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Location: another girl, another planet
Gender: femme
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1. Live in GAP jeans. simple, at the waist, boot cut, Ankle length work best on me. vintage Levi's, cK Jeans, D&G in stiff dark denim are favorites as well.

2. The designers whose aesthetic I admire most and greatly influenced my style sensibilities are Miuccia Prada, Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten & Consuelo Castiglioni.

3. The labels that I seek and best fit into my day to day style: Eileen Fisher, Pure DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Y-3, vintage: cK Calvin Klein Khaki, Liz Clairborne, J Jill, Sigrid Olsen, Esprit etc.

4. 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted. other 10% investment pieces/splurges.

5. My favorite colors to wear: green, mustard, black and deep purple.

6. My style icons: Jane Birkin, Maria Hassabi, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy & Kim Gordon. Currently crushing on Inma Sharra's sleek yet decorated look.

7. Accessories kept to minimum. Altho I collect artsy, dangly earrings I always wear my industrial piercing and same vintage pewter, slightly over-sized diamond studs.

8. Love the look of flats but usually wear flat ska-esque platform sneakers. I'm petite and like the added height without the limping around at the end of the day.

9. I find the whole 60s ingénue, Breton shirt wearing look so clichéd yet I do own quite a few striped shirts just not Breton.

10. Favorite fashion decades: 60s hippie/ mod, 80s straight edge, 90s hipster/ minimalist grunge.

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10 things about my style

1. no matter what i wear, i always keep at least some "tomboyish" elements in my ensemble. i can't dress or carry myself overtly feminine, cause that's just not who i am.

2. i'm def a more a summerish person when it comes to dressing, cause i love bare skin, the touch of wind, the kiss of sun, the sense of freedom more than any art of layering.

3. to me, comfort is the key. i need to breathe and move in my clothes, and they need to grow old with me. the sensualities of dressing oneself comes from the delicacy of the fabric, the coziness when a piece truly hugs my body. i believe the comfort is the ultimate luxery.

4. i don't oevr dress, neither do i over do my makeup. i let my hair hang loosely...basically, i'm really not into overstyling at all. for my own wedding, i wore a sweet short dress and had a messy hairdo. i love casualness.

5. i'm into colors. i can never only dress in neutrals, namely black, white, grey, and beige. i would feel so lifeless in them. however the colors i'm into are non-saturated colors, not brights. i love colors that are a bit faded, like they have aged previously. soft colors string the cord with me.

6. i like clothes that are fitted, not too loose, not too tight. i'm not into oversize dressing. i'm really petite and my small frame just won't look right in anything hangs. i have a rather boyish girly figure, so tight clothes will just make my body look like a ironing board.

7. i'm not into statement dressing, and that goes with accecery as well. i tend to wear subtle, simple and delicate pieces and once it finds the place on my body, it stays. it becomes a part of me. like my two rings and necklace, i never take them off even when i go to bed.

8. i'm not into cliche dressing. like after hearing so many people declare stripes are the absolute essentials, forget how i used to adore anthing stripy, my love fades. i guess i have a problem with anything that is "hyped" or "classic". i would rather stay nonchanlant about such things and just be on my own.

9. i can't do chunky, masculine looking shoes. all my shoes are light, sleek looking, or in a word: feminine. i don't mind wearing a tomboyish shirt or even a man's blazer, but i just can't let go of the shoes. therefore i have a real problem with sport shoes and most shoes for outdoor activities. i would love going hiking some time, but hiking boots, oh my , what should i do?

10. at the moment i'm obessed with anything sexy. if i could choose, i would like to own a whole new sets of lingeries....i love panties and bras...

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Originally Posted by YoninahAliza View Post
1. I cannot wear heels due to cronic foot pain (although I wish I could)
2. I wear my hamsa necklace almost daily (it is an amulet thought to ward off the evil eye, its very popular in middle eastern cultures)
3. I am rubbish at styling my hair so its typically in a bun or in a headband
4. I wear scarves all the time, not only because they look good but because my neck gets cold!
5. I don't really own much designer clothes however those which I do I tend to tresure more
6. I really love wearing white dresses I think that their is just something pure and special about them
7. I hate shopping online, everything which I've ever bought via the web never seems to fit well
8. Grey is my favorite color
9. I really don't like animal prints they just seem tacky to me
10. I find it hard to define my style since I am influenced by so many things. Right now I am loving the classic style, hippies, the middle eastern way of layering clothes, and the women of Paris! See nothing seems to go together!
Its interesting to look back to a few months ago and see how my style has already changed. Some things are still the same, some are different but I figured I would add a few new things to the list.

1. I live in Gap jeans (when I am not wearing dresses or skirts!)
2. The only way I really feel comfortable mixing prints is if I am wearing a striped shirt then I will wear a flower or tie dye print with it (usually its a scarf) other then that I don't mix prints
3. The ladies who's style influences me the most are Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, and Zooey Deschanel
4. I could live in striped shirts paired with jeans or skirts (or even layered under dresses), my collection of striped garments is rather large now!
5. I am now able to handle small doses of animal prints if its in a cardigan, belt, or shoe but I'm still not crazy about most animal prints
6. I've recently gotten blunt bangs (they look a bit like Zooey Deschanel's) and I think its the best thing I've done for my style in years
7. I love silver jewelry, especially my silver bangle with purple and aqua stones all over it
8. I also love wearing a pile of bangles from India
9. I think I've been able to narrow down my style a bit more... its more feminine, classic with a touch of hippie.
10. I love lady-like bags- anything with structure and looks like it might be from the 20's/40's/50's is always a plus in my book!

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Location: Home away from home for now
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1. I'd rather go naked than wear sweatpants and uggs. I hate the look.
2. I own several J brand jeans in which I always wear. Always.
3. I refuse to wear a watch that is fake gold.
4. I love wearing riding boots in the winter and fall.
5. I wear a brown leather belt with jeans
6. I refuse to wear heels that are less then 3". I'd rather wear converses or flats.
7. I think leggings are underwear and should not be used as pants
8. I think most hermes scarfs are boring and drab.
9. Diamonds are not my best friend.
10. I wear solids and stay away from animal prints

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Location: Norfolk, UK
Gender: femme
Posts: 10
1. I clash colours and mix patterns
2. I like looking like a rockstar/pirate/hippie
3. Music inspires me
4. Despite being a girl most of my style icons are men
5. I own so many pairs of heels but I can't walk in at least 80% of them
6. I like to look edgy and it's good if I can shock people
7. I love colours but my family and friends still think I always wear black because I used to be a goth. I rarely wear an all black outfit
8. I love snoods
9. I never have to buy make up because I get sent all of it free through my blog and magazine affiliations
10. I'm trying to lose weight (although I'd still be plus sized at my ideal weight) and everyday I look better

Blog: www.feelingstylish.co.uk
Twitter: Jetlbomb
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: N.Y.C.
Gender: homme
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1. My friend once described it as not "trendy" but "current" (a good thing)
2. I buy key items and mix them up
3. I mix female shirts with my outfits
4. I must always layer somehow
5. Once i get my leather jacket I will be complete
6. I can't be categorized into one style
7. If i dont think about an outfit then i always look my best
8. I would wear black skinnies everyday if I could ( i love my legs)
9. Boots are a year round thing for me
10. I am very picky when I shop so i most of them time leave with nothing

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1. I hardly wear trousers.
2. I don't change my outfit every day, I wear an outfit for 2-3 days straight.
3. I make up outfits in my head.
4. I wish I could afford luxurious fabrics such as satin, cashmere,..
5. I think I've spent over €250 on fashion mags last year (I don't buy them anymore)
6. I don't wear bracelets, necklaces or earrings. I only wear 2 rings that have a personal value to me.
7. I love London, but I'm more into the French Chic clothing style.
8. I have a bag tic that I'm trying to get rid of.
9. I like to hit the stores alone.
10. I don't stick to a particuliar 'style'.

I walk out in stormy weather.
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Gender: femme
Posts: 1,244
1. i love jewellery.
2. my favorite colours: pink, gray, white, cream/beige, black.
3. my style icons are Catherine Deneuve, Marilyn Monroe and Clemence Poesy.
4. i rarely wear trousers, sometimes skinny jeans (i have only one pair!), denim shorts or wide leg pants... but i prefer skirts.
5. i'm a true "girly girl" at heart... i love ruffles, bows and flowers, but i don't wear it very often.
6. love love LOVE lace.
7. i often go casual, but never too casual.
8. i would never wear flip flops.
9. my style is "classic with a romantic twist".
10. keep it simple in makeup and hair.

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Location: in the gutter, looking at the stars
Gender: femme
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1. I've never been much of a shirt-and-jeans kind of girl. I'm much more comfy in skirts & dresses.
2. Half of the pieces in my wardrobe are black. 1/4 are neutral colors like white, grey, brown.
3. I steal a lot of items from my dad's closet, like his watches & belts.
4. If my friends had to describe my "trademark look", they'd probably say blunt bangs and red lipstick.
5. Sometimes I fantasize about being a celebrity just so I can walk the red carpet in a beautiful gown.
6. I find button-up shirts sexy.
7. I'd rather be underdressed than overdressed for a party.
8. My least favorite color is orange.
9. My favorite look on men is suits.
10. I believe that good proportions can make or break your look.

I'm going to bookmark this page and see if a few months, I still agree with these things I've listed down. It will be interesting to see how my still will evolve.

"Nem melhor, nem pior, apenas diferente."
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gone pigcognito
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Location: next stop, happiness! (^(oo)^)
Gender: femme
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  1. I can't leave the house in flats. I don't even own any!
  2. I love body con & highly tailored pieces.
  3. I dislike wearing clothes that are too low-cut or too short.
  4. I find trousers incredibly uncomfortable; I have a few pairs of jeans that I wear when it gets really cold, but other than that it's skirts or dresses only.
  5. I avoid visible logos as much as possible.
  6. Most of my clothing is solid-coloured, or degradé; I'm too small to wear large or busy patterns.
  7. My hair hasn't changed since elementary school
  8. My "signature" item that I wear daily is my VC&A Oiseaux de Paradis ring.
  9. My ideal silhouette is always streamlined & elegant; I try to avoid too much fussy detail, voluminous fabric, or accessory overload.
  10. I ride a motorcycle, which definitely has some impact on my personal style; my friends call the look "chic, but deadly" - and of course, I can't live without my collection of leathers! (^(oo)^)v

You can take the pigalles off the pig, but you can't take the pig out of PIGalles (^(oo)^)

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Location: Espoo, Finland
Gender: femme
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1. My style is classic, but with a 'trendy twist'
2. I usually wear dark blue skinny jeans or black slim trousers, I only wear dresses in parties (and in summer)
3. I would like to be a high heel girl, but I'm much more comfortable in ballet flats or in riding style boots
4. Most my clothing is black, white, navy blue and beige (boring, yeah I know )
5. I own too many almost identical white button-up shirts
6. I love to wear hats
7. I have had the same hair style for ages (almost black, long and straight) - maybe it would be time for some change?
8. I would like to wear more accessories, but usually I wear only my wedding ring
9. Black vintage Burberry blazer is the key piece of my wardrobe, I wear it several times a week and it looks good with jeans and t-shirt as well as with suit trousers or a dress
10. I love fall and winter, because I love to wear knee length wool coats, boots and big scarves

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Gender: femme
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1. I basically wear skirts or dresses all the time. I love jeans, but not on myself much.
2. I could never categorise my style. classic/hipster/tomboy.. ETC
3. I love heels, I wish I had more shoes.. but usually I wear my fav black ballerinas.
4. I'm a handbag junkie. I'm too young to have 35 handbags, but I still feel I've got none.
5. I'm not an earring person. I wear rings all the time and necklaces, but no earrings. Rarely.
6. My fav season in spring. I can wear everything I want.. it's just perfect.
7. I'm totally in love with london.. so I get a lot of inspiration from there and from london street style.
8. I have my best outfits when I finish thinking about what to wear.. and I just put on something random.
9. Everyone should have a leather jacket in their wardrobe. I've got 3.
10. If I have bad day and can't decide what to wear.. I'm always going for the cute, simple black dresses I have.

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May as well do an update!
1. Must always be wearing a cocktail ring and my evil eye bracelet. Any time of the day.
2. Still do not own a pair of jeans or pants. I hate them both.
3. I am always on the lookout for the perfect black patent almond toe shoe.
4. No matter how cold I am, I am wearing some form of a dress, all year round.
5. I always dress for my mood.
6. I secretly love when my tights go all the way up to under my bust...its like control knickers!
7. I am ALWAYS in awe of those polished japanese women you see on the streets...effortless style.
8. Dita and Olivia P are my biggest fashion inspirations.
9. I hate trends, all kinds.
10. uhhhhh i can't think of any others.

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Originally Posted by misslizzie View Post
1. I basically wear skirts or dresses all the time. I love jeans, but not on myself much.
2. I could never categorise my style. classic/hipster/tomboy.. ETC
3. I love heels, I wish I had more shoes.. but usually I wear my fav black ballerinas.
4. I'm a handbag junkie. I'm too young to have 35 handbags, but I still feel I've got none.
5. I'm not an earring person. I wear rings all the time and necklaces, but no earrings. Rarely.
6. My fav season in spring. I can wear everything I want.. it's just perfect.
7. I'm totally in love with london.. so I get a lot of inspiration from there and from london street style.
8. I have my best outfits when I finish thinking about what to wear.. and I just put on something random.
9. Everyone should have a leather jacket in their wardrobe. I've got 3.
10. If I have bad day and can't decide what to wear.. I'm always going for the cute, simple black dresses I have.
This could easily been written by me So freaky
Except for the earring one, I'm an earring person, but I almost never wear any form of jewelry, but I like buying it

If you really cared for me, You'd let me be, You'd set me free...But what you robbed me of is my..My liberty
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1. I'm a shoe freak and 9 out of 10 times, i choose the shoes i'm going to wear first and then pick the rest of the outfit to match my shoes!

2. I like to combine designer with mass-market clothes because as Alexander McQueen once said 'being dressed with designer items head-to-toe is a bit passe'.

3. I hate pretty much everything too girly, including the colour pink and i've told my sister to restrain me from buying anything pink, if i ever try to, because everytime i do, i regret it later!

4. I have very pale skin, so the slightest trace of make up looks very intensed on my face. So even though i love dark colours, i try to have a balanced make up on. Otherwise, i would look like a clown!!:p

5.I'm a huge avant garde lover and i'm always trying to add some avant garde notes on my outfits.

6. I hate fur but i love leather.

7. I have a passion for lace up corsets.

8. I never buy knock offs! I prefer not to buy a designer item that i can't afford instead of buying the fake version of it.

9. My favourite colour is black.

10. I don't have any style icons and i don't need any! I want to be myself and do my thing!

Set fashion, Don't follow!

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