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bird milk's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: London
Gender: femme
Posts: 25
1. I feel infinitely better in high heels than flat shoes. It's as if the latter aren't "me" at all.

2. I didn't start wearing jeans until I was 15 and now I regret that I did. It's a "last resort" that I come to far too often.

3. I love jewelry, but when I wear it, I feel like it's restricting my movements, so I usually take it off within minutes.

4. In my early teens I was always borrowing clothes and accessories from my mom. Today we're into completely different things.

5. I own an enormous collection of cardigans due to always feeling cold.

6. I'm insanely obsessed with finding my signature perfume. However, I'm not even the type to have a signature perfume because I get tired of them very quickly.

7. Umbrella is the most underrated accessory. If it doesn't match your look, it kills it.

8. I abhor people dictating others what they should or shouldn't wear. Clothes etc. don't look the same on everyone.

9. The way I dress is completely different from my favorite designers' aesthetic.

10. I don't like watches embellished with diamonds (or anything of the sort). If it has diamonds, I don't consider it a watch but a piece of jewelry.

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queengrenadine's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: New York, NY
Gender: femme
Posts: 2
1. i don't carry large handbags - i hate the feeling of being weighed down. it's all little chanel flaps or bottega veneta hobos in the smallest size for me.

2. i only ever wear yellow gold, preferably 18-24k at that (i'm indian and it's what i've always been accustomed to!)

3. i love bright neon colors - i could never live in just black, gray, camel, white, etc. i avoid buying lbds. i love punching up neutrals with lime, mustard, red, orange, eye-popping pink, etc.

4. i don't wear pants at all may-september...it's all about the legs baby! my (sad 4 pairs of...) jeans are in total hibernation. i honestly prefer summer dressing to winter, as i'm always always always cold, and i love the feeling of the sun on my skin, loading up on accessories, and swanning around in silk and linen nothingness.

5. i'm not very fond of excessively girly details - ruffles, bubble hems, lots of volume - in my clothing. i'm too petite and hourglass-shaped to pull it off. i do love frivolity in my accessories, though - bring on the valentino clutches and jeweled manolos!

6. in all honesty, i think i dress more stereotypically "for the boys" than for other women, but i think it flatters my figure more. low-cut (but not vulgar) tops, body-con silhouettes, lots of leg.

7. i'm not necessarily picky about labels, but i always pay very close attention to fabrics and the seams. i like to get into the nitty-gritty construction of things, and i don't see the point of shelling out $$$ for polyester.

8. i tend to hone in on parts of my wardrobe that need revamping........and go way overboard when i do................and then justify it by telling myself i'll never buy anything in that category again right now i'm lusting after some la perla, wolford, and eres lingerie...and we all know how long lingerie lasts. sigh.

9. i love the look of fur but only in very small doses, and i refuse to buy if it's not vintage. perhaps not the most eco-conscious stance, but i am trying, and i think that overall, less consumption is certainly a good thing.

10. i like to look uptown and polished, but with a sexy undone edge. perfect red nails, but bedhead and yesterday's eyeliner. in my head, if i were a fashion city, i think i'd be milan.

i love this thread - it's so interesting to see how everyone boils down the essence of their style mantras into 10 little phrases!

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front row
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: London
Gender: femme
Posts: 204
1. i've worn black my entire life despite going through a couple of "colour phases".
2. in my closet you'll find mostly black, grey, white and nude.
3. i don't wear any graphics or prints, i prefer solid fabrics.
4. i'm inspired by 80s pop stars, old school goths and minimalism.
5. i can't wear high heels too often so i live in my dr. martens and repettos
6. i haven't worn pants since 2002. aside from pyjama pants, i don't have a single pair.
7. i love draping and layering.
8. sunglasses are my weakness. they're almost always glued to my face.
9. i only wear 1 earrings ever.
10. i lied, i have a gold sequin dress. ):

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coco vaughn's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Hungary
Gender: femme
Posts: 4,656
1. i love black, i don't feel good, if i don't wear black clothes or i wear too much colours.
2. i hate polka dotted things.
3. i always wear earrings and two silver rings.
4. i feel so much sexier and more confident in high heels, despite i'm 5'9 tall without them.
5. in Converse i feel like i'm a boy : D
6. i don't really like jewelleries, i almost never wear necklace, just braceletes sometimes.
7. one day i look so simple and average, and an other day i wear striking, pretty clothes.
8. i love every kind of leggings: latex, leather, jeggings, simple black, etc.
9. i almost always wear waist-belt.
10. once a guy said to me that about my style: "if something is missing from your wardrobe, that doesn't even exist.
+1. i loooovee zips on clothes or on shoes.

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e-v-elina's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2006
Gender: femme
Posts: 1,236
updated list..

1, riding boots are my favorite types of boots.
2, i don't wear alot of jewelry, but i do like big cocktail rings.
3, i like headbands
4, i don't follow trends
5, my wardrobe is 80% black
6, i love pale faces with dark/brown hair
7, i don't really have a style icon, but i look to rachel bilson for "style advice" because we have similar bodies.
8, i don't own anything leopard.
9, i don't like fur. not because i feel bad for the animals, i couldn't care less really. i just don't look good in it.
10, i would describe my style as classic with a twist.

actors sniff jackets!
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front row
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: australia
Gender: femme
Posts: 448
1. I refuse to wear heels that are less than AT THE VERY LEAST...3 inches
2. without accessories, I feel naked
3. thank you for who invented leggings, I live in them during winter
4. i do not have any printed outfit, except leopard
5. comfort is the key
6. i make sure 100% my toenails are nicely polished before wearing open toe, sandles or any shoes that expose my toes
7. I believe basics, every lady should have white shirt, skinny black jeans, tailored blazer, black pumps, basic tees, and a little black dress in her closet.
8. i am a brogues girl, obsessed with them
9. i love low cut shirts despite my flat figures
10. and yes I love black

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Jenna-maria's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Gender: femme
Posts: 6,607
1. Jeans in any colour and any style.

2. I might be bit lazy but I like clothes that I can just put on leave out the door. No, i do not mean sweatpants and sweatshirt. Lately it has been chunky knit, jeans and colorful knitted socks made by my grandmother.

3. Even tough I like simply things I allways add something quirky, it can be earrings or some jacket.

4. I hate everything TOO formal and I am against all that everybody-should-own-black dress-black blazer-etc-kind of cr*p and all those fashion rules. I think there should allways be something fun, people should walk their own way. I do not own black blazer and I am perfectly happy with that fact.

5. I usually carry the same vintage bag everywhere I go, no matter what clothes I am wearing, it goes with everything and have seen so many places in this world. It is bag that i would cry for if it gets broken.

6. I don´t own designer clothes or bags or shoes and I do not even wanna. I do not know wich designer have dsigned which shoes...etc.

7. I will never ever wear anything fur. It looks horrible (even fake fur) and makes everything look so tacky. I do not get why people wear fur...

8. Is it bad that I am almost 23-years-old but don´t know how to walk with heels??? I don´t like heels. Well, there are few exeptions but I prefer flats and flat boots.

9. I love everything selfmade, the best are chunky knit scarves from mom and colorful knitted socks that goes up to my knee made by my grandmother. Also the best necklases/earrings I onw are selfmade!

10. Lately I have been very inspired by Daria Werbowy and Irina Lazareun.

Daria Werbowy, Mila Kunis, Eva Green, Angelina Jolie
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Menonita's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: México
Gender: femme
Posts: 29
1. I love layering. Winter is my friend.
2. I make outfits in my head.
3. I like wearing black and different shades of gray.
4. I wear a lot of floral prints, but they have to beautifully match black
5. I do like the look of fur, and I own a couple of fur coats.
6. Volume is so lovely.
7. I go through faces of showing my legs with short skirts and hiding them with maxi skirts.
8. I can't wear high heels, I constantly wearing oxford shoes. They are my perfect shoe.
9. My signature perfume is the Chloé perfume.
10. I'm mainly inspired by Harajuku street style and Scandinavian street style.

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hurricane's Avatar
Join Date: May 2009
Gender: femme
Posts: 22
1. my wardrobe consists mostly of black, some grey and white.
2. i don't like colours although i find myself in love with bright reds lately
3. i love huge black drape-y dresses, jackets and shirts
4. i could spent the rest of my live wearing docs only, i guess
5. i love clothes that have a gothic vibe about them (of course not that tacky goth style, but the 'good')
6. since the past months i constantly wear black tights paired with black overknee socks
7. old rock bands inspire me
8. i hate it when my hair is too neat and straight. i love looking like i just stumbled out of bed
9. i wear eyelinner/ smokey eyes everyday
10. i am always wearing mismatched earrings

i like anti-heroines
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Join Date: May 2010
Location: London
Gender: femme
Posts: 63
1. I wear mainly skirts and dresses and thus have two crates of tights, still haven't got enough though.
2. Cheap jewellery is a must, I lose or break stuff too easily so would be too scared to wear pricey stuff.
3. I love quick and easy make-up, big smokey eyes and berry lips (not together) Topshop's crayons are perfect and have some lovely colours.
4. I've not bitten my nails since before summer and have somehow gained over 20 nails inc varnishes.
5. I like chunky wedges and heeled boots for winter even though they get a bit slippy on wet leaves
6. I have an addiction to kurt geiger, having spent nearly £200 on a pair I can barely stand in. They are fair too beautiful to sell though.
7. H+M basics are my lifeline, the short sleeve t-shirts are best if bought a size bigger and are dead cheap.
8. I probably have as many headbands as Blair from Gossip Girl.
9. I dye my hair red and have done for ages, I really want a change now it's the new blonde but I can't give up my deep red tone, maybe chocolate brown will be next.
10. Like most I love charity shopping and have found some fabulous stuff in them, mainly the ones near my uni town

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rising star
Sea Of Love's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Australastic
Gender: femme
Posts: 163
1. I am obsessed with hats. Especially vintage mens hats.
2. I never wear an outfit that I don't find comfortable.
3. I never wear jeans. Infact I don't even own any.
4. I dress like a complete hobo when I am at home and at the farm. I look like I have been raised by wolves.
5. I am always in dresses. I wear lots of smock style dresses and for some reason there is always a bow involved somehow. It is like my inner child breaking free. (more Alexa Chung than lolita though!)
6. I don't really follow trends and i have no qualms in wearing last seasons clothes. I buy things I like, not what is fashionable this season.
7. My personal style could be described as somewhat 'dreamy' and/or 'romantic' - soft silouettes, lots of pastels and soft colours, flowy, feminine etc.
8. This is really weird but I was once watching a news story about synthetic clothes melting into skin when you are in a fire so ever since then I try to only wear natural fibres incase I am in a fire
9. Lipstick makes the world go round
10. Sometimes I can't decide what to wear so I wear it all. I look like someone that has exceeded the baggage limit at the airport so has to wear all of their clothes at once

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rising star
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Leuven
Gender: femme
Posts: 101
1. black, navy, white, grey, army green... I don't do warm colours well
2. living in a country with 1 season only, the fall, my summer wardrobe basically fits into 1 cabin-size suitcase.
3. shoes are made for walking, no matter heels or not, my shoes need to be comfortable
4. skinny jeans, no bootcut, no flare
5. I love smoky eyes, but don't wear lipstick
6. scarves are the best accessory, I own LOADS of them
7. it cringes when I see people wearing a scarf, but not cutting out the lable with the care instructions
8. I love the masculin side of my wardrobe: boyfriend blazers, clean cut shirts and trousers, brogues, trilby hats....
9. capri pants look bad on most of the people, even in Capri
10. natural material rules: cotton, cashmere, wool, silk.....

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backstage pass
Aquila's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Australia
Gender: femme
Posts: 807
1. I usually get dressed twice in the morning. First I'll put on a nice skirt and tights and suddenly I'll change my mind and put on jeans and a t-shirt

2. I love sundresses from the 60s and 50s, they make me feel pretty and flatter my body shape.

3. I am too easily influenced and if i watch a movie and love it, I will most likely dress like a character the next day.

4. I often find myself overdressing, it's like some evil curse, a skirt and pearls and all of a sudden I look like I'm ready for gala.

5. I kind of despise shoes, so i love it when summer arrives and I can finally wear my thongs.

6. I love converses more than any other shoe. My mum thinks it's ridiculous that I think converses go with jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings...

7. I love the look of dangley earring and own many pairs, thing is i hate wearing them and often take them off half way through the day.

8. I love religious themed jewelery, especially if it's got wooden beads or icons on it However, I would never wear a crucifix.

9. I adore the fashion of the 90s, so grunge and daggy, it also makes me feel young again

10. I think the height of fashion is Audrey Hepburn wearing that cat mask in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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front row
Join Date: Nov 2005
Gender: femme
Posts: 260
1. i have a thing for "military green" parkas, jackets, coats etc.
2. i dress very swedish. a bit boring.
3. i despise dresses.
4. i wish i liked jewelry. rings are the only stuff i were.
5. i either wear wedges that are 12 cm an up. or converse.
4. i am afraid of the colour white. i want to love it, but i cant.
5. i love my scarfs more than anything. im not talking about small ones. i mean oversized, huge, knitted scarves.
6. midnight blue is my favourite colour. i want my wedding dress and that coulour
7. when summer comes, i have nothing to wear.
8. my hair is always in a bun.
9. you will never see me wearing anything pink, orange, red or yellow
10. i LOVE tight, high waisted dark blue jeans.

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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Florida
Gender: femme
Posts: 65
1. I love anything with sequins and shine.
2. I love boots and have a million pairs, some of which I've been wearing for 10 years.
3. I live in a warm climate but Fall/Winter fashion is my favorite.
4. I love the look of a classic leather jacket.
5. I'm all about the statement necklace.
6. I've just recently rediscovered dresses.
7. I hate capri pants and anything that screams MOM!
8. If I had my choice I'd live a lifestyle where I could dress up everyday. I am often overdressed.
9. I love leopard but hate that it's so "in" now.
10. The only jeans I truly like on me are Citizens of Humanity

If you love all things vintage, jeweled and beaded, check out my fashion blog. http://magpiestyle.net
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