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1. i normally always wear the same 3 pieces of jewellary; a big chunky mens gold and white gold rolex daytona (i hate small watches), my grandmothers ruby and moonstone ring she passed down to me, a long silver chain with a crystal charm, a st christopher pendant (the patron saint of travelling) and a virgin mary charm to protect me.

2. i dont like to wear a lot of make up; mascara and smith's rosebud salve are my only must haves. in the evening i may wear liquid liner, nude lipstick and bronzer.

3. i have a shoe addiction; if i see a pair of shoes i like even if they are 2 sizes too small i will buy them and squeeze my feet into them...dreadful i know. i used to be obsessed with louboutin but his shoes have become so popular now that i try to steer clear. right now i really like YSL, balenciaga and charlotte olympia but they are hard to find.

4. i really like shopping in topshop; but you have to be smart. i once walked into a party in this great skirt i picked up and saw two other people wearing it; its important not to buy the pieces that everyone else likes but to buy something different and make it your own.

5. i try not to wear jeans, i like tailored trousers with slouchy tshirts but mostly i wear dresses. LOVE dresses!

6. i have quite a lot of designer clothes but i don't like to wear head to toe designer, i try to mix in some vintage or high street finds.

7. i'm not a clothes snob, i dont look for labels but its important for me that the clothes fit right and feel right. because of the economy right now i haven't been shopping a lot but i have been buying basics (i recently bought a boyfriend blazer from oxfam for £6, fashion doesn't need to be expensive!)

8. i am OBSESSED with soft tshirts, i like them to be sheer, soft and loose. i must wash them a million times before i can consider wearing them!

9. a good classic bag is a must for me. i saved up and finally bought a classic chanel bag in white which i adore. i also inherited my mothers tan birkin which goes with anything from jeans and converse to a cocktail dress. i love clutch bags too, most of my clutch bags are vintage.

10. finally (i hope that this doesn't get me enemies) i LOVE snakeskin; shoes, bags, you name it. love love love. i also love fur and i'm not ashamed of it however all of the snakeskin and fur products i buy are all vintage and i would NEVER buy fur or snakeskin from china because of the way that the animals are treated.

i have loved reading everyone's personal style top 10s. each and every one is amazing!
thanks xxx

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^ The ruby and moonstone ring sounds lovely

If you like vintage snakeskin, check out the hat Crying Diamonds recently acquired in the Vintage thread

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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thank you for sharing, I really like to read!

1. shoes over handbags I love my doc martens always wear them, whether i go to school, go backpacking or to a party ^^and if not docs i wear mainly flat shoes (even though heels look better) sometimes i just dont feel self-confident in high heels.
i dont own many bags actually, my fav is one my friend got from her grandpa, which she gave me after we failed to sell it on a flea market.
2. I love dresses! dresses > skirts > trousers, mostly high waisted
3. my hair is always straight exept when I'm late then it's out-of-bed
4. t-shirts from amarican apparel, love the fit, and the underwear! i hate frilly underwear. they itch. i like comfortable underwear. (my little hippie secret is that i don't like bras)
5. hardly ever wear make up, just to cover with a nude creme, sometimes eyeliner.
6. my nails are always undone and short, i cant work with long, decorated nails.
7. tights (mostly black, sometimes grey), blazers in all variation, but i stick to black most of the time
8. like clashing styles, i remember wearing an evening dress with my docs at a xmas party, everyone was like
9. color: all actually (but not in one outfit ;P!) apart from orange
10. i would describe my style as an portrayal of myself. a little bit crazy, a little bit bad, a little bit arty, a little bit sloppy, a little bit dressed, a little bit lazy, a little bit nasty, a little bit loving....well that will change when i get older, wont it?

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1. i think style-wise i'm like the daughter of a 60s-70s rocker and a chic french lady.
2. when it comes to pants, i only wear black skinny jeans.
3. beautiful lingerie is very important to me.
4. i've started making my own clothes and i'm enjoying being creative.
5. i buy a lot of vintage and second hand clothes.
6. i spend more on basics.
7. i use make-up to change my look. i don't really wear make-up during the day but i tend to go crazy with liquid eye-liner at night.
8. i ALWAYS wear high heels.
9. i wear black sunglasses at every chance i get.
10. music inspires me more than magazines.

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- until a couple of years ago, almost all my clothes were black
- i have at least 10 long socks i love to use with..
- short skirts. i love them. not made of jeans, not childish.
- i hate it when something is too baggy. unless it's CREATED in that way. i would never buy something that isn't my size, like some people who buy XL tshirts though they're S.
- i would only wear wool on coats or stuff like that. hate those tight sweaters made of wool.
- i prefer to wear many layers. if you pull it well, it can look great and also prevent you from freezing or melting hhahaha
- My fauvorite colours to combine with black or grey are blue, green and purple in that order. I rarely use brown, as it looks weird with my light brown hair and brown eyes xD
- i'm not too keen on wearing jeans. i prefer dresses, or skinny pants made of other materials. though i have many pairs of jeans, cos i go to university and they're useful sometimes.
- i love the rocker style, but with class.

bonus: i hate fluor colours.

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-pretty much the only colours i wear are navy blue, black, grey, white, maroon and dusty pink
-my outfit always has some kind of rocker/punk/goth influence to it
-i always wear hair pieces
-i dont often wear jeans or pants (only to work)
i wear alot of lace
-i always wear a crucifix
-i wear hats alot also. i have at least 20
-i really really love big thick woolen coats
-i rarley wear flats. im always in heels
-i dont wear alot of jewlery. only my crucifix. i usually forget to put anything else on! haha
-if i wear a blazer, i almost always roll up the sleeves because most of the time it looks better. even if my forearms are freezing! haahaha

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1. My wardrobe mainly consists of blac, white and brown clothes. But I am going to brighten it up!
2.I love oversized sunglasses.
3.Handbags. I am a maniac of handbags. My last purchase was a black hobo from Zara.
4.My favorite jeans are black skinny ones, because they go with every thing.
5.I am a fan of short dresses. Especially, LBDs.
6.I rarely wear heels, because I have only 2 pairs of heels, but since the summer is comming I am going to change that (:
7. I rarely wear earrings, even though I have a lot of them.
8.I am currently going for Serena van der Woodsen type of style. A bit rock chick.
9.I like to wear my hair in a tight bun.
10.I usually buy clothes at Peppe Jeans London or United Colors of Benetton.

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~ I live in flats, even though I adore high heels and am constantly buying them, I never seem to wear them, which I definitely think needs to change this Spring.

~ My previous wardrobe only contained black, blue, brown and grey clothing. I realised that I needed to get out of the rut that I was in, and began adding colour, and now love bright colours not only in my colours, but also in the additional pieces to my outfits (bags, shoes, scarves). Purple and green are my favourites.

~ I adore dresses, I wear them all the time....especially wool ones with coloured tights and boots as was the fashion trend this past season...or really girly, older "antique" looking numbers for afternoon teas, and then the perfect evening dresses...

~ Waistcoats over roll-neck jumpers in the Winter and tanks in the Summer...

~ Handbags....love large bags that I can fill with absolutely everything. Tabitha make lovely leather bags, and are relatively unheard of.

~ Scarves are my essential addition to all outfits. Even in the summer, I like to have a lightweight piece, or smaller colourful scarf wrapped around my neck.

~ I prefer trousers to jeans, and shorts when its warmer.

~ I enjoy mixing vintage with modern, especially shoes and statement handbags, belts.

~ I don't think the price of something is important, I would never buy something just because it is expensive and a designer that is on trend....I prefer brands that are less well-known, and not have every second person wearing the same thing.

~ i hardly ever wear jewellery and never wear make-up during the day, I will only put on some eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara if I were going out in the evening.

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1. I dye my hair a lot, in every color
2. I always wear eyeliner, a thick and classic line
3. I love ripped panthyhoses
4. And I always combine leopard or zebraprinted stuff in my outfits
5. I own more bags than shoes, but I love high heels, just can't walk on them
6. I don't follow trends, I just look at what would fit nicely around my body
7. I draw my eyebrows because my own eyebrows are so white you don't see them
8. I would love to find the english flag dress that Geri of the Spice Girls was wearing
9. I'd never wear shorts, I prefer skirts and dresses
10. I like to edit my clothingpieces in an original way

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1.french sole ballet flats...my addiction
2.ripped jeans
3.purple toywatch
4.touche eclat
5.big clutches
7. dresses with boots
8.bow headbands
9.i'm in love with karl lagerfeld
10.blue satin&ballerina chanel nailpolish

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Time for an update!

Originally Posted by StrawberrySpring View Post
29.12.2008 (long time ago! )
1. I would describe my style as "parisian chic"
Now my style is something near to "a parisian chic with a rock twist"

2. my style icons are Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley and Kate Beckinsale. sometimes I find Rachel Bilson interesting, but not too often
I do love MM, but I don't think about her as my style inspiration. She wasn't that effortless that I want to be.
I'm not interested in Rachel or Kate B anymore. However, I still like Keira, and I have other style icons, too: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Eugenie Niarchos, Geraldine Saglio, Julia von Boehm.

3. I like vintage, classic or retro pieces mixed with grunge and scruff - for example girly, lacy top, red fingertips and lipstick, well fitted satin jacket, high heels with messy hair and worn, a bit ripped jeans
I still like this look. I tried to be more preppy, but I didn't feel like me. I think I'm made for worn jeans & converses
The only difference is that I'm sick of retro & vintage. I prefer classic look (with an edge of course)

4. shoes, shoes, shoes. and a bit of earrings
Shoes are still a big part of my life And I feel naked when I'm not wearing any pair of earrings

5. I like my hair best when its wavy and messy
Still actual

6. my favourite colours are: black, grey, pink, white and blue
I don't like blue that much. Lately I'm in love with cream & beige.

7. less is more
... + it's all about an effort

8. I'm very minimalistic when it comes to clothes, but I like to wear tons of jewellery
Nothing has changed

9.I would never wear: uggs, something hippie, hoodie, something too patterned
I didn't wear these things so far & I'll swear I'll never do!
10. always dark red nails
Not always, but very often Sometimes I replace them with pink.

Well it seems like I'm hardly consistent with my style!

t u m b l r
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1.Its always black ,its either dress down to undies never bright or fluoro
2.White tee black bra

3.Vintage hand bag/purse
4.Blazers vintage/now

5.High wasted skirts of any pattern or colour well not any but i tone this town by my black or white tee
6.No cleavage but leg

7.Always flats but going out with friends at night i opt for ankle boots
8.i can't wear jeans has I always feel fat in them

9.Unbrushed hair
10.Pretty boring but feeling great

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1. I love ballet flats <3
2. I prefer to wear dark colours like black, gray, brown, navy, dark green e.t.c
3. I'm a tights fiend. I love them! But now it's summer, it'll be too hot to wear them.
4. Black eyeliner is my favourite item in my make-up bag. Couldn't live without it!
5. Most of my clothes are from Topshop & H&M
6. I don't wear jeans a lot.. i'm more of a shorts/tights & skirts/tights girl.
7. My hair is never completely straight.. i like a bit of movement.
8. I love leopard print.. i own leggings, tights, pj's, a cardigan, flats & skinny jeans ;D
9. I'm more of a follower than a trendsetter.. but i try to add a unique twist to an outfit.
10. I rarely wear jewlery

blog no 2
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My style is pretty simple and I like it that way.
I hate too-perfect-french-style with all black outfits, leather pants and perfect heels. but I love simply, little boho-ish and girly-ish style.
I love Keira Knightley and Michelle Williams style, they are so effortless.

. Skirts. I LOVE skirts and I am pretty much allways wearing skirts. Old denim skirts are one of my favourite things to wear also skirt with pin stripes is absolutely favourite. I own million black skirts...oh and I need more skirts *haha*

2. Leggings. No matter what people say I live in leggings. But I do not wear them like Lindsay Lohan does. Tights, black tights are also basic for me and I own lot of them. Favourites are 100% black opaque tights from h&m.

Usual combinations: skirts+leggings/tights and shorts+tights.

Basically I never ever wear jeans!

3. Basic black top with cute little cardigan is something I wear very often.

4. I own few pair of flats and I am happy with them...I do not need more of them and never wear heels. Black flats are my favourite also I really like red ones a lot. When it is fall/winter I wear my favourite pair of biker boots, they goes with everything.

5. Vintage bags makes my outfit, I LOVE vintage bags and they are pretty much only vintage items I own, since vintage clothes tend to be little too small for me.

6. red, black, pink, yellow...nailpolish in every colour goes for me.

7. My style is simple but I like to add some girly things here and there. Lately I have loved bows and Blair-ish headbands. Hair is usually wavy.

8. Dresses, they need to be specific shape so I feel comfortable in them but I have found few good ones so I keep wearing them...I do not need more but for summer I am sewing some of my own.

9. ZARA leather jacket with hoody is my favourite jacket to wear.

10. strawberry lipgloss and lipbalm is pretty much only makeup I wear. somethimes little mascara and foundation but usually I am too hurry to do perfect makeup *hahah*. Also I like to have perfect eyebrowns!

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I think I hate the first one of these that I posted. I need a new one. This is part a how I present myself/part what I would like to find more list since I'm not always so lucky since what I want is necessarily always trendy and remotely easy for me to find. :/
1- I don't really like to bother straightening my hair recently. It's just more likely to damage my hair anyway and I hate straightening it just to know that the next time I wash it I would have to work on getting it the same way again.I don't like spending too much time on it. So it's wavy with brushed bangs so that they're mostly straight. Getting the bangs in the first place this most recent time was because of a picture of Jane Birkin I found online a couple of years ago.
2- Some of my favorite influences are pretty much what any type of person wore in the 60s along with some things from the 50s,20s and 30s but I'm also recently into the idea of making my own versions of clothing from even earlier in the century made more simply. It's not like I would easily find stuff like that.
3- I listen to somewhat varied music but the music that would have the most influence over how I'm most likely to dress would be folk, rock and pop from the 60s and some from the 70s.
4-Trendy or not I like prints like polka dots and horizontal stripes and some floral prints. I also like lace used in clothing.
5-I like simple bags that don't have to much going on with the design and don't have very obvious stitching on the outside and also aren't trendy so they could be used for as long as they last without looking dated. Unfortunately the ones I find and actually like usually costs more.
6-I've typically been a bright color person which I still like sometimes, but I want more navy blue, cream, ivory, creamy light grey, baby pink, powder blue and more subdued colors in general for clothing.
7- Some of my personal style icons (or better yet I'll call them living breathing inspiration) are Sofia Coppola, Chloe Sevigny, 1960s Anna Karina and I might go with 1960s Bob Dylan if I were to pick a male.
8- Jewelry wise, I like antique jewelry, Tom Binns, and things from Bing Bang.
9-My favorite shoes tend to be ballet flats, lace up boots, converse sneakers and brogues.
10-My makeup still usually consists of only lipstick. I'm more obsessed with skin care.

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