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Time for 10 new ones, times change.

1. I don't own anything black besides socks.
2. Grey is my black.
3. I have colourphases in wich I pretty much buy only cothing in one colour. I'm in a blue phase now, but I've had a grey, white and green phase too.
4. Clothes must be easy to take care off, I don't like ironing (so I only wear shirts to formal events).
5. I don't like slim fitting pants/jeans, tapered however works for me.
6. I don't like shoes. Shopping for shoes most of the time is a matter of buying the ones that are most acceptable.
7. When I bought something new I tend to wear it almost every day the first week(s) (with washings in between ofcourse ).
8. Most of the times I wear jeans. Fits are usueally loose, tapered or straight.
9. I like scarves, but only in the winter. Those flowy summer scarves on men just don't do it for me.
10. My style slowly seems to settle, don't know where though .

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Originally Posted by Street_a_Licious View Post
a lot of people seem to make "at the moment" lists. mine is an accumulation of the past 10 years. and i guess it'll stay that way for a long long time

1, i'm a skater by heart.
i was really influenced by skaters when I grew up (adolescence). their moves, their style, the music. i still find a lot of skaters hot. this includes surfers & snowboarders. i personally don't skate though but my closet's got a good amount of skater branded tee's. and there's nothing i feel more comfy in than in one of my éS tees and a pair of good, worn in denims.

2, i dress preppy.
besides the skater tees in my closet, you'll find an abundance of polo shirts, button downs, oxfords, dress shirts, crew neck tees & pullovers. comes with the way i grew up (i grew up in logo'ed polos & shirts by all the big prep names. RL, Lacoste, Benetton, even YSL for kids. call me trashy, but please blame my parents.) being surrounded by preppy kids from wealthy families during my time in an international school did the rest.

3, i don't really care.
my biggest lie when it comes to my style is that i don't care. sure, it'd be awesome to simply reach into my closet, fish out some stuff blindly, put it on, leave the house and look fabulous. awesome? yes. possible? only once in a while. nearly everything i put on is to deliberately put that "effortless" twist on things. worn out and holed Nike's with that Purple Label dress shirt? why not? Gucci messenger and accesories with those stone washed, baggy and stained jeans with genuine wear & tear? bien sure! but effortless? please, i fret at least for 15 minutes if i should throw on a bracelet or change pants before i'm ready to leave. which is the reason why i tend to be late. honestly, before i buy anything, i mentally consult my closet to see if i can incooperate it in any way.

4, i can make things look pricey.
there's nothing i love more than to shock my friends with the statement that i got my chino's at some super cheap outlet sale and that one of my most favorite pants cost 10 Euros. when there's an Hermes belt slapped around it, who can really judge how much the garment the belt is holding up really costs?

5, my choice of colors is rather limited.
the majority of my clothes is either navy, white or brown. in that order. they served me the best over my past 10 years, why abandon them? I also got pieces in lime green, red, bright yellow, orange and dark green. just to mix up things.

6, formal clothes? egh. me no likey.
i can wear suits. people even tell me that i never look better than when suited up. problem? they don't allow me the freedom i have in my skater/preppy clothes. and clothes should be all about freedom. when you feel uncomfortable, you can't look good.

7, i dislike black.
i got enough pieces in my wardrobe so that i can basically wear head to toe black. but it's either no challenge (cause everyone seems to wear black) or i can't pull it off (albeit that chance is slim) or i'd rather leave that for the black loving crowd. my color of choice is navy. it's dark, flattering, but the color goes into a lot more dimensions than black.

8, i hate to conform.
do you think i wear "nice" pieces with "broken", dirty or lived-in pieces out of fun? it's all about the statement. "yes, i can afford certain things. should i look entirely that part now too?" it's just like a slap in the face to people who are too uptight and rigid about status and status symbols. it doesn't mean anything! in the end, it's just a bracelet, bag or piece of clothing!

9, i love chic... with a twist!
it might be cause the men's fashion has become more and more formal in the past years, but more like "formal" in a broken down, lived in way. it might also be cause i'm slowly but steadily approaching my mid 20's.

10, i love to mix things up. just to confuse you!
there's nothing better than dressing in old, worn in clothes for several days (dirty, baggie denims, skater tee's, casual/sporty jacket, dirty and broken sneakers, hoodies) and then, the following day, coming to Uni with hair product in my hair, a crisp white shirt, raw denims, velvet blazer and clean, new white sneakers, still acting as nonchalant as before. not a change in the attitude or person. just the clothes.

*, good manners shine through your clothes, no matter what you wear
you can act as nonchalant as you want, when you had a good upbringing and your parents instilled a lot of good manners into you during your childhood, it will reflect in your style. but, to follow my #8, that i hate to conform, i tend to be a bit blunter than my parents would actually like
3 years later, i'm still the same. of course i get influenced by trends and fashion shows (there's a reason why i been a member of TFS for over 7 years now), but my style per se never changes. i'm also one of those few people who can look back at photos from 5 years ago without feeling embarrassed for what i'm wearing in said photo

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Femme fatale
David Lynch

“A man must dream a long time in order to act with grandeur, and dreaming is nursed in darkness.”
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  1. I'm back to black. Can't stand wearing colors at the moment and don't even know how I managed to throw in some colors every now and then before.
  2. I'd die for a PS1 bag. Or the Alexander Wang Brenda zip bag.
  3. If I was rich my wardrobe would consist solely of Rick Owens, Haider Ackermann, Nicolas Andreas Taralis and Alexander Wang clothes and Alexander McQueen shoes.
  4. I love boots. Ankle boots. High heeled boots. Flat boots. Laced up boots. Slouchy boots, etc.
  5. I have zero tolerance for unfashionable people!
  6. I still don't know how to accessorize and still hate push up bras with a passion. (#654)
  7. I love crazy colored hair. Mine is usually black or purple or both. This year I'm going to try silver blonde and lavender. And cupcake pink.
  8. My celebrity style clone is Freja Beha.
  9. I'm a talented bargain hunter! I'm a fairly poor student but all my fashion and make up purchases last year were designer stuff. I scored things by Rick Owens, Rag & Bone, Gucci, Missoni, A. Wang, Dior, Current/Elliott, etc. and never paid full price.
  10. Skinny jeans all the way for me. Low-rise. I dread the comeback of bootcut and flared jeans. Gross.

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1. I've only just found my style - simple and "effortless" but not boring.
2. If I could have one person's closet it would be Géraldine Saglio's.
3. I don't like jewellery on myself.
4. My favourite designers (for myself) are: Dries van Noten, Céline, Isabel Marant, Acne, Stella McCartney and Rick Owens (mostly the jackets). I love other brands as well but wouldn't feel like myself wearing them.
5. I want to be a stylist because I want to be able to express something other than what I feel comfortable wearing. (if that makes any sense)
6. I want a wardrobe with only items I love and that suit my style and bodytype.
7. I don't like over the top items (don't like attention).
8. I hate "stripper" shoes.
9. I don't like spending time getting dressed and don't really feel comfortable dressing up.
10. I don't like shopping "in real life", everything is always messy and I never find what I'm looking for. Online shopping is so much easier (minus the not being able to try things on) and much "cleaner".

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1. I dress up to all ocasions: It doesn't matter if it is to go to the mall or to a party I'm always trying to look my best.

2. I don't care what people think about my clothes: I dress up to myself, the only person who I have to please with my clothes is myself, people liking my style is just a consequence of the good care that I take of myself.

3. Good fabrics are everything: I live in a tropical city where is sunny almost year round so my clothes always have to be perfect because the sun reveals everything.

4. Inspiration is not a synonym for copy: I can be inspired by someone's style or by a look on the runway but I will never copy it, I will try to make that look fit into what I believe looks good on me.

5. Body consciousness is what it takes to make an outfit work: self-explanatory.

6. Fierce: is the word that has to come on people's mouth when they see myself and my outfit, otherwise is just not right.

7. "Fittings" is the essencial ingredient to find the right look: when you buy a piece of clothing, go home and make all the possible looks with all the other clothes you have, it takes time and pacience, but it's worth because you can find the right proportions to match your new clothes.

8. Fashion is hard work: Nothing below perfection is acceptable, my outfit has to be balanced with the proportions of my body, with my skin tone, with the color of myhair, eyes, I am not lazy when it comes to styling myself.

9. In my style there is no place for plain white Ts matching with a pair of jeans: As I said before fashion is all about hard work, I wouldn't feel good to my-fashionista-self if I went out with a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, that is just an insult to the whole fashion industry.

10. It's all about the way you walk: Some people call it arrogance, I call it confidence. When I'm walking I'm not looking to my sides trying to see if people are staring at me, I'm not trying to find aprooval in one another's opinion, I know the extense of my look's beauty and I know everything is on the right place.

I'm not mean, I'm factual
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1. I love jeans the only style i don't like is flare denim
2. I love flats i just can't stop buying them
3. I love small crossbody bags
4. I love cardigans and sweaters
5. I love jewelery except rings, i can't wear rings, they make me feel uncomfortable
6. my favorite color is blue, military green, brown and gray
7. my hair is loose and slightly dyed
8. I don't wear my true size clothing, I'm size s but i always buy size M or L , i hate when garment is fitted on me
9. I don't wear make up and when i do it's very natural
10. I don't like white shoes, bags, or anything white

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1. Textures are everything.
2. The look has to feel flowing, free, danceable, and beautiful.
3. Black is so easy to wear and requires the least thought.
4. I like being really healthy it makes you look sooo good!
5. Style is a state of mind. If you put together an outfit trying to do something, it will always look awkward. If you put it together from the inside, inspired and free, it will always look perfect and comfortable.
6. Effortless, unique, transcendent.
7. Has to look good on stage!
8. No heels. Ever.
9. Natural colours and fabrics.
10. All about proportions.

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1. I barely ever wear jeans and trousers.
2. Favourite items in my closet are my silk blouses.
3. Textures are very important for me when I dress, and should flow together.
4. I miss wearing heels everyday but I think its better for my feet to wear flatter shoes.
5.I either wear 4-5 inch heels or flat flat shoes, dont like kitten heels or mid heels at all.
6.I love high waisted skirts to show off my small waist.
7.I used to love rings, and still do but sometimes am too lazy to put anything on.
8. I have two necklaces which were gifts from my bf that I always wear and never take off.
9. I love bare legs with a skirt and heels.
10. I try not to wear two things together all the time. I like to mix it up but have tons of rotational pieces in my wardrobe.

I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.-KURT VONNEGUT
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1. Never look too put together, that means i always have messy hair and I balance things out. A suit jacket with worn out jeans. Dress pants with a t-shirt and vans.

2. Style > Comfort. I don't care how cold out it is, I will not be wearing a puffer coat. ever

3. Anything athletic is just that. only to be worn when working out or lounging around at home.

4. Mostly all my things are neutral colors with an occasional bright color especially in the winter. In the summer I tend to wear brighter colors.

5. No blatant logos, slogans, or anything of that nature.

6. Always have on at least one piece of jewelry. It makes your look more put together I think and if it was a gift, it reminds you of that person all day!

7. Have an inspiration but don't try to carbon copy them. Mine are both men and women and I interpret their looks to make them my own. i.e. Emmanuelle Alt, Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Hedi Slimane

8. Always be aware of what your body looks like in clothing. Clothes can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

9. Avoid online shopping at all costs. I need to be able to see something, feel it, and try it on before I even think of buying it.

10. Above all else you should feel confident in what you are wearing cause if you don't it will show

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I wear too much black but it's just who I am. I always wear something black whether it be boots or a bra.

I love unique, statement pieces that most people wouldn't like. My black all-fringe jacket, sam edelman zoe's....people I know are afraid to wear these things.

MK & Ashley Olsen are my style icons need I say more?

I can't live without skinny jeans/pants it's my favorite style

I love high waisted pants/shorts

I've always/will always have long hair shortest I've ever cut it (which was a mistake) was a little below my shoulders....I hated it. Never again. My hair now almost touches my butt and I tend to keep it that way.

I love chunky/big jewelry men's watches, tons of bangles, statement necklaces, etc

I live in oversize tees/tanks with skinny jeans/pants

boots are my favorite type of shoe so fun to wear

I love dressing up any chance I get. short dresses with tights, skinny black pants with blazers, love it.

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Hullo Everyone This is my first post! Thought it was the perfect place to start.

1) I now ALWAYS wear some shade of red nail polish, since I was given my late Granny’s ring and it has a ruby in it.
2) I wear heels every single day, in fact, of 100 pairs of shoes about 3 are flat, and if I wear flat shoes I swear I get shin-splints. I have size 35 or UK 2 feet, so struggle to find shoes to fit. Therefore the majority of my shoes are dolly shoes with a strap to keep them on, my toes will end up wrecked, but ah well, what can you do!
3) Very few of my shoes are black, I love colour, the more ridiculous the better; green, pink, orange, yellow, whatever. I love plain outfits and a burst of colour on my feet = happy feet!
4) My long hair is nearly always in a bun or a knot, to the point where very few people know I have long hair, and are quite shocked when they see it.
5) I love, love, love winter clothes. Getting all wrapped up, just love it. I like winter coats, colourful scarves, hats and gloves; maybe even earmuffs. It’s good I live in Scotland as it’s mostly winter weather here
6) My jewellery is quite plain. Always silver, and I only really have a few key pieces.
7) I don’t tend to buy current fashiony items, more things that I can wear for years. I have hardly grown since I was 15 and still wear things I bought back then.
8) I LOVE black tights. And they go perfectly with silly coloured shoes.
9) I’m pale and I’m fine with that, I hate fake tan, I don’t want foundation to make me look “warmer”, I get annoyed when the girls that work at the make up counter think that I should. Which leads me aptly on too…
10) My style inspiration is Nicola Roberts. Always dressed well, and relatively smartly, but looks like she has put the outfit together herself and looks comfortable in it. And you wouldn’t catch her in Juicy Tracksuit and Uggs!

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1. I love the slouchy look

2. I don't like bright colours. I'm all about mixed neutrals

3. Gray is my favourite clothing colour

4. Minimalism is my best friend

5. I have a purse fetish.

6. I never accessorize, except for rings. I wear 7 rings daily.

7. My outfit needs to reflect my mood: I can't wear sweats to school without feeling lazy, and not wanting to try hard

8. Off-the shoulder sweaters are my favourite

9. I HATE all sorts of tacky embellishments and that odd spray-painted look, or anything that would be commonly seen on a Baby Phat or Apple Bottom shirt

10. I love different shapes. I'd rather have a plain white shirt that hung interestingly than a detailed plain t-shirt

aline weber. liu wen. freja beha erichsen. jourdan dunn. candice swanepoel.
imaan hammam. cat macneil. magdalena frackowiak. elsa hosk.sasha luss
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1. I always dressed up playfully..Thou in a formal occasions, I always slipped something playful into my look.
2. I always wear the outerwear such as cardigan, sweater, jacket or shirt. You'd rarely see me just wearing t-shirt and jeans. I'm so into layering.
3. I can't get enough for buying shoes, and most of my shoes are the desert boots kinda shoes.
4. I don't really like accessorizing, I don't really like wearing watch
5. Most of colors that you could find in my drawers are gray and navy blue.
6. I love ripped and washed off jeans half of my jeans in my drawers are the ripped ones.
7. I have four favorite jeans that I wore almost all the times, the blue one from Replay Jeans, the washed off and ripped from Dolce and Gabbana, the gray one from GAP and another ripped and washed off jeans from Diesel.
8. I can't stop buying Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue...and to date I already bought 8 bottles of it.
9. I'm not a fan of wearing sandals..You could rarely catch me wearing sandals except on the beach, the only sandals that I have are the gladiator ones.
10. I prefer the British style, I got a lot of inspiration from the Brits such as Mark Ronson, for me the Brits always looks cool, playful and quirky.

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1. I like all things sparkly and sequined, and have a soft spot for vintage sequined and beaded tops.

2. I love oversized fur coats on petite women. In the winter I wear my knee-length Mongolian lamb fur coat that makes me look kind of like a cross between Chanel F/W 2010 and a polar bear, and it's fabulous! On days when it's above 20 I wear my Lanvin for H&M faux fur Chanel-style coat.

3. I hate logos and monograms.

4. I can only carry messenger bags because I'm a street-style photographer and I need to keep my hands free. Right now I carry my Balenciaga messenger or LeSportsac cross-body bag on a daily basis. I am lusting after a Proenza Schouler PS1.

5. My style is an amalgam between vintage 70s glam, J.Crew preppy hipster, and luxury rocker chic (think Balmain). It's a very personal style, so it's easier just to say that it's my sense of style and a mixture of all the looks that I love. I dress according to my mood, which is what I love about fashion - every day is different!

6. I rarely wear any earrings other than my diamond studs. I prefer to wear simple fine jewelry like Tiffany over costume/fashion jewelry.

7. I always try to wear at least one bright color somewhere in my look every day. I have a lot of black in my wardrobe, which makes it easy to infuse one or two pops of color into every look.

8. I like simple shoes and rotate between my new Celine wrap ankle boots, my Barneys Coop ballet flats, and my Louboutin Simple 85s. I cannot wear cheap shoes.

9. My makeup regimen is about making me look as naturally beautiful as possible. I think it looks cheap when women plaster themselves in layers of makeup for everyday/work. I like to wear my hair natural too, simply parted on the side and straight (like Charlotte from SATC)

10. I like to wear lots of layers, even in the summer I find myself wearing small camisoles under short-sleeved knits or 3/4 sleeve blazers.

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