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1. I'm a black addicted. I only wear black, faded/dark denim and red. Sometimes a little military grey or green, but that's it.

2. I'm a Lip Service addicted. Their quality is crappy but their designs are so "off-street" that I tend to buy everything.

3. I hate velvet. I just can't stand it.

4. I never buy regular priced items. I buy everything on sale or second hand. Thrift stores are my love.

5. I'm addicted to underbust corsets.

6. I love leather and vinyl. I love to wear leather/vinyl with lace.

7. I hate flats. I only wear Nike/Adidas trainers, military boots or high heeled boots and shoes.

8. I love to mix military, fetish, rock and romantic styles.

9. I have problems finding high-waisted skirts and pants in my size (I'm a XXS/XS around my high-waist and a S in my hips), so I always wear low waist.

10. I'm addicted to wear short dresses with super-high heels.

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1. there are some days when I want to wear a punkish outfit and there are some days when I want to wear a romantic outfit.

2. i dont do without anything gray, black or nude

3. the color of my nail polish reflects my mood. Darker colors mean i'm really pissed off, red if i'm feeling sexy etc

4. i hate to show my arms, they're chubby even tho i'm not.

5. love leather jackets

6. i always loved high waisted shorts, even before they got trendy and overrated


8. carrying a Rolling Stone magazine has became a part of my style

9. love rings

10. i have already had a mohawk, multi colored hair, short hair, long hair, dreads...

"But my darling, this is not Wonderland and you're not Alice."
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High heels
I always wear them...My one pair of sneakers are from 2001 or so and I never bothered getting new ones.

Fitted dresses and pencil skirts
For my size I'm quite full figured. I need to keep that in mind whenever I buy something. So I try to show the waist, hide the upper arms and just sculpt myself a little with fitted, but not too tight clothing.

Dark denim straight legged jeans
Although I'm really a dressy type of gal, I wear dark jeans most of the time. Mostly straight, because it makes me appear taller and I find it to be the most classic fit.
Holland isn't the warmest place so they keep me warm as well.

Light fingernails, dark toes
I'm all about nudes, beiges and light pink tones on my fingernails. Just because I feel tacky looking with some color too bright or bold.
However, I strictly use brights, bolds and darks on my toes. And I literally always have them polished to not feel bare and naked.

Dressy shirts and blouses
Almost all of my shirts and blouses are really dressy. I got a vest from a friend, but found out I had nothing to wear with it (!) Because I hardly ever buy a simple, basic blouse or shirt. It's probably because my top needs to make up for my jeans most of the time.

Trenchcoats, blazers and pea coats all the way
No matter what season we're in, you'll never find me in a bomber/down jacket or spikey leather coat. Nothing really 'though' looking, I guess.
In spring, summer and fall I like to wear blazers and in the winter or during rain, I rely on trenchcoats and peacoats.

Long gloves (with bows)
I'm addicted to long gloves. Preferably with a bow. I think it gives a feminine touch to any winter/rainy day outfit. I wear them in different shades of brown, grey and powdery blue.

No big watches or chunky bracelets/earrings
I have very tiny wrists, so any big watch looks ridiculous on me. You'll probably see the clock and then there is no further space to see a bit of the watch's bracelet. I used to have them custom made, but it just doesn't look good.
That goes for bracelets as well.
And big, chunky earrings got my skin to start hanging. I used to wear big earrings in puberty and you can still see the damage.
Only rings and necklaces suit me fine when they're a bit bigger.

No neon colors or gold
I basically never wear bright fuchsia or funky blue or green shades. I do like the colors, but either light or dark. Not the in between version. It doesn't look good on me. Nor do I feel attracted to those shades. Also, I bought a pink neon colored Prada bracelet with gold details and I've never really worn it. Don't know why I bought it. I just hate yellow toned gold.

Long necklaces and earrings
I occasionally wear necklaces and they're always long. Because I hate anything that is round in the neck. So no round collars or choker necklaces for me. Makes my face look like way too round and plumpy. Like sweaters with high collars (awful).
And I just adore drop earrings. You won't find me wearing anything different, really...

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Ah, the first post... here goes.

1. I don't have a consistent style. I find one or two great and usually unexpected items per season, and they define my style for the next six months. My autumn style is being defined by a pair of £25 tan suede shorts.

2. I look better in skirts and dresses, mostly because I use jeans and trousers as an excuse not to bother.

3. One thing that has remained consistent since I was able to buy my own clothes is that I don't do delicate. Ruffles, ribbons, bows, pastels, small prints, delicate jewellery... no. It just isn't me.

4. I have really weird-shaped feet, so it's almost impossible to find shoes that fit (not that I don't buy them, I just can't wear them). I plan my outfits from the feet up so that everything fits in with the few pairs that I can wear on a regular basis.

5. With the exception of one winter coat, I don't own anything with buttons on it. No shirts, no cardigans, nothing. I've always had a curious aversion to them.

6. I love colour, but I don't own very much of it as I'm so picky about shades. If it doesn't have exactly the right punch or depth, then I'm not attracted to it at all. I have never found a shade of green that really suited me, which is a shame.

7. Massive accessories are my thing. Huge silver cuff bracelets, big chunky scarves, oversized sunglasses, and if I'm feeling daring, big hats. And my handbags have to be big enough to fit all my essentials plus a DSLR camera. Otherwise it's just pointless.

8. I could quite cheerfully wear miniskirts, opaque black tights, and boots every day of my life.

9. I am totally unpolished. My hair will start to rebel twenty minutes after I leave the house, my make-up fades almost as soon as I put it on, and my nail varnish chips whenever I touch something. There's no fighting it, so I try to make it work for me.

10. I absolutely could not care less whether something is 'in' or 'out' or whether I'm wearing something that's last season or what have you. I think fashion is fascinating and I love looking at new trends, but I will never apply any of it to my own dress sense. If I like something, I will wear it, and I will continue to wear it until I stop liking it.

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1. My favourite colour is pink

2. I don't wear nailpolish very often

3. I can't wear perfume often because my dad can't stand the smell of it

4. I love handbags

5. I don't have a lot of sunglasses

6. I prefer bootcut jeans

7. I like really high heels

8. I don't wear yellow or orange

9. I have several coloured headbands

10. I like shiny and sequined things

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1. My Golden Rule: If I cannot pull off something well or afford to wear what I intended to, I will never wear it or try to search for substitutes despite how much I like it.

2. Runway looks: I rarely mind wearing my fave looks to the streets

3. My favorite "style" is quite a medley: hippy, Gothic, granny, old-school preppy in one

4. I hate those vintage looks that are in trend, with a HUGE passion

5. At the moment, I hate stiletto pumps, gladiator sandals/heels, stilettos ankle boots for their ubiquity.

6. I like my hair to look undone, like Tati's or Daria's or Carine Roitfeld's

7. I like chunky footwear but Lanvin's ballerinas are "acceptable" too

8. I hate dressing up for anything. Just put on clothes that I feel comfortable in and the world is so happy

9. Though I've thought of many colors to present my wardrobe, green and orange have never had one single place

10. I look almost anti-fashion now, which I love because when I start talking fashion, people are like and Im like

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1) I am a typical, unkempt British girl who doesn't brush her hair and clashes colours and patterns on a daily basis, but I really admire the classy, timeless style of the French, particularly Parisians. I love the idea of matching one's bras to one's knickers, but I'll never be able to do it. I'm too messy! My French teacher just embodies "chic". She is so well-coordinated and smart and she knows how to dress properly for her figure and for her age. I aspire to be as impeccably dressed one day.

2) I love charity shops, even though they can be a bit smelly.

3) I only buy basics from Topshop nowadays. Topshop sucks. Everyone shops there, therefore everyone looks the same (even though they think that they're really "unique" and "edgy" and "indie" by wearing mass-produced Topshop garb... all I can say to that is HA HA HAAAH).

4) I don't really like jeans. I only have two pairs of jeans, one of which I don't wear unless I'm walking the dog or mucking out the horses. Jeans are comfortable and practical- and, don't get me wrong, I am more than a bit tempted now that the weather is dire to wear them to college- but they don't look great. They're a bit boring. But it depends on how you wear them. Some people make look jeans amazing, but I don't. My legs are too short.

5) OK, OK, I may be hated for saying this, but I don't have a problem with wearing fur. It's luxurious. My grandmother once said to me, "There is only one place for a mink to be, and that's on your back." So true. I do wear faux fur most of the time, though, largely for financial reasons. But I still have a mink fur coat and hat, and a fox fur stole...

6) I hate the fact that people think it's acceptable to go out of the house wearing tracksuit bottoms (I don't care if they're from Jack Wills, guys, they're still ugly) and UGGs. It's so slobby. It shows that some people can't even make a slight effort.

7) I am obsessed with nail polish. I have tons and tons of the stuff from a huge variety of brands, from Chanel to Barry M to something I bought at the Saturday market. I'd say that I wear at least 3 different shades per week.

8) I really like Peter Pan collars.

9) Hopefully, in the future, I will have a career in which it is acceptable to wear heels to work every day. I love heels, the higher the better.

10) Jewellery is so important to me. Every piece of jewellery that I wear has a story; I wouldn't wear something that I'd just bought in a shop because it feels so... impersonal. I prefer to be given jewellery from somebody else. I'm currently wearing 3 of my mother's vintage rings, a bracelet that my grandmother bought for me in Spain, a bracelet that my best friend bought for me in Greece and the YSL arty oval ring that parents gave me as a congratulatory gift for passing all of my GCSEs with A*s and As.

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I love natural fabric
I'm crazy about cotton, wool and cashmere - which alas makes my wardrobe a moth attracting zone

I love classic European beauty
E.g. smoky eye, clear skin with the natural skin showing underneath and all the 'imperfections', glossy natural hair; neutral or red lips

Silk dresses
Whether solid-coloured, abstract-printed or floral; fitted or floaty.

I love mixing and matching different colours, fabrics and textures

Sounds a bit old-skool but I have several twinsets which I LARVVVE. The most wonderful one is a black Oscar de la Renta cashmere/silk one which is delicately fringed, it's very Chanel-esque and beautiful. It's very fitted.

I'm crazy about chandelier earrings...subtle jewellery doesn't suit me. I love huge chunks of natural gemstones

I'm nearly done with coats; I accumulate far more than I should do. I have a stunning 70s pure new wool charcoal very soft coat, and an Antonio Berardi tweed fitted coat, and et cetera. It's the one item I would overspend for no good reason on. I need to get rid of some of mine.


Yay! Love 'em, sparkly, embossed an' all.

Love 'em; nearly wear them all the time I'm 'off duty'. But it's SO HARD to find a good pair!

Well I've always loved bags, but I've had a huge backlash against instantly recognisable ones now. So I love my simple old leather ones

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Originally Posted by e-v-elina View Post
updated list..

1, riding boots are my favorite types of boots.
2, i don't wear alot of jewelry, but i do like big cocktail rings.
3, i like headbands
4, i don't follow trends
5, my wardrobe is 80% black
6, i love pale faces with dark/brown hair
7, i don't really have a style icon, but i look to rachel bilson for "style advice" because we have similar bodies.
8, i don't own anything leopard.
9, i don't like fur. not because i feel bad for the animals, i couldn't care less really. i just don't look good in it.
10, i would describe my style as classic with a twist.
Wow, I think you are my style twin, sharing the features in bold! For me:
1. Flats are my shoe of choice, especially ones with unique detailings such as color, texture, or embellishments.
2. My signature jewelry look is big cocktail ring worn on left hand.
3. Hair is always pulled back in a casual ponytail or french braid with side swept bangs.
4. I don't follow trends. I don't care how popular trend X is. If trend X doesn't look good on me, then I won't jump on that bandwagon.
5. My wardrobe is mostly black.
6. I love winter coats but cannot pull off the kind that is wide collared v-neck, belted, or trench coat since it overwhelms my frame. I stick to the classic coat that buttons all the way up.
7. My style icon is Rachel Bilson since we have similar body types.
8. For jeans, I only wear skinny jeans. I like ones that have zippers on the ankles.
9. I'm still fond of leggings but recognize that leggings aren't pants.
10. Styles that I could never pull off: wrap dresses, V-necks, trench coats, strapless dresses, knee high boots.

sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people
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1. Levis is my favorite jean company. They fit me the best and make me look good.
2. My favorite outfit for fall is girly dress, cardigan, opaque tights and flat knee high boots.
3. Most of my clothes come from Zara, H&M, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters and Target.
4. I am a purse, shoe and jewelery girl.
5. My nails are always have something on them, even if it's just clear. I feel prettier when my nails look good.
6. I like blazers or cardigans.
7. My wardrobe is red, purple, black, golden yellow, navy, kelly green, cobalt blue, hot pink, charcoal grey and teal.
8. I like animal prints and houndstooth.
9. My favorite designers/labels are Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Chloe, Jil Sander and Betsey Johnson.
10. You'll never catch me wearing Ed Hardy, Christian Audiger, Juicy Couture or UGGS.

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1-80 % of my wardrobe is from Isabel Marant.
2- There is not one single colour I would not wear, although Liliac washes me out because I'm very pale
3-I'm always cold ,so my Winter wardrobe is just pilling on the wool, first time in ages I'm in fashion.
4-I have to dress up once a month for work purposes and I love high heels, but in daily life i only wear flat boots or shoes.
5-My mother knits all my winter sweaters and shawls.
6-I have more dresses in my wardrobe than anything else.
7-I'm always in a quest for the perfectly slouchy T-shirt.
8-I use a lot of make-up, but people are convinced i do not use any.
9-I'm pretty much up to try anything fashion wise, i just cannot stand the "Mad Men" Look.
10- I'm a great supporter of fringes.

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1. I'm fickle, I love something, then hate it, then love it etc etc

2. I love structure! Tailored Dresses and blazers are my fav things.

3. Most of my shoe collection is made of shoes so impossible to walk in I almost never wear them.

4. All my shoes are either black or neutral.

5. Hair is always unkempt as it has a slight wave and Im usually too lazy to do it.

6. I hate sequins, frills, and floral.

7. My fiance is so good at picking clothes now we argue over who has choosen the best buys (secretly I think it is actually him).

8. I love quirky sunglasses especially Prada ones.

9. I have about 5 peices that I wear constantly even though I have a wardrobe full of clothes.

10. I usually like black and neutral clothes too but I am trying to branch out into colour and prints.

My Blog: aficklefashionista.blogspot.com
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I think I've posted here before, but hey, why not post again?! I think my style has changed a lot since the last time anyway, or at least I've learned more about what I like.

1. I like to look polished and tailored. I hate to look slubby, and I dislike wearing casual attire. I'm still working on refining my casual style to get it up to my own standard, though--ha!

2. I like to sometimes wear gaudy things like bright colors or anything with sequins. I LOVE sequins. Of course, I incorporate these sort of details so that they don't seem trashy or over the top.

3. I like neutrals and light colors.

4. Cool or pretty shoes are a must. I don't really like plain shoes--they have to have a little oomph to them.

5. I'm starting to venture into loose-fitting tops because sometimes they look nice, but usually I prefer fitted things.

6. I need to have a quality piece of outerwear.

7. I don't really accessorize all that frequently. Mainly because I don't own much jewelry and haven't had any interest in obtaining more.

8. Most of my wardrobe consists of florals, lace, and ruffles. I really adore those sort of things and can't stop buying them. I love feminine things!

9. Makeup is neutral. I really love blush, though.

10. I prefer my hair to be relatively neat and done, but it usually ends up looking messy. Oh well.

Style Cocoon – My blog.
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posted before, but i'd like to "update".

1.) i never really liked handbags. to only bag i use is a huge beat-up leather shoulderbag i won on ebay for a few bucks quite some time ago. i love the idea of being without a bag.
2.) since the last few months i only wear black, grey or white clothes and sometimes red
i always loved black clothes. i found pictures of my 5-year-old self wearing black head to toe. (possibly inspired by my punk/ goth aunt who i still adore)
3.) i keep lists with items that i want to buy and i (mostly) stick to them. i (try to) never buy anything that doesn't stand on my list
4.) i love clothes that have a certain goth/ fetish/ dark vibe.
5.) i only wear silver jewellery and i am extremly picky about it. the last time i bought a piece is about a half year ago.
6.) i only own black shoes and one white pair. i don't like any other colours (although the idea of bright red suede oxford shoes is pretty appealing to me)
7.) i don't like skirts, but i love dresses and always wear them with black tights
8.) i hardly ever wear jeans and if i do only my black lace-up skinny jeans, which i love
9.) i feel like i'll wear dr. marten boots for the rest of my life
10.) i feel uncomfortable when i think about how much clothes i own. i always sell and donate my stuff. i like having an "empty" closet.

i like anti-heroines
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1. I have a lot of gray in my closet even though I'm in love with colour, and I hardly had anything pink until this Christmas. I just can't stop buying gray stuff; why do the grayish versions look nicer?

2. I dislike skinny jeans. Why are they coming back? It reminds me of the show Friends, (but I love that show.)

3. Uggs (and ugg-style shoes) and converses (or any other skater shoes, high-tops, etc.) are shoes I will never own.

4. I prefer jeans that are light in colour. Light blue, blues, whites. I don't like the black ones.

5. I don't wear much jewelery because I always lose it. Every time I dare to, becomes another case of missing. (But I wear my cross necklace consistently, never taking it off.)

6. I don't like punk/rock looks. No spikes and dog collars for me, thank you. My makeup will probably always be minimal, because I'm lazy and putting on makeup isn't my favourite thing to do.

7. I like balancing my outfit in terms of bagginess. If I wear a tight top, I'll usually have to be wearing baggy bottoms, and vice versa. I like wearing baggy pants with boots.

8. I do my nails if there is an event coming up, and I think ahead to make the colour match what outfit I will be wearing to the event. I will also wipe off any nail polish, or use clear polish, if wearing nail polish is inappropriate for the event.

9. I don't normally do anything with my hair. At all. To me, it's too difficult and time consuming.

10. I'll wear what I think looks good and I won't care if/when people stare. Some people are so impolite, they'll just stare shamelessly.

Julie // About Me
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