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Ohh i like this thread

1) I will never ever ever wear animal prints or fur (not due to ethics, but i think animal prints are tacky, and fur doesn't work on men)

2) I once said i would never wear cardigans, but now i cant get enough of them.

3) Ive not left the house in anything other than skinny jeans in about a year (maybe wore suit trousers once or so)

4) Never bought anything online.

5) I cant stand to wear trousers or jeans without a belt or 2, often 2 with black jeans.

6) My Ted Baker, white shoes are practically part of my feet now.

7) I dont wear red anywhere on the top half of my body... ever! It doesn't work with my complexion.

8) Im soo bored of my fashion right now, but cant afford to do anything about it.

9) I cant stand vests and i never wear shorts, but im going to start wearing 3/4 lengths soon i reckon... when the weather calls for it.

10) Ive not found a hat that fits my head :/ Apart from one which is my cousins and i cant buy.

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1. I never wear yellow.
2. I never wear any makeup except when I go out at night, but sometimes I don't even put it on when going out.
3. Hair is almost always down (except for when I'm playing soccer)
4. I love jeans, in almost all styles
5. I love all jackets, you can never have too many!
6. My nails are almost always painted, usually some shade of red, they are never chipped though.
7. I only wear sweatpants when I sleep.
8. I'm addicted to shoes, everytime I go shopping I always pick up at least one pair of shoes!
9. I've never found a handbag that I love.
10. I don't follow trends, I just wear whatever I like and whatever I'm in the mood for!

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1. i hardly ever wear "colours", mostly stick to black, grey white and sometimes blue
2. a lot of my clothes used to belong to my parents
3. i hate when specific items become trends. when everyone starts to have it, i do not wear it anymore
4. earrings are just not something for me. i never see a pair that i actually like
5. a half year ago i was obsessed with gold jewellery, now i can't stand it anymore
6. i always wear plimsoles as i just can't find the right shoe
7. my hair is always down when i go outside. i look stupid with my hair back.
8. i only wear mascara and concealer as i am really lazy
9. i never wear shorts or skirts because of my legs
10. recently i find myself attracted to a lot of 80ies and punk stuff...

i like anti-heroines
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fashion insider
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1) I love black clothes
2) I hate to wear white apart from white denim shirts with overprint
3) I mostly wear heels! I love heels!
4) I have more dresses than shirts
5) I have just 2 jeans becuz I prefer tights and leggins
6) I have never bought anything online or anything vintage
7) I love my blazer cuz it fits with everything
8) I like shopping for winter more than for summer
9) I never wear a lot of make up
10) I could never go outside without my handbag

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Originally Posted by vivalavida View Post
10. I rarely wear jewlery
i've been wearing more jewlery recently

10) I like wearing multiple necklaces & bracelets.. the more the better!

blog no 2
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1. I am kinda like slacker right now but after i find a job I will can work on me look
2. I need something that have quite a bit a structure because I am not willowy.
3. I like Euro-chic and collegiate style with a bit of rocker vibe. Then throw in some safari style clothing for summer.
4. I am not a big fan of colour clothes, except t-shirt. I like them usually in a darker or slightly rich/sultry/quiet way.
5. The acessories have to be colourful and cute. I would love a bright stain pump or silver stilletto!
6. I don't really wear makeup. It is like a ceremony to wake me up. And I like to wear pink cheek/lip with silver/charcoal eyeshaow with big falsies.
7. Animal Print and fur is nice as long as it is winter and they are fake.
8. I love to have mermaid waved hair, thats why I am growing it out. And I love being brunette.
9. Go clean on jewleries. I like crystal, hehe.
10. I like clothes for chilly weather, like 10-20 celsius/centergrade.

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haven't done this in a while (4 years!).
  • I have a weakness for knee-length drop-waist dresses.
  • I'm very influenced by Middle Eastern layering lately.. all the linen, earth tones and embroideries that do not prevent it from being summer-friendly and still make it beautiful so beautiful look at.
  • I'm rarely attracted to heels. sad, but true.
  • I can't go out without my basic jewelry: diamond studs and either a small crystal ball necklace (that keeps people wondering even though it's really meaningless!) or a black crucifix, a little cliché but it's very discreet, I just love how it slightly brights up a black outfit or gives it a small twist.
  • I adore pleats and I wish I could find the perfect pleated trench coat.
  • Hair taking center stage is a no-no for me, I'll go to great lengths to maintain my hair just as long as it compliments my look.. but, I'll be really pissed if someone ever refers to me as the girl with the 'dreadlocks/bob/pink highlights/other current hair trend' .. that's really not me.
  • I have a fascination for oversized wool sweaters, and I love wearing them in cool summer nights with something short, bare legs and sandals, truly one of my favorite, frequent ensembles.
  • Flattering my body isn't a priority.. if I fall in love with something and I'm comfortable wearing it, then it's a winner.. I don't really see myself ever buying something just because it makes look slimmer or curvaceous, or declaring war to gravity just to fit in a dress or leaving something because it 'ruins' my figure.. not that I'll wear a too tight tube top because I'm really happy in it, I'm thinking more CDG here and the whole 'who could buy a dress that looks like a potato sack?'.. well I can!. Needless to say, the whole Italian/Versace/hooker aesthethic is not something I crave for.
  • I find drastic changes or abuse of palettes to be extremely thrilling ..I'll wear black black black for 10 days straight and suddenly change to all white for as long as my imagination can go, then black, then black with prints for some days, then pure black again and then prints only.. they're like mini stages I find exciting and some sort of internal '10-ways-to-wear-that-print' type of challenge. Very silly, I know..
  • I've done the loose braid for YEARS, way before Alexander Wang did it, and obviously I'm upset that I now come off more like a silly blogger than someone that simply wants to keep hair quiet. Thought I should say it somewhere!!

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1. I much prefer quality to quantity in fashion.
2. I love sweat pants and hoodies... but only for sport, walking the dog and lounging about the house!
3. I only wear natural fabrics and not man made ones.
4. I am more concerned about garment quality, luxuary and fabric than who its by or whether its a certain label.
5. I adore mulberry bayswaters I could never have enough.
6. Im so much more into shopping for winter rather than summer fashion... I love the feeling of wrapping up all cosy.
7. Real fur and leather things are my fashion guilty pleasures!
8. My fav street to shop in is 5th Avenue in NYC for so many reasons!
9. I wish I never had to straighten my hair every morning... but i'd never leave the house without my hair and face done.
10. I cant stand fast high st fashion... where you see ten girls walking down your main st with the same top of jacket on in the same week!

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1) The only thing that is consistent about my style is the color: There's always something black. I feel uncomfortable if there isn't anything black in my outfit. If I'm wearing blue jeans I need the top to be black. If I'm wearing a purple top I need the pants to be black.

2) I'm still crying over my favorite pair of jeans that's so beat up I had to give up on wearing them a year ago (after 5 years of wearing them constantly). I loved them for no reason. They're of a really ugly grey denim and would sag after wearing them for an hour. I'm still hoping Pepe Jeans makes them again some day.

3) The hardest thing for me is to dress weather-appropriate: In summer I tend to wear things that are too hot, in winter I'm freezing, when it's raining I'm wearing sandals, etc. I never get it right.

4) I tend to diss people that wear designer clothes but am quite the label whore myself I feel grossed out my cheap clothes. Which doesn't mean I don't own any, it's just that they're well hidden in boxes in my wardrobe

5) After about 15 years of wearing super tight clothes I finally realized that catwoman shouldn't be your inspiration for an everyday outfit. I used to always wear skinny jeans with a tight top and only came to the insight that it's all wrong and looks super trashy on me like a year ago And also, I'm so over this whole push up bra thing. Padded bras can totally ruin an outfit for me. I ended up looking so whoreish with my boobs squeezed up to my neck and such. I didn't mind when I was a teenager, but now I really don't want to add "sexy" to every single outfit.

6) I suck with accessories! I always forget to wear jewelry, I have the poorest collection of bags and only recently got my first scarf that isn't all black.

7) I like to think of my style as being "rock chic".

8) I wear the most hideous loungewear at home!

9) I haven't worn normal panties in about 10 years. I hate visible pantylines (and I always have them with panties, my butt must be weird), that's why I only go for thongs.

10) Most of my underwear is more expensive than my other clothes. I love lace underwear.

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- I absolutely abhor baggy/boho chic and typically wear things that are more form-fitting. Not exactly going for the Catwoman look, but I like to show off my body rather than hide it inside a potato sack.
- I rarely leave the house without heels or wedges.
- I prefer solid colors to brash prints and patterns (prints on t-shirts excluded).
- My complexion isn't exactly even, so I always have foundation and lipstick on.
- I prefer understated silver and sparkles or pearls over gold when it comes to accessories.
- Animal print just really isn't my thing.
- I really don't know how to style my hair, so it's always down. I'll take a straightener to it sometimes, but my hair usually looks its best the day after it's been washed and slept on.
- I love the British flag and own several shirts and accessories with it on them.
- A plain thin black choker (think Cinderella) can class up any outfit.
- If I'm outside and the sun is technically still up, my sunglasses are on. Sometimes it's more of a style choice rather than a practical need.

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What fresh hell is this.?
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Oh I haven't done this in years either

*This summer I'm going slightly back to my boho roots.
*My favorite shoes ATM. is a pair of handmade silver leather brouges and they have been so for a year.
*I don't love many bags. So when I do find one I like, I don't mind paying extra for it. Since I know it's going to be an investment as I tend to keep loving it.
*One designer who's collections I always love is Dries van Noten.
*My hair is somewhat long, thick and curly and I tend to go for a 70's hairstyle with a middle parting.
*I can't remember the last time I last wore jeans. It's probably more than a year ago
*I like to play with colour. combining colours that aren't that common
*I'm not a big fan of jewelry. But if I do wear any they are either vintage or has a vintage feel to them.
*To make up for my lacking in accessorizing when it comes to jewelry I like to wear belts or scarfs
*I like heels and flats equally. Flats for everyday wear and heels for going out. I'm short so I like the extra inches they give me.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't. - Mark Twain
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front row
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1. i cannot dress for the seasons. i dont believe in seasonal dressing.
2. i always dress like its winter haha.
3. i rarely ever wear flat shoes.. and even then they normally have a platform.
4. the only jewelry i wear is rings.. normally one on nearly every finger
5. im exceedingly picky about handbags.
6. i cant dress boho or casual. its just not me.
7. i pretty much always wear black.
8. im a silver person not gold.
9. i buy quality over quantity.
10. i actually find it hard shopping in a store now ive been shopping on line for so long.

yours truly, madeleine louise
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1. I cannot wear heels due to cronic foot pain (although I wish I could)
2. I wear my hamsa necklace almost daily (it is an amulet thought to ward off the evil eye, its very popular in middle eastern cultures)
3. I am rubbish at styling my hair so its typically in a bun or in a headband
4. I wear scarves all the time, not only because they look good but because my neck gets cold!
5. I don't really own much designer clothes however those which I do I tend to tresure more
6. I really love wearing white dresses I think that their is just something pure and special about them
7. I hate shopping online, everything which I've ever bought via the web never seems to fit well
8. Grey is my favorite color
9. I really don't like animal prints they just seem tacky to me
10. I find it hard to define my style since I am influenced by so many things. Right now I am loving the classic style, hippies, the middle eastern way of layering clothes, and the women of Paris! See nothing seems to go together!

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1.Silk and cotton only
2.earth tones
3.simple silhouettes and open necks
4.pixie hair do does not mix with jewelry!
5.capri jeans
6.use jewelry sparingly,if at all
7.always carry a jewel tone scarf
8.nothing from chain stores
9.comfort in yourself is the essence
10.simplicity is perfection

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1. I'm always wear rings, except during showering or sleeping.
2. The 30's and 40's are my favorite eras of fashion.
3. I wear all colors but mostly red, purple, black and blue.
4. Frye make the best boots.
5. I have tons of cardigans and blazers.
6. My favorite outfit is a dress, blazer, tights and boots.
7. H&M, Urban Outfitters and Target are my favorite stores. I could live in those stores.
8. I hate it when girls wear leggings as pants. I find it trashy and hoochie. I don't care if you are thin like Sienna Miller, it looks like you are a street walker.
9. I have tons of hats. I have a big collection of them.
10. J brand and Cheap Mondays are my favorite jeans.

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