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Join Date: Jan 2006
Gender: femme
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1. Stripes are a major staple in my wardrobe.

2. Bright colours just don't work for me, so I only wear neutrals and black.

3. I have a soft spot for French labels.

4. My scarf collection has gotten ridiculously extensive over the last year.

5. I love suede. Bags, boots, wallets...

6. For some reason I'm crazy about sequins.

7. I prefer a black miniskirt over any kind of pants/jeans.

8. The only tights I'll wear are black ones.

9. No outfit is complete without my dropshaped earrings and small golden charm necklace.

10. I seriously dislike dressing for summer.

The universe is made of stories, not atoms.
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Location: North Scotland
Gender: femme
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1)If it's a shirt/shirt dress in blue and white stripes,I'll take it. I probably have about 20 similar items


3)I don't like denim much and I rarely wear jeans.

4)I have a soft spot for nautical style clothes. I am a sailor at heart

5)I don't suit black,and am definetly a rainbow colour kinda gal,but I love grey and navy recently

6)I like co-ordinating my bag to my shoes,no matter how bad it's supposed to look.I think it looks smart

7)I rarely wear tee shirts,long length roomy vest tops are a winner. Or shirts. Which I'm mildly obsessed with

8)Big bags in every colour and style. I need a big bag to fit in everything you could possibly think of,and more

9)I love animal print,especially leopard

10)Sometimes I like looking like a tramp But a well put together one

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Location: United Kingdom
Gender: femme
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1. I always wear eyeliner.

2. I have never and never will be any other shade than Blonde.

3. I have a thing for black and red. It seems to work well together on me. Its habit i try to break.

4. I love scarves. For everything. They are so versatile.

5. I know the trend is over but i still love gladiator sandals & intend to get a new pair this summer. Part of the reason i love them is that most shoes hurt my feet but gladiator style dont.

6. I am inspired by Nicole Richie (kind of obvious!) MK olsen and Aby Clancy.

7. I am forever trying to perfect the perfect wave/curl but my hair is so straight it is difficult.

8. I tend to dislike trends once everyone is wearing them (but i guess that is the same for everyone!)

9. I live in Leggings and tights.

10. I am that short in height, that my favourite pair of jeans style is named "Ankle Grazer" yet they are still a tad too long on me!!

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shake off your flesh
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Gender: femme
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1. I don't style my hair, and I don't wear much makeup. I prefer a natural, slightly unpolished look.

2. I like to wear things from opposite ends of the spectrum, like a floral minidress with a man's blazer. Mixing the tough with the delicate, the masculine with the feminine.

3. I almost never wear all black or monochrome looks. I like a little color.

4. I am influenced by everyone from Patti Smith to Jane Birkin to Diana Vreeland.

5. You will never see me carrying an 'it' bag. I prefer classic or unidentifiable ones. And I always have a scarf tied around the handle/strap.

6. Somehow I've accumulated a large collection of hats. I wear them constantly.

7. Music also has a profound influence on the way I dress, whether it's the lyrics to a Leonard Cohen song or an old PJ Harvey video I've found on YouTube.

8. I love strong, statement jewelry. But not a lot of it. Just a few stand-out pieces does the trick.

9. My taste in shoes is rather eclectic. I wear anything from a simple loafer to bondage heels.

10. Overall, I like to stick with basics. T-shirts, cardigans, jeans, etc. Because I'd rather have people notice me first, the outfit second.


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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: UK
Gender: femme
Posts: 80
1. I never wear any jeans or trousers (except if they are silver or something like that.
2. I hate black, its boring
3. I don't believe in casual or comfortable clothes
4. I don't like natural make up either. The more glitter, the better
5. The same goes with clothes, i love gold, silver, glitter, anything that shines
6. I rarely wear any other jewelry than pearls
7. Bows. On anything.
8. I love Grace Kelly and Adam Ants style equally much
9. Shoes should sparkle too, or have very high heels
10. The brand I got most clothes from (except h&m), is marc by marc jacobs, the rest is mostly my mums vintage clothing

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1. i am forever buying basics(whether its tee's/zip ups or leggings). i do love them!
2. straight legged or skinny trousers/jeans are the only kind of bottoms I wear.
3. i love b uying things a size bigger, i really love the baggy look for tops ands things.
4. my loafers are never off my feet these days, I think it could be the only pair of shoes that I have actually gotten my money's worth for!
5. i love buying things from mens-wear sections.
6. i love the colour black, there is so much of it in my wardrobe.
7. 120 denier tights are the only ones i'll wear.
8. clemence poesy is my biggest influence in terms of fashion.
9. DIY ripped jeans are the best, I love giving some old jeans a good 'ol rip!
10. no matter how much money id be given, you canot pay me enough to wear shiny silver foil leggings!

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Location: Oslo
Gender: femme
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1. I’m obsessed with pink lips.
2. The colours that I mostly wear are navy, black, white and beige.
3. I like to find a balance between elegant and sweet.
4. I don’t have many clothes, but there is no single piece in my wardrobe that I don’t wear.
5. My hair is always shiny, dark and long, I have never coloured it or tried a new hair cut..
6. Melanie Huyhn is my style icon and I’m of course very found of the whole French Vogue team
7. The most important thing for me is that the clothes you wear suit you, and especially your body.
8. I’m a sucker for bows, really
9. In my opinion I think vintage is overestimated, I never find anything, (but I live in Oslo though.)
10. I often have one particular look stuck on my mind that I can’t get over before I find every single piece to re-create it


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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Australia
Gender: femme
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1. I mainly wear neutral colours like black and white, but would wear soft pastels like apricot and pink when I'm happy
2. I have an unhealthy obsession for black sequins.
3. I own too many super-high chunky black heels
4. I cut my hair and try a different style about every two months, which is probably why it hasn't had the opportunity to grow past my shoulders for a while...
5. I'm a sucker for lace
6. I mainly wear tops or dresses that are one-shouldered, boat-necked or halter-necked.
7. I love military jackets of all kinds.
8. I have somehow managed to accumulate more cardigans than tops.
9. I love cinched waists and belts.
10. I never wear anything unflattering on me, no matter how beautiful the garment is. I must look good in what I wear.

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous", Coco Chanel.
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Gender: femme
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1. I'm in love with latina style. It's very sensual and womanly and I adore that.
2. I dress as though it's summer all year round, I can't get my head around dressing for winter in the slightest, I'm always just as freezing with the layers as without so I've given up.
3. I only wear gold jewellery.
4. I own more cashmere tanks & battered leather jackets than I'll ever need but I can't resist buying them or wearing every chance I get.
5. I hate looking too polished, I like to always look a bit worn in, so flushed make up and tousled bedhair are musts.
6. I can't stand my feet being closed in. I'll wear gladiator sandals or flip flops whenever I can and if I can't, I'll be barefoot before I get to the bar/restaurant.
7. In summer all I really wear is men's shirts & vests as dresses.
8. I love my clothes either bodycon or slouchy and ridiculously oversized, I hate inbetween.
9. If I can get away with it I won't get dressed at all. I prefer to just lounge around in a cami & underwear.
10. I'm completely obsessed with smelling good, my signature scent is 212 sexy.

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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: In a galaxy far, far away...
Gender: femme
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1) I LOVE wearing black with bright colours (contrast)
2) Dresses are my favourite piece, and I have loads of tights in different colours and patterns
3) Makeup for me is an art, I love experimenting with eyeshadows in various combinations (I'm a graphic designer... it really shows).
4) I collect graphic t's... the weirder the print/graphic, the better.
5) Berrets, beanies, etc... galore! (anything but the hideous trucker hats)
6) I love shoes but rarely wear any heels, I have TONS (it's insane) of different boots
7) I love plaid, tartan etc
8) My style is a bit of rocker chic/urban but some girly accents. I love gothic too (not mall/hot topic type of, more like romantic dark looks)
9) I don't accesorize much but when I do I usually go for a pendant, I have the most unusual collection
10) My staples: big bag, black & neon contrast, some hat and boots.

For a pessimistic... I'm pretty optimistic
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Soviet Camaro
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Location: Barbary Coast
Gender: homme
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Originally Posted by tangerine View Post
Jeans. All kinds.
Tee shirts. All kinds. Often layered.
Black motorcycle-style boots.
Studded and/or chunky belts.
Hoodies. All kinds.
Chronometer watches, esp. vintage styles.
No rings, no necklaces, bracelets very rarely.
No hats unless it's really cold or raining. They make my head itch.
Leather motorcycle jackets if it gets cold enough, which it rarely does.
Short hair.
Time for an update!

Jeans - black, skinny.
T-shirts - black, dark grey, white, very few with graphics.
Boots - mostly black, various styles.
Belts - I have two that I wear, neither is chunky or studded.
Hoodies - black. I think I wear the AA California Fleece zip hoodies the most.
Watches - rarely.
Rings - three heavy silver rings, every day.
Hats - slouchy dark grey beanies almost every day.
Leather jacket if weather permits, hello Rick.
V. short hair, about 2mm preferred.

after all, it was you and me

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^ ^ cool to read your update.
you've become very focused.


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Location: Rhode Island
Gender: femme
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What I wear...
1) I like black I wear lots of it.
2) Pink and orange are my favorite colors.Despite the above fact.
3) I love adding color pops..for example my usual all black outfit but with a blue purse, colorful boots, and long chain necklases.
4) I like to layer.I have lots of camis ina variety of colors.
5)When I'm at home i wear sweats with tiny little band tees.
6) I dont like ghetto style at all.Its too baggy I feel and not worn in good taste.To much gold and the girls wear too tight pants that arn't flattering.
7) I like wearing bows in my hair.I think its cute.
8)No matter what I do I usually end up loking Japanese. I like the whole cute lolita style.I dont try it just happens.

9)I consider makeup a part of my outfit.I love colorful eyshadow.But not too much..just enough to e daring and fun.
10) I love dressing up in cute little dresses that come just above the knee.

Dress should be an extension of who you are- Daphne Guinness
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Location: Finland
Gender: femme
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1) I hate jeans. Only jeans I wear are black skinny ones. I love leggins not only because they are so comfortable. I think they also look better on a petite girl.

2) I mostly wear black, white and grey. Sometimes electric blue or greyish brown too but rarely colors and never anything pastel or beige.

3) I love leather and leather jackets

4) My style is based on layering and clothes with irregular materials and cuts. I love basic clothing with some special details

5) I like to mix feminity and masculinity. Like a boyfriend blazer with high heels. I consider myself as a very feminine person but many masculine details can be feminine when they are worn in certain way.

6) I love everything shiny and sparkly in clothing materials.

7) I hate beige and leather that is coloured brown or tan. I never wear any "nature colours" like orange, green, beige.. also red is missing from my wardrobe.

8) I never wearn anything that can be described with words paisley, safari or floral.

9) I love simplicity. Too much accessoring and mixing makes clothes look messy.

10) I love ribbons as details and clothes that accent waist.

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Location: Rimini-Italy
Gender: femme
Posts: 6
1. I ONLY wear black sometimes with white details.

2. I love Cheap Monday skinny jeans (in black) and I wear them everyday, they're perfect for every occasion

3. I "paint" my hairs and nails in black, too.

4. I love perfection, so my haircut is a short shiny Bob

5. I love Moschino and Vivienne Westwood more than everything, but also H&M is welcome in my wardrobe

6. I love 50's style and to be labelled as a Pin-Up. Little hats, veils and short white gloves completes my outfits

7. I love Gothic style, too. Don't say I'm confused, I find Burlesque is the most beautyful compromise beetween 50' and goth style

8. I ONLY wear heels because of a spinal column problem, usual a pair of Irregular's Choiche 4cms hells boots. And Pirate VW boots, too (with a complicate inner solution for the back problem). At night I always wear Moschino's high heels.

9. I hate to be sun-tanned, so I use to wear some 50's vintage (black) swimsuits with some pretty moschino clogs to complete the summer Pin-Up outfit...

10. I breed horses, so sometimes you can see me like a farmer from the far-west XD

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