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I very rarely wear jeans
I love any colour polish on my toes but barely use any colour at all on my fingers
Vintage purchases give me a kick that new items cannot compare with
I try to wear all colours but end up wearing a lot of white
I am trying to wear dresses all the time because it feels the most 'me'
Over the knee boots are my winter staple
I am obsessed with hairbands and scarves (especially my Alice by Temperley blue tiger)
Most people hate them but I love wet look leggings
I have naturally blonde hair that people always think is dyed
I am about as 'girly' as they come

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- I like simple color v-neck/regular neck tees & polos.
- All of my shoes are good quality sneakers & boat shoes & maybe a pair or two of nice loafers.
- I don't wear jeans. Just chinos, khakis or trousers.
- I layer my shirts, even in the summer time.
- My bottoms are usually neutral in color (navy, charcoal, camel).
- I love a nice, sleek pair of sunglasses.
- I wear sweatpants on my "lazy" days, but even then they have to at least look presentable & clean.
- I prefer my hair short than long.
- I don' carry around a bag casually, but for school I like a nice backpack. Right now I have a white Oakley backpack for school & an Underarmour drawstring bag for the gym.
- Speaking of the gym, I actually have my own separate drawer for gym outfits with sweatpants, athletic shirts, sweatbands, sneakers & shorts.

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1. I really like ankle-length leggings. I don't care if they're "out," j'adore them. I make sure they're fully opaque and I like different colors of them.
2. I like to go with more basic clothes in bright solids and simple prints with an emphasis on shape and then go crazy with accessories.
3. I am always trying to find ways to make my jeans look not like "girl-at-the-mall."
4. I have more shoes that I have shirts. And I recently bought 4 more pairs. I think that the shoes make or break the outfit. They're very important.
5. I don't wear sweatpants or pajamas in public. I just can't.
6. I feel naked without jewelry on, especially without a big arse cocktail ring. BIGGER IS BETTER for rings. I don't do pendants either unless they're majorly big and bold. Ditto with earrings.
7. In fact, referencing the previous point, I don't wear anything that isn't noticed. I don't do little tiny diamond studs or nude pumps that you don't even notice.
8. I have really crappy hair from medication I take so headbands are my secret weapon. I rock them. They make any hair "style" look intentional.
9. I love wearing things in unexpected ways. A scarf as a bracelet, a necklace as a belt, a button-down as a jacket.
10. I love jackets. Jackets make everything tie together.

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01: If I had to describe my style in three words, they would be 'Modern Tailored Romance'.

02: I have very fair skin and dark brown hair, and will never change that.

03: My jeans are always straight leg, and dark wash denim.

04: I have an ever growing collection of blouses, and I love each and every one. My favourites are either high-neck, tie-neck or sheer.

05: I wear flats more often than heels. I practically live in my Lanvin ballet flats.

06: Accessories are always quality over quantity. I would prefer to have one good quality leather handbag than a collection of poor quality cheap alternatives.

07: I wear black pencil skirts to work every day. I only own two pairs of pants that aren't jeans.

08: I love cardigans.

09: I have a strange obsession with peacocks. So if I stumble across unique looking pieces (clothing, jewelery, bags etc) that has a peacock print or theme, I'll buy it.

10: Makeup and hair styling is always kept simple. Clear, fresh looking skin with champagne coloured eyeshadow, dark lashes and pink cheeks/lips looks best on me. My hair is usually kept loose (it is long, halfway down my back) with a side swept fringe.

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1- I wear a lot of ankle length black leggings and black 'jeggings' even though they arent the most fashionable. I find them to be the most practical under dresses or tunics or with anything at all.
2- My preference is yellow-gold jewelry for all of my jewelry.
3- I only ever wear 2 rings at a time- my bridal set on my left hand and a coordinating ring on my right.
4- My nails are always manicured and polished. I do them myself atleast twice a week and am better than any professional in my opinion! I use almost exclusively OPI- my mom is a stylist so I can buy them at the wholesale price so I have about 100 bottles!
5- I don't leave the house without full makeup. I thoroughly enjoy sitting down and applying my makeup so I don't feel like its a chore.
6- I wear flats everywhere. Heels just aren't practical for my lifestyle right now.
7- My favorite colors to wear now are magenta, lavender, and aqua. I feel like they stand out very nicely against my black-cherryish colored hair.
8- I am such a belt person. Love a great leather belt.
9- I always wear low cut shirts. I'm pretty flat-chested so I can get away with it.
10- I love a good AA tri-blend tee on my lazy days.

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1- I don't over accessorise. Infact, I barely wear jewellery at all, and its super rare that I wear more than one item of jewellery at a time.
2- I always consider the comfort of an item. I'll never wear something really uncomfy just cos it looks good.
3- Never overdo the makeup. Who cares if my skin isn't the best, at least it doesn't look caked in foundation.
4- I never ever will wear fake tan, my skin is naturally super pale and I would look rubbish if I tried to change that.
5- I love love love braids, so that's my favourite hair 'do'.
6- Yes, I will wear heels, even though I'm tall and it makes me look like a giant. They're fun
7- I love hats. I only own about 6... but every time I see one in a store I put it on, even if theres no way I can afford it. Hats are the ultimate accessory!
8- You'll never catch me in animal print - especially leopard or zebra.
9- Most of the time I wear long tops which go down past my hips - I like those better than short ones.
10- Dresses are awesome!

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1. I like to be comfortable.
2. I like to look sexy.
3. I prefer neutrals.
4. I do my own thing.
5. I need statement pieces in my clothing. example: details
6. I don't do "accessories."
7. Simple jewelry. (diamond ring and diamond earrings)
8. I hate spandex.
9. I love makeup.
10. I change my hair often.

Long Live McQueen
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1) Im permanently on crutches (lost my left leg)
2) I love pants of any kind - jeans, slacks, cargo
3) I always wear the left pant leg pinned up over my stump
4) I hate wearing long skirts/dresses - I love miniskirts (there's a couple of ugly scars on my stump so I usually have something covering it)
5) I love wearing heels - and still wear one. Preferably a patent-leather stiletto oxford or maryjane
6) I love t-shirts
7) I keep my jewelry simple and subdued
8) I had long hair for most of my life - now its chin-length (just changing things up a bit)
9) I don't care for ballet flats much (but I still have a pair :p)
10) I love black leather jackets

Sex in a stiletto (singular)!
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I posted this almost 4 years ago and during the course of the years my style 'refined' and now I feel like I have a better understanding of personal style. The stuff I wore 4 years ago I don't wear anymore. I don't wear hoodies and I'm no longer into blazers. I don't carry knitted handbags. I incorporated heels into my wardrobe. I also don't layer all that much besides during the fall/winter.

Originally Posted by silk skin paws View Post
1. Flats. I don't like heels.
2. Sweaters and hoodies. It's not really a fashion statement.
3. I only wear costume jewelry. I don't wear silver, gold or diamonds.
4. Turtlenecks.
5. Layering (but not too much)
6. Blazers.
7. blue, black, white, grays and green.
8. I always liked straw, knitted, and other 'homemade' type bags.
9. I usually wear dark colors but I need to brighten up.
10. Jeans are ok but I like to wear casual pants.
Updated list:

1. I don't wear much jewelry and whenever I do I opt for simple pieces whether it's a diamond or not.
2. I still have a thing for turtlenecks sweaters besides being practically for colder seasons I like the simple silhouette.
3. I love to wear darker washes in jeans. I find lighter washes more 'casual'.
4. Classic staples like a wool coat, trench coat, pencil skirt. Opaque tights.
5. I like loosely fitted dresses (no not sack dresses).
6. I prefer to wear solid colors and little designs and patterns.
7. The blouse. I don't wear much t-shirts.
8. Some of my best finds and staples are second-hand.
9. Hats. This is my new 'obsession'. I love knitted hats. Oversize, slouchy, heavy or lightweight.
10. I like to keep my hair and makeup simple.

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1. I like simple jewerly.. a pendant or diamond necklace will do. But I do love statement rings.
2. I don't own a lot of color.. my wardrobe consists of a lot of black and neutrals.
3. I never wear hats or sunglasses
4. The "girly" side of me loves florals and lace. The wild or edgy (hate using that word) like studs and leather.
5. I love prints, but I own florals for the most part. I only own 1 "tribal" piece. I don't own a single animal print, however. I think it's because it reminds me of the Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate.
6. I love piercings and tattoos. No tattoos for me though (yet...?)
7. I definetly believe that people should dress for their body. Show off what's good (but not too much) and try to conceal what may not be their best feature
8. I have an obsession with shoes! I tend to like expensive pairs, so I don't own as many pairs as I'd like :p
9. I could never wear fur. I do like leather though.
10. I love to paint my nails. They almost always have color on them.

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Gender: femme
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1. I hardly ever wear basic trousers.
2. I rarely wear jeans, but when I do they are skinny.
3. I wear black leggins a lot under skirts, dresses etc. but NEVER as pants.
4. I LOVE quality leather handbags.
5. I've become more and more fond of heels.
6. I wear black too often, but try to go for more colour especially in the summer time.
7. I love to wear different kinds of hair accesories.
8. I love scarves!
9. I never wear real fur.
10. I've started to go more and more for quality rather than quantity.

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well it's quite funny to see my previous posts in this thread i realized that i haven't got a style that's mine, so i didn't stick with it... i was grungy, i was rock, i was preppy and i was retro and elegant, too... but after all of this, i realized that it wasn't me, because i'm not a kind of girl that is only grungy, preppy etc... i like tons of styles... well in every style is something worth my attention! so now i'm trying to mix it all...
lol what an essay well, so the list goes...

1. i love unique, bold jewellery
2. i usually shop at thrift and vintage stores
3. my style is a mix of boho, romantic and classic. it's always feminine and classy, but with a twist - not too boring. monochromatic & conservative is not for me.
4. i don't wear much make-up
5. i love Bilson's and Palermo's style
6. i'm tiny and petite. i have blonde hair, blue eyes... so i'm not trying to look sexy and exotic like Adriana Lima... i look sexy in a cute way
7. my favorite colors are pink, grey & white
8. i like different hairstyles... messy bun, elegant bun, cute ponytail, all straight, messy & wavy... whatever strikes my mood :p
9. as a child, i always loved a "Marie Antoinette", boudoir style... still think it's great!
10. i'm not edgy, i'm not rock'n'roll. i'm just cute, in a next-door-girl way

t u m b l r

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Gender: femme
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01 - Denim is my fetish - I lovelove my boyfriend and old distressed jeans from a year back. It really just adds such a personal touch threw out what I wear on a daily bases. I buy jeans like people buy shoes tbh. A expensive investment from time to time, but it's kind of my core in my wardrobe.
02 - Almost always I have my stud earrings on; some fake, some real, for me it adds an elegance for a tiny little piece of jewelry.
03 - When truth be told, I really just like sporting a tee and jeans - though I like to think you can manipulate super basic styles to a very simple and somewhat stylish degree of fashion and whatnot. Soft tee's are love!
04 - I take a great deal of inspiration from my small, forest industry run town. I can absolute hate it here (either you cross the border or travel 6 hours away to Toronto for an H&M or Zara), but the scenery was created for a very loose-relaxed style. I guess the background you come for can really reflect on your style eh.
05 - Shabby-chic pieces like a disheveled print little cotton dress or an cotton tee with my loosely fitted jeans is what I seem to ware most, not to mention my Oxford Flats/T-strap heels. Or just plain barefoot in the summer heh.
06 - Sometimes I dress according towards a house I love or scene. What would you wear in grungy but elegant 3 story house, or fully wood paneled home with linings of bookcases. I get more inspiration from houses than I do with people it seems.
07 - My latest obsession, other than denim - little laced black or white garments. I seen this lovely detailed laced top in an Editorial one day, I think Miranda Kerr was modeling it. It was beautiful and well made, but unfortunately I can't stumble upon anything similar.
08 - My favorite decade of fashion would have to be the 70s - Meadham Kirchhoff, Donyale Luna, Cream ... and the birth of hippies! What's not to love haha.
09 - A raspberry lip or nails really polishes off any outfit - I feel unfinished with no liptint/gloss or either my nails are nude.
10 - Sheer blouses also been a bit of a signature for me, skirts, jeans, anything goes with a nice lightweight casual sheer blouse.
Written from last year (ignoring the spelling mistakes ), I think my style has transitioned for the more polished and tailored appeal. My love of denim changed for skirts and tights, a few things have stayed the same but overall I feel much more feminine than I did when writing this.

Updated list:

01. When sporting any accessories, it will likely be earrings. I find them to be less distracting in terms of comfort. The ability to move my fingers, never really liked the feel of necklaces, that sort of thing.
02. I love when wearing a blouse (fitted to compliment my body type), the peep of a lacy camisole shows through at the neck line. Deep purple's, or any colour for that matter against a white blouse really seems to romanticize an outfit.
03. Skirts hitting at mid-waist is a signature in my closet, at least for now anyway. I love how they elongate my silhouette and how simple they are to wear with almost any top in my closet.
04. In our school rules, we're not permitted to 'show off our shoulders due to being a distraction for the male body', so with that in mind, cardigans are an automatic must. Not to mention I just like them for the comfort they provide in and out of cold and hot classrooms.
05. You'll always need a pair of flat, semi-comfortable shoes in my rocky, hilly neighborhood. Right now I love black ballet flats.
06. I'm always having to wear a leather belt with jeans or oversized knits during the winter. Without any definition of a waist, specially on a petite person such as myself, I'll look like I'm in a patio sack.
07. Messenger bags are an necessity for any student I think, you need something to carry a boat load of books and papers.
08. Plum's and mauves highlight so well against my pale, brown hair self, I'm beginning to notice it's taking over my closet. Alongside with white, forest greens, navy and black.
09. The structure of clothing is very important to me and it's where I'm most picky at when buying any clothing item. I love my body (well, with a few minor imperfections) and when young as myself, I like show it off in respectable manor. Almost all of my clothing is fitted yet comfortable; confidence is the best accessory after all.
10. I'd consider your beauty routine to be part of your own personal style as well. I like to keep my hair down, fairly straighten but not completely, a fresh face with a help of rosy cheeks, a neutral eye with mascara, and a shimmery eyeshadow near the tear duct. Helps give you alive appearance when waking up early and whatnot.

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1. Prints - of all sorts. I love geometric shapes, florals and stripes. Not a fan of animal prints though I yearn to be able to carry them off.
2. I'm adventurous with colours and only figured in recent years that I wear cool colours better. Hence, a lot of blues, whites and blacks in my wardrobe.
3. Straight cut or skinny jeans. I'm over my bootcut faux pas.
4. A fan of billowy tops/ sleeves. Starting to see an increasing amount of such tops in the wardrobe.
5. I like my skirts just above the knees or max. 4 inches above knees.
6. Dresses! They are the best invention for lazy days.
7. Ballet flats and slippers - for bad back and easy walking
8. If I wear heels, they are stricly stilettos.
9. Diamond or pearl earrings. The only pair of fancy earrings is a pair of giraffes which was love at first sight.
10. A tinge of vintage - it can be my bag, a brooch, necklace, bracelet, belt, shoes...

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1) Jeans! I am a tomboy and I like them skinny or slouchy, dark or distressed, and the denim has to be hefty and lycra free. I only like stretch if we're talking very very skinny jeans.
2) White t-shirts, preferably a little loose. I live in these, even at the office (tucked into a black pencil skirt).
3) Ballet flats. I love the gamine look and a pair of ballerinas are halfway there. I prefer them in blush pink, pale gold, light colours.
4) Sneakers. I like them best with skinny jeans.
5) Anything navy, grey or white. I live in this palette and I love how easy it is to get dressed - anything goes.
6) Breton stripes. Will be wearing this until I'm 90.
7) Navy dresses. Much more interesting than black. I love navy because it's sombre and rich, and reminds me of the sea.
8) Cardigans. I like them slouchy and structured. If I lived somewhere colder I might be more into proper jackets but cardigans are all I need here.
9) A beautiful plain watch with a leather strap. All the jewellery I need.
10) I would like some day to own an impeccably but loosely tailored trouser suit.

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