose , lovely and cozy. Yet again, I do not need million jacket /
coat to go with different outfits, I use what I have.

6. Simply, cozy , lot´s of black, allways something little different.
Those would be the words to describe my style.

7. I LOVE Vintage. But usually I buy vintage bags , jewerly. Clothes tend to be bit
too small

8. red lipgloss is my signature. Really, I have only little makeup, but allways red lipgloss.

9. I love Keira Knightley´s and Michelle Williams style.
They look so chic all the time, they are effortless and so pretty.

10. I have naturally messy hair. Really, no matter what I do it end up looking messy.
Good way messy, I love it. But lately I have been into braids (different kind of them)
red headband and doing something different with my hair.

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Posts: n/a
1. I would describe my style as "parisian chic"

2. my style icons are Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley and Kate Beckinsale. sometimes I find Rachel Bilson interesting, but not too often

3. I like vintage, classic or retro pieces mixed with grunge and scruff - for example girly, lacy top, red fingertips and lipstick, well fitted satin jacket, high heels with messy hair and worn, a bit ripped jeans

4. shoes, shoes, shoes. and a bit of earrings

I like my hair best when its wavy and messy

my favourite colours are: black, grey, pink, white and blue

7. less is more

8. I'm very minimalistic when it comes to clothes, but I like to wear tons of jewellery

9.I would never wear: uggs, something hippie, hoodie, something too patterned

always dark red nails

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Join Date: Mar 2008
Gender: femme
Posts: 11,622
1. No flashy colours
2. Jeans go always and with everything! I wear them daily and wouldn't know what to do without a a pair of jeans
3. No or at least very few jewellery
4. Better minimalistic and not that unique than too much
5. I like to get inspired by pics of me as a child I know that sounds totally weird but when I see how effortless and simple kids dress themselves it really inspires me
6. Brown & Black defenitely can look very well together! I mix these colours very often
7. Shoes are everything! Even if the whole outfit isn't that special, the right shoes can make a BIG difference
8. Skirts are worn only in denim
9. Make-Up only if it's really necessary
10. Fur & wool in winter, lose & maybe even transparent fabric in summer

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Not Thinking About Time
from: sophia's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: New York
Gender: femme
Posts: 1,754
1. I change at least 2 a day
2. I never have nude nails I always paint them or get a manicure
3. Black White and Red are my staple colors
4. I have at least 6 matallic dresses in silver and gold
5. I prefer dresses and skirts to anything
6. I always wear lipstick
7. I have at least 50 pairs of shoes
8. I carr my Marc by Marc clutch way to often and it never matches
9. I love heeled boots
10. I cant stand sandles at all I always wear peep toes, pumps, boots, or flats (an espadrill now and then but not often)


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Location: california
Gender: femme
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1. My closet is filled with the same color scheme: black, grey, cream, and dark purple. I levitate towards them while shopping, in dire need of some color.

2. I wish my high school wasn't so mainstream (i.e. hollister,abercrombie ) I took a solemn ban against abercrombie in the seventh grade.

3. I have over 15 different scarves, they add another choice to any outfit.

4. I'm saving up to buy a great pair of ankle boots - who's design I'm not sure of yet.

5. I have a soft spot for girly with an egde.

6. I'm really young & waiting for my first big designer purchase.

7. My mother bought me a $400 Coach purse in sixth grade. BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. It was pink snakeskin with crystals intact *cringe*

8. My friends still mock my 'waist defining' belts, It was unheard of to them. I continue to wear them

9. I received a hand me down Gucci watch from my mother, I adore it.

10. I <3 patterned tights. I buy them every chance I get!

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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Gender: femme
Posts: 81
1. I don't wear jeans. Ever. I own one single pair of jeans which is white and I try to wear it sometimes but go change very quickly afterwards because it just doesn't seem right.

2. I love extremely short dresses. The kind that don't allow much moving. I have loads of them and that's the piece I feel the most comfortable in.

3. I owe my sense of style to Ralph Lauren jackets. Two of them are navy blue with gold buttons and I feel I'm going to buy a similar one again soon. They make me feel... loved.

4. The only kind of trousers I wear are skin-tight ones, riding style, and I always wear them with boots.

5. I wear either 11cm heels or higher, or completely flat shoes. Everything in between looks a bit funny to me.

6. I don't wear any jewellery except pearls. Sometimes. Very rarely.

7. My favorite colors to wear are navy blue, black and beige. I always mix&match and I love black and blue together.

8. I love the combination of light, transparent materials with rough ones. For example a light short silk dress with riding boots and a tweed riding jacket.

9. I love my Ugg boots, I have two pairs in sand, both tall, one of them baroque. I wear them when I jump out for a cup of tea at weekends or go for a walk and sometimes (but usually not) I wear them on (casual) Friday for work.

10. I have a lot of designer shoes (Prada, Miu Miu and one pair CL) but lately I only wear Zara. Don't know why.

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front row
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Gender: femme
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Ah, okay. Fun. Note that I'm pretty active, and can't allow myself to wear too restrictive clothing. Anyway, here it goes:

1. Trousers are an essential part of the wardrobe. They can never be too baggy or too tight -- so that means I do not wear skinny jeans. A loose fit is just fine. Denim is great, especially when light or brightly colored, but I also like other materials. I do not wear flared jeans.

2. Basic tops. No graphic tees. No "baby" (or fitted) tees. Oh, and no scoop necks.

3. Boots are also an essential. Frye (engineer style) and Doc Martens are nice, but never snow boots.

4. Tartan. Yeah. I love it.

5. Neutral colors for the most part, but bold colors and prints do not scare me. They just have to be worn singularly (such as a bright zebra print jacket worn with an otherwise demure outfit), or be subtly incorporated through the details and accessories.

6. I love knit stuff like cardigans and sweaters.

7. This may sound strange, but I don't like hoodies/sweatshirts. To me they just look... lazy. Yeah, sorry. I just don't like to wear sweat stuff when I'm out.

8. I also never go out with chipped nail polish.

9. When the mood strikes me I wear a skirt (paired with how I would usually dress) except I would add...

10. Tights. I love printed tights. They also look great with shorts. Shorts are good, too, by the way.

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