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1. I like neutrals mostly but don't shy away from color
2. I wear a lot of stripes and like nautical influenced clothes
3. Always tend to go for a natural look as far as hair and make-up is concerned, and keep my hair long
4. Cardigans are my closet staple. I have them in all shapes and colors and almost always carry one with me
5. Pearls over diamonds
6. I pay attention to the details. I like ribbons and bows and colorful buttons in my accessories.
7. Unfortunatley, I really don't have a hat head
8. I love suede shoes
9. Though I wear minimal jewelry, I have a soft spot for stud earrings and long delicate necklaces
10. Ultimatley, I would define my style as simple and feminine with a touch of bohemian.

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Join Date: Nov 2008
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1. I only wear skinny jeans, black, grey or blue. The only exception is black, tailored pants.
2. But I love, love, love dresses and shirts, I wear these most of the time. The shorter the better.
3. Shirts are cool printed ones or simple V-necks.
4. Love cardigans, dislike hoodies.
5. I adore jackets. Blazers, wool coats, trenches, capes, leather jackets, you name it, I have it.
6. My shoes range from gladiator heels to shelltoe Adidas to suede French Sole ballet flats. The only shoes I don't wear are boots. They just don't look right on me.
7. My bags are huge. And I'm tiny.
8. I love in-your-face jewellery. Or simple gold pieces.
9. I have a huge fake Jacob&Co watch. It's black and gold all in 'diamonds'. I love it.
10. I like to incorporate different textures, shapes and colours in an outfit.

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^ Welcome to tFS Personal Style is a great place for a first post

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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Location: Los Angeles
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1. I am obsessed with rings-especially Codognato pieces and my Cartier Panther
2. Balenciaga and Rick Owens leather jackets with jeans is kind of my uniform
3. Lanvin flats I cannot get enough of-so comfortable
4. Vintage Scarves in unique Patterns are the best
5. Paris-Vogue editorials inspire me a lot
6. I don't wear a lot of bold hues at once...I stick to mainly neutrals and muted hues
7. I am so particular. Extremely specific in my tastes
8. I dress how I feel I cannot even describe it really!
9. I'm kind of obsessed with my mother's Hermes Birkins
10. I like to make my own feathered headbands

Don't ever waste your days, doing not what you dream to do.
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1. I only wear classic clolours, and I never wear colourful colours.
2. I have a classic style that always looks too dressy and formal.
3. My makeup is full makeup with classical shades, but not too natural looking.
4. Bright red lips are my signature, and black shaded eyes.
5. My bag is always medium sized. I don't like too big or too small.
6. My shoes are always HIGH thinish heels, and most probably shiny black.
7. I love diamonds, and always go out with the few real diamond pieces that I have no matter where I'm going.
8. I love Deep Red nailpolish.
9. I wear sweet/Flowery Perfume all the time.
10. I almost always wear a long jacket to cover my behind!

A wise girl kisses but doesn't love; listens but doesn't believe and leaves before she is left. - Marilyn Monroe
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Originally Posted by fashionista-ta View Post
^ Welcome to tFS Personal Style is a great place for a first post
Thanks ta-ta. I have been reading tfs for a long time, so it was about time to post. Personal Style is indeed great.

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1. I am obsessed with chains and will allway get another when im in H&M
2. you will never see my boxer shorts riding above my jeans
3. I'm one of those annoying people that dresses up for a long haul flight.
4. I love nothing more than a suit
5. I overlook footwear way too much
6. I always dress up - even for college.
7. When I'm grumpy my clothes reflect it
8. I hate jeans that arn't slim fitting
9. shirts can be worn with anything
10. I'll plan an outfit days ahead.

Mr. Brandon Flowers

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A must-read post~~Thanks for share

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1. i LOVE men's button downs. i'm generally wearing something from the men's department
2. black leggings
3. most days I'm wearing plain black, white, grey and red
4. if i can't decide what to wear, I go preppy/geeky - polo shirt, cardigan and short skirt
5. generally i use a Balenciaga handbag - either the Box or the City
6. the last six months I've been going for an aesthetic influenced by Prada, Alexander Wang and Balenciaga's Fall 07 collection...
7. I love Kate Lanphear's style
8. i run around a lot so i don't wear heels as much as I'd like to
9. i love, and always have loved, huge beaded necklaces, thick gold bangles and massive chrome rings
10. I have recognisable features and a mass of hair, and so that often overshadows what I'm wearing

RIPPED KNEES A Dublin based style blog
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Location: Seattle
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1. Post Apocalyptic Romance
2. Highbrow Punk
3. Ethereal Elitist Dictator

4. I love muted colors, clothes or pieces that look like they've had a previous life.

5. I mix militaristic/combat pieces with ruffles and pretty jewelry.

6. Boots can go with anything.....No really!

7. I spend way too much time hunting out the most interesting boots out there, and then sacrificing something to buy them.

8. I love chunky silver pieces for necklaces. A client brought me back a lovely one from Laus, and I always get compliments on it!

9. Tim Gunn is right- on alot of counts- but especially about wearing the proper undergarments! NO one wants to see your bra strap or nipple for that matter. If you can't underdress properly, don't buy it!

10. I wish Rick Owens and Anne Demeulemeester were my parents!

A subversive take on fashion and culture: The Epicene Dream
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Location: Norway
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1. I like my outfits to have an edge- like killer stiletto heels, a leather piece etc.

2. I hardly ever were anything but black, grey and white.

3. I love, love short skirts and dresses, after wearing nothing but jeans for a couple of years.

4. I'm obsessed with the Mod look, and often try to wear outfits in that style.

5. I wear no jewellry but a gold giraffe necklace and small gold hoop earrings.

6. I love to mix what others would consider eveningwear, like sequined dresses, with simple polo necks and opaque tights to "dress it down".

7. I have big feet, so I love heels, my feet looks so much smaller.

8. I sacrifice comfort for style- like the beforementioned high heels, and my winter coat is really not warm enough for Norwegian winters, but it's so chic!

9. My style is quirky, and I think my outfits are quite orginal.

10. I can wear yoga pants and sneakers if I go to the grocery store, but if I'm going somewhere, even just an errand in the city, I spend time and effort on being well dressed and groomed.

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Originally Posted by Sascha906 View Post
9. Tim Gunn is right- on alot of counts- but especially about wearing the proper undergarments! NO one wants to see your bra strap or nipple for that matter. If you can't underdress properly, don't buy it!

10. I wish Rick Owens and Anne Demeulemeester were my parents!
Tim Gunn doesn't have to wear a bra either I might be willing to be lectured by Donna Karan, but until Tim Gunn walks a mile in my La Mystere ...

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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in no particular order

1. 90% of the time black/grey/white (other 10% day-glo/80s colors/patterns)
2. asymmetry/"ugliness"/the avant-garde (anti-fashion/oversized garments (e.g. yohji, cdg))...
3. ...or androngyny (form fitting slightly feminine garments (e.g. gaultier), eye makeup, etc.)
4. layering, either coordinating colors or all the same color but different fabrics/textures
5. creating a complete, coordinating look-including clothing, shoes, scarves, bags, etc.
6. wearing a thoughtful outfit even if i'm just getting groceries down the street
7. garments with transformable features (e.g. buckles, straps, flaps...) or unusual attachments (e.g. long scarf built into left shoulder)
8. only silver jewelry
9. making my own pieces to complete a look
10. not being afraid to wear a weird or daring outfit if i really like it

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this thread is amazing and so interesting to read...

here goes!

1. I've never really gotten round to piercing my ears, so I tend to wear clip-ons instead. And I love necklaces with a handmade look - i.e with charms that I've picked out myself on them.
2. I go in for the tomboy look in a big way. (Sometimes my boyfriend and I end up wearing practically the same outfit and people think we've co-ordinated our clothes. Kind of embarrassing :p)
3. My nails are ALWAYS painted. The crazier the colour, the better.
4. I wear tailored jeans most of the time, but only in black or dark grey washes.
5. Graphic/band tees are a wardrobe staple for me. I am slowly amassing a collection of tees in every colour of the rainbow. Same goes for lace-up sneakers.
6. Ditto shirts - white, black and plaid button-downs. Most of them my boyfriend's. *coughs* Maybe that's why we're always co-ordinated fashionwise...
7. I like to toughen my look with a touch of leather - whether in the form of a pair of gloves, a belt, a jacket or heeled boots.
8. I never, ever wear black socks. My sock drawer is probably the craziest one in my wardrobe.
9. I get most of my style inspiration from streetstyle blogs.
10. I've had the same hairstyle for the last 4 years (straight and long), but my parting switches around all the time without me even doing anything to it. I sleep funny.

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01 - Denim is my fetish - I lovelove my boyfriend and old distressed jeans from a year back. It really just adds such a personal touch threw out what I wear on a daily bases. I buy jeans like people buy shoes tbh. A expensive investment from time to time, but it's kind of my core in my wardrobe.
02 - Almost always I have my stud earrings on; some fake, some real, for me it adds an elegance for a tiny little piece of jewelry.
03 - When truth be told, I really just like sporting a tee and jeans - though I like to think you can manipulate super basic styles to a very simple and somewhat stylish degree of fashion and whatnot. Soft tee's are love!
04 - I take a great deal of inspiration from my small, forest industry run town. I can absolute hate it here (either you cross the border or travel 6 hours away to Toronto for an H&M or Zara), but the scenery was created for a very loose-relaxed style. I guess the background you come for can really reflect on your style eh.
05 - Shabby-chic pieces like a disheveled print little cotton dress or an cotton tee with my loosely fitted jeans is what I seem to ware most, not to mention my Oxford Flats/T-strap heels. Or just plain barefoot in the summer heh.
06 - Sometimes I dress according towards a house I love or scene. What would you wear in grungy but elegant 3 story house, or fully wood paneled home with linings of bookcases. I get more inspiration from houses than I do with people it seems.
07 - My latest obsession, other than denim - little laced black or white garments. I seen this lovely detailed laced top in an Editorial one day, I think Miranda Kerr was modeling it. It was beautiful and well made, but unfortunately I can't stumble upon anything similar.
08 - My favorite decade of fashion would have to be the 70s - Meadham Kirchhoff, Donyale Luna, Cream ... and the birth of hippies! What's not to love haha.
09 - A raspberry lip or nails really polishes off any outfit - I feel unfinished with no liptint/gloss or either my nails are nude.
10 - Sheer blouses also been a bit of a signature for me, skirts, jeans, anything goes with a nice lightweight casual sheer blouse.

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