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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Wisconsin
Gender: femme
Posts: 68
1. I think The Gap is gross but I like J Crew. Go figure.
2. I adore hand bags. Big, small, whatever. I own a lot of pricey bags but my favorite one is a lime green print cordoroy hobo bag made by a designer in Oregon named Hedy that cost $70 and was worth every cent.
3. I like unusual items that i know i won't see enyone else wearing - like an apron style top make entirely of men's ties made to order by a local designer ( I pair it with slim fitting black pants and heels).
4. I own about 20 pairs of flip flops even though I can only wear them for about 3 months a year. And I have about 20 pairs of ridiculously sexy high heeled sandals each of which I've only worn once.
5. i hate the cold weather here but love to wear winter coats - I own about 8 of them.
6. Skirts skirts skirts. Just say no to shorts.
7. My clothes are fairly conservative..except for a short fitted orange lambskin motorcycle jacket that I picked up in Paris last year.
8. I love bikinis almost as much as I love handbags and I swim laps in them. I get a lot of funny looks at the pool but I don't care - they can keep their Speedos!
9. I have hair issues...I cut it short and then grow it long and then cut it short again. It's blond but I dye it auburn because everyone else is always highlighting their hair blond and that look is so common.
10. If I were a rich girl I would do all my shopping in Paris and NYC.

He entered the territory of lies without a passport for return.
Graham Greene
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Philly Area
Gender: homme
Posts: 62
1. I am a legitmate Preppy, but I do branch out
2. I live in jeans
3. Polo's & Button downs; untucked and sleeves rolled up
4. New Balance 991's or Rainbows, but I am going to branch out into boots someday
5. Single bracelet (I made from a leather tag), watch & wallet are all my accesories
6. I never comb my hair
7. My favorite colors are blue
8. I change around 3 times a day (because I am never really happy with how I look)
9. I have a favorite hat
10. Yeah, sometimes I keep my collar up, but I really like how it looks (not to cocky or obscene).

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front row
juicygeek88's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2004
Gender: femme
Posts: 294
1. I wear a tank under everything i wear, preferably a long white tank.

2. I hate flared jeans and pants, skinny jeans and slightly baggy jeans are my love

3. I have about 8 pairs of sneakers, but i mostly wear my black low converse. in the winter its pretty much always sneakers and in the summer i wear reef flip flops.

4. I have like 20 belts and wear one almost every day, to me they can really make and pull together a outfit. favs are black studded and big brown woven

5. I wear something my older sister owns or has owned almost everyday.

6. I live in T-shirts; plain, vintage, musical, or printed, and im obsessed with tees that have squarish shoulders and longer short sleeves.

7. i think i own about 18 hoodies total, i have a black hoodie from walmart that I wear atleast 3 times a week,

8. obsessed with skull jewerly, tees, shoes

9. fav colors to wear are blues, aquas, red, and greens

10. most my clothes are a little loose, i like to be comfy yet still pulled together, and i never wear anything overly revealing

bonus. i never take off my leather bracelets from st.martain, string bracelet, and my swan dodo necklace, and i wear flip flops when my pants are to short casue im tall

i wanna taste the breeze of every great city.
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rising star
covergal's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: TO , Canada
Gender: femme
Posts: 175
1. I'm obsessed with jeans and purses
2. I'm poor but cant stop shopping or buying things ...that's a prob ! Even sometimes I buy things and havent used it once.
3. I have way too many skirts and dresses eventhough summer in Canada is like 2 months
4. I luv trendy stuffs like long tank top, big sunglasses, etc.
5. In the winter, I have hoodies in every color, as in the summer, i have all polos in every color as well
6. Keep buying shoes : heels, flip flop, runner, flats, etc.
7. I always go to bed without taking my jewelries off
8. Have way too many pink stuffs since its my fav color....
9. Always go to salon to have a haircut , later come home and cut the bang myself the way i like ( it seems they never do it the way I want )
10. Pain my nails so I dont bite it anymore.

PS : Dont like clothes that too tight or too loose ... fit is perfect


Last edited by covergal; 06-05-2005 at 01:27 AM.
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fashion icon
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 3,337
1.I do take care a lot of shoes
2.I am into italian boots and spaniard desert boots a lot
3.I collect sneakers/trainners
4.I love suits ,60's and 70's taylored
5.I know more than 5 ways to do a tie
6.I don't care about the brand /designer as long as I like it I buy it
7.I don't need a designer to give me the style,I was born with it
8.My hair is extremely important,and once in a while I like to wear corn rows
9.I collect cool hats too
10.I am a female "metro sexual" totally

"Knowledge is a deadly friend
When no one sets the rules.
The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools."
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Of too many minds
PrincessImp.'s Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2004
Gender: femme
Posts: 6,682
Originally Posted by TokyoVogue
Have you tried some pieces on?
I thought the same thing but then i tried on this one white 80s style jacket i was blown away with how good i looked

or are you talking about like 'ow it hurts the animals'
cos then yah def. stick to the faux
Yea,I definitely meant the latter.

I have no doubt that fur, when used correctly would definitely look good.
Plus it is a stylish option for keeping warm.

But yup, I'll stick to faux just because I believe it can make for the real thing.


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twilight fairy's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: London
Gender: femme
Posts: 4,043
Great thread.

COLOURS - I love brightness. Green, purple, tourquise and pink are favourites.

2. COMFORT - I'll never go out in something I can't mess around in. I.e a tight skirt, a reveealing tube top..blahblah.

3. CHUCKS&FLATS - I HATE HEELS. I can't even picture the day I will actually wear heels. I looooove my chuck tailors, I practically collect them. I love ballet flats as well. I know.. I'm soo original in the shoe area.

4. T-SHIRTS&JEANS - I can't live without these. I love the simple jean and t-shirt look. You can't have too many jeans and t-shirts.

5. ROCKnROLL&JAPANESE STREET STYLE - I lean more towards "rocker chic" than anything else. Boho is nice but it's not really me. Glam is cute, but I get annoyed with it quickly. I love Japanese Street Style. I also love lace and very pretty things, like polka dots, fruit print and flower print.

6. BE JUVENILE, BE YOUNG! - I try to avoid looking too "safe" or sophisticated because I'm only young and I should have fun with clothes.

7. ACCESORIZE! - That shop is God. EARRINGS! BIG EARRINGS! And charmbracelets. I love over-the-top earrings and BEADS. Multi-coloured beads are so awesome. I don't wear rings though.

8. BLAZER OUT! - I'm a bit pissed that this blazer thing is a national obsession cos I've loved them for as long as I can remember. Blazers are ideal in my opinion for evenings out.

9. MIX IT UP - Lace and boots. Dresses and chucks. I don't like to have an outfit all in one "category". Gypsy skirt with rocker tee. I love that kinda stuff.

10. BE ORIGINAL, DON'T FOLLOW TRENDS - Most important. I know that if I'd be a fashion victim, I'd look at my clothes in say...Autumn, and I'd be all, ew..how could I get that? So I just buy things I like and avoid falling into the trend-craze..although if I love something really much, regardless whether it's in or not, I'll get it!

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Brazilian Girl's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Gender: femme
Posts: 3,565
great thread!
let's see...

1) I'm mad about animal prints. On belts, purses, tops, bracelets, you name it. I have tons of these. My favorites are leopard and zebra prints. If I see anything with animal print I go crazy. Plaid is a big favourite too.

2) I don't wear any fur, real leather, wool or anything that comes from animals. Huge animal lover

3) I'm addicted to black hi top Converse All Stars too!! I wear them constantly. I also have a red one... and I'm dying for that one designed by Alexandre Herckovitch, it's gorgeous (I don't know if you have these in US/Europe). I also love my Melissa sandals, I have this dark red Melissa that is very cute. But I don't wear them as often as I wear my Converse.

4) I love wearing my skirts with my army-boot. It's such a cool boot, it was designed specially for me, it's made of canvas, it's very feminine... and it goes perfectly with skirts.

5) I like to sew cool patches on my purses, skirts, anything. I like customising my clothes and bags, but I'm better with bags, I guess. I have all these cool ideas for my tees and stuff but I always end up ruining them.

6) I never wear scarfs or anything like that. It's very hot here in Brazil (at least in my city), so I don't have any heavy coats either. I rarely go out with jackets on.

7) I don't really follow trends (I rarely know what's trendy and what's not ). I think it's annoying and so unoriginal when everyone's wearing the same kinda clothes. I just wear what I like. Truth is: I love clothes, just don't like trends.

8) I love wearing t-shirts of my favourite punk bands. Especially of The Clash (huge fan). But I like them when they fit well, and are feminine, cute and cool. I have this dark green tee with a Clash print on it that I simply adore.

9) I don't wear too many accessories. But I don't leave the house without earrings on. And a bracelet. Large bracelets, sometimes with a cool print on it. Oh and I don't like gold.

10) I like stripes. Large stripes, mainly. Striped tops are great.

Last edited by Brazilian Girl; 06-05-2005 at 09:17 PM.
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front row
Join Date: Mar 2005
Gender: femme
Posts: 478
1. I prefer things that feel like jammies, even evening gowns (wool J. Crew )
2. I have been wearing mostly black since I was 3 and shopped on my own
3. I like to slide into things: slides, jumpsuits, self-fastening earrings; no fuss
4. Minimalist NeoGothic <-------> Miami demure casual (= my style spectrum)
5. Not kinky, but I love rubber. I wish soft rubber clothes were in fashion.
6. I own several pairs black flipflops, for fear they'll become unavailable. Like, in winter or something.
7. I am physically unable to wear navy blue or plaid. (And color is a challenge, except in July, when I can do colors and white OK.)
8. I hate polyester and many synthetics. Except fleece. It's my friend.
9. T-shirt material sheets are one of the best things in the world.
10. I would like some wode styles, please. When can I wear black, w/blue facepaint?

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rising star
sophiedior's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: melbourne, australia
Gender: femme
Posts: 147
1. I love to get earrings and other jewellery from flea markets.
2. I love to wear v-neck jumpers/sweaters with round necked tops in a complete different colour underneath
3. I love blazers and wearing them with longer sleeves out at the ends.
4. I almost always wear jeans or pants.
5. About 80% of the times i wear skirts i wear leggings underneath.
6. I wear pearls all the time. I adore them
7. I love all flats, i contastantly wear them. and
8. My converses, they are worn and faded and lovely.
9. I always wear part of my hair down unless i have to put it up, it's either then in a low ponytail on the side or braided
10. I love to wear red lipstick.

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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: London
Posts: 1,124
Anacori - love the sound of your 'short fitted orange lambskin motorcycle jacket' - would love one!

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*Princesse*'s Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: in 'the wonderous empire of my thoughts'
Gender: femme
Posts: 1,208
1.) I would lounge around the house in an evening dress and heels if I could

2.) I love using my mom's old scarfs and my dad's old ties as belts.

3.) I can't stand wearing flats at all. I'd be much more confortable in stilettos than tennis shoes. I only own one pair of flats, and they're flip-flops, and pretty impracticial.

4.) I love classic styles, with a twist to spice things up.

5.) I'll take different trends from the "fashion icons" for teens, like Jessica, Paris, Mischa, but keep it more classic.

6.) I mostly wear jeans, but I almost always wear a dressy shirt.

7.) I've got to feel like a goddess/rock star/movie star is anything I wear. If I don't, I'd rather be naked.

8.) I won't even sleep in something that doesn't make me feel like a goddess/rock star/movie star.

9.) Audrey Hepburn is the goddess of fashion.

10.) If I could have anything I wanted, my entire closet would be full of Ralph Lauren.

if nothing signifies nothing, then anything could signify anything
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Fierce Flava
Sephora_Socialite's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Los Begas
Gender: femme
Posts: 4,766
1. What I wear is always something that makes me feel good. Being comfy makes me feel good but when I'm not comfy, but look good..I still feel good because I look good (sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit).

2. Odd, but you rarely see me in jeans....I have a hard time finding pants that fit nice. I have ONE jean and 3 other pants I use because the others don't fit or I don't like anymore and really should do away with.

3. I have hollister and abercrombie in my closet. It started when I wanted to prove that I can keep originality in anything to a friend. Some of the best compliments I've gotten is on some of the outfits I have paired with the hollister and A&F skirts, and mens polos (I like the mens ones better...dunno why).

4. I don't let my size compromise my style. I don't wear "fat" clothes because I am.

5. I have a thing for lingerie and silk robes. When I can I wear just that and heels at home.

6. I don't have a definite label on my style. I mix a lot of trends, eras and catagories into my closet. You'll get the boho, the proper lady, the city girl, the punk rebel, the surfer, the dragqueen, the time warp from the 20's, 50's, 60's all in one.

7. Majority of my clothes aren't pricy because I like to change my closet often...and if it gets ruined...oh well. What pricy clothing I have I treat just the same as a 5 dollar shirt because if you're that worried to wear it then maybe you shouldn't be spending that much on clothes.

8. When all else fails, go vintage!

9. Key to versatility and getting the most looks out of my closet is having good staple pieces to mix and match with more novelty pieces. Mine are several good jackets/blazers, classic white shirt, the tailored pencil skirt, a good black shirt, black tank, the perfect fit cardigan, the polo, the high heel pump, and the wear with all sneaker-black converse.

10. I spend more on accessories. Having invested in a few good bags, shoes and sunglasses and an array of jewelry does makes a difference and adds a finishing touch. Even the most simple and cheapest of clothes when paired nicely with accessories can be ultra chic looking.

TFS 6th SECRET SANTA- Join Now!!!

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front row
fireatwill's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Hawai'i
Gender: femme
Posts: 132
1. I never stick with one "style." One day I'm boho, the next day 80's child and the next rocker.

2. I alternate my footwear between my chuck taylors, ballet flats and vans checkerboard slip ons.

3. I can never wear something that's just black. It has to have some bright coloring on it.

4. I don't like to match. Matching drives me crazy. Matching as in white shirt and white pants. I can't stand people who match everything. EX. If my shirt is pink, the pink color of my shoe has to be the same color. And believe me, I know a person who is like that.

5. I only wear skirts with leggings. I really hate my legs.

6. I prefer loose shirts.

7. I never wear clothes that make me look older than I am, if anything some of them make me look younger than I am.

8. I love belts but I can never find ones that I really like.

9. I have a healthy obsession with lesportsac. I think I may have way too many of them as it is.

10. I like starting trends and I don't. I like the fact that people like what I'm wearing and would want to emulate it, but I hate it when I actually do see them wearing it. Especially when they have the nerve to come up and ask me where I got my [EX] ballet flats from, when I had mine for the entire year and they just got theirs the day before. It's happened to me. I hate it.

Don't think were not serious.
When's it ever not?
The love we make is give and it's take.
I'm game to play along.

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front row
Sylphide's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Australia
Gender: femme
Posts: 477
1. I'm obsessed with colourful 50s and 60s plastic beads. Especially multi strand ones.

2. I wear jeans almost every day. I have some nice sass and bide and joes jeans pairs, but I wind up just wearing the chain store ones! I hope I never get a "real" job, cos I would die if I had give them up.

3. I go op shopping a few times a week, and I probably wear at least one op shop find (brooch, bag, belt, necklace) every day.

4. I love my black balenciaga-esque bag.

5. I wish I had a cool haircut- something very textured and mod. As soon as I have money I'm going to get one!!

6. I love red nails but I suck at painting them.

7. I'm perpetually in black hi top chucks. I want some red ones.

8. I love woolly scarves and am trying to pull off bandannas around the neck, western style. (possibly looking like a wanker, but trying anyway.)

9. My favourite colours right now are yellow, red, navy, chocolate and pale grey.

10. I almost never wear skirts as I'm self conscious about my legs.

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