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Love this thread!

1* Romantic.
2* My life is painted in pastel colors. Peach, violet, jade green, baby pink and beige make 80% of my closet; the rest is mostly black.
3* I adore Stella McCartney, Chlo, Lanvin, Patrizia Pepe...
4* Clutches are my passion.
5* My nails are always short and round shaped, mostly transparent. Nails are something that I first notice when I meet someone.
6* I like dresses & skirts more than anything in my closet.
7* Belts. But only high-weisted.
8* Blazers. Always, Everywhere, with Everything.
9* I like make-up, but when it looks natural.
10* My best accessorize is my hair. Long, curly, naturally brown.


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1. I'm petite. I used to read a lot about what different body types and especially petites are supposed to wear, but the more I read the more I decided to break the rules... :p It's no fun if you just do what you're supposed to do.

2. My clothes should be fun, strong, confident, full of life.

3. I love strong colors. I always feel confident in red, green, strong turquoise and sometimes even yellow. There is always at least one colorful piece in my outfit, even if it's just a belt, earrings or the handbag.

4. I used to buy a lot of black to support those strong colors but I realised that makes the look too harsh. I now try to buy more beige, brown, white, navy.

5. I love denim. A pair of jeans is just so easy to throw on when I go out with my kids (I have two babies). Dark washed definitely looks best though, I tend to look "big" in lighter or strongly colored versions. So my love for color is more focused on tops, jackets and accessories.

6. When I don't wear denim, I love dresses! I feel so pretty in dresses and heels... I own dresses for all temperatures and try to wear them year round. My favorite is a blue cotton shirt dress and a blue and white gingham silk dress. I prefer dresses over skirts - maybe that's one "rule for petites" that I follow

7. Some years ago I didn't like buying shoes because I thought it was hard to find nice shoes that fit well. Since I started to extend my shoe collection and investing in some designer pieces, dressing became a lot easier!

8. I don't buy many pieces. I spend in a few really good ones. I think that pays off ultimately since I still wear pieces I bought ten years ago.

9. I absolutely love make up and paint my face daily. I tend to use natural colors in the face though because I don't want to look like a colorful bird in the end.

10. "Un jardin sur le Nil" is my scent. No other perfume is more me.

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1. I dress exactly like Jennifer Aniston. Exactly.

2. If something comes in more than one color, I'll most often purchase grey.

3. I live in tank tops, cut-offs, and flip flops (thanks, Florida). And my toenails are always polished!

4. I'm very petite with a small chest, so I loooove deep v-necks. However, I'm always conservative. You'll never catch me in something skanky.

5. I dream of having a wardrobe like Emma from 'Glee'.

6. I really don't wear a lot of makeup. I wear it when necessary, but my features let me go very minimal.

7. I'm a huge fan of tucking my shirts in.

8. I don't wear a lot of jewelry; It makes me feel very cluttered. I wear a simple pair of earrings, pearls or diamonds, and maybe a small bracelet or necklace.

9. I used to never wear dresses or skirts, but I seem to be becoming more girly lately.

10. I hate wearing prints! I usually just stick to solid colors.

--Sound like Ms. Aniston to anyone but myself?

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1. I love wearing liberty and white outfits during summer

2. I often wear V-necks and skirts/dresses because my cleavage and my legs are the only things I'm really proud of (I mean physically)

3. I hate jeans and trousers and shorts. Except for skinny jeans.

4. My absolute fantasy is Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe!

5. I couldn't go out without make up, although I never wear a lot of it (I hate girls who wear tons)

6. I like simple tops, I usually wear them with fancy skirts

7. I'm always wearing earrings and a few bracelets, but that's all about it, I'm not fond of jewels.

8. I don't have much black outfits in my closet. In winter, I usually stick to grey.

9. I don't own any decent-looking belt. Ugh. I should fix that.

10. I have short nails. Too short :/

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1. I don't have one set style; I dress according to what mood I'm in or what book/film/music/place is inspiring me at the moment . Right now I'm on a ballet, soft romantic kick.
2. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals.
3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dresses. Specifically, blue dresses.
4. I'm very, very petite, (I'm only 5'1") but I prefer to embrace it and wear flats.
5. I'm very minimalist when it comes to hair and makeup. My hair looks best when I don't even brush it, and just let it air dry.
6. I love to experiement with perfume. Right now Coco Mademoiselle is what I use most.
8. Cardigans are my best friend
9. I don't usually wear revealing clothing
10. My favorite modern style icons are Melanie Laurent, Zooey Deschanel, Sofia Coppola, Lea Seydoux, and Carey Mulligan.

"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be."
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I don't post here very often but would like to become a more active user so here goes!

1. I LIVE in navy. I just prefer it to black and I think it goes with everything so it's my go-to colour and I own far too much of it!

2. I never wear black shoes or white shoes unless I have to for work. I adore colourful shoes or shoes in metallic colours, I find that my silver ballerina pumps go with most things.

3. I mainly wear dresses because I can never work out what to wear with skirts!

4. I'm rubbish at accessorising. This is something I want to get better at because now I'm a poor student I need to learn to make the most of the clothes I've got and learn to accesorise to make them look different each day!

5. I find dressing for winter weather really difficult. I'm not sure why but in summer I'm all about pretty floral dresses and bright colours and then I just feel a bit lost in the winter and the cold, rainy English weather!

6. I make some of my own clothes but I have a tendency to make the sort of clothes that are pretty to look at but don't realistically work in my own wardrobe.

7. In my fantasy world I'd like to dress like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl! I love the way they style her and have taken a few tips from her by trying to add more patterned tights and accessories into my wardrobe instead of just boring leggings.

8. I really want to be a quality over quantity girl but then I panic that I'll buy something expensive and never wear it, so inevitably I end up buying loads of clothes I wear a couple of times and they then end up on Ebay. I need to stop this!

9. I barely ever shop in Topshop, whereas every other girl at my university is dressed head to toe in Topshop 'uniform'. I always wonder if this means I'm hideously unfashionable!

10. I used to work in an office and was really good at creating interesting and fun office style outfits and am really sad that I don't get to wear those anymore.

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1) I love minialism and simple combinations;

2) Most favorite color is absolutely BEIGE, I could have all my clothes in this color.;

3) I don't know how to walk in heels, but if you give me wedges, I promise, that I will keep them on my feet and walk all day. WEDGES are my best friends!;

4) My favorite accessory is watch. I don't need to have necklace, ring or something simillar, but I must have a watch on my hand when I leave my house;

5) If you ask me about my favorite shops, I will tell you that I love accessories and clothes from outlet shops and simillar cheap shops.

6) I don't like short skirts! So you will not see them on me.

7) I love to watch the fashion blogs, because I can find plenty of inspirations. Of course must be in my style.

8) There are a few things that I like, but I will never wear them in my life. I mean panther coat or leather pants.

9) I always have nail polish on my fingernails. I love nail polish, who does't like?

10) I usually try to stick to solid colors. I have little patterned clothes in my closet.

my fashion blog: http://www.bloo90fashion.com/
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01. I very, very rarely wear bright colours. Apart from a handfull of pieces, my wardrobe consists mainly of black, white, grey, navy, maroon and beige.
02. I definitely prefer quality over quantity. I probably have less than a hundred pieces of clothing in total, but they're almost all designer items.
03. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but if I do, it's always silver.
04. My favourite designers are Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander Wang, Gareth Pugh, Helmut Lang and Rick Owens.
05. I don't own any sweatpants or a sweatshirt.
06. I hate toes in general, so I wil never wear shoes that show my toes. No, not even during summer (and no I don't get sweaty feet, haha)
07. I have a large collection of (all kinds of) boots. God, I love boots.
08. I often find my inspiration in fictional characters out of books or movies. (right now it's Marla Singer)
09. Many people find it unattractive, but I'm in love with the heroin chic look; skinny, pale, bags under the eyes etc.
10. I want to spend more money on lingerie and makeup, but then again, neither of those seem particularly important to me.

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1. A new tendency towards natural fabrics.
2. simplified accessories.
3. muted tones for basics: cream, grey, white, beige.
4. Preference for midi length hemlines.
5. Adore cropped trousers.
6. Recent convert to diminishing cheap, superfluous items from closet.
7. Love subtle cat flick eyeliner, breton shirts, chelsea boots, super soft knits.
8. I have only recently quit wearing 4inch+ heels and accepted my height (5"4). It seems ridiculous in retrospect!
9. I don't like layering (on me, it is lovely and fine on others).
10. I am aiming to create a collection of items that will not age.(ie, timeless pieces).

danse de lune
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1. LOVE accessories. Especially 'statement' necklaces & big chunky rings. Not too big on earrings. I usually stick to studs.

2. I usually never switch handbags until the one I'm using is falling apart. (I just bought two new ones yesterday though )

3. I usually wear a lot of black but I've been moving out of that.

4. I'm an impulsive shopper so I never get what I REALLY want.
I have multiple shopping lists of things I want but I never get when I shop, on my iphone. I'm trying have better shopping habits. Putting together outfits in my head before I purchase anything & getting things off my lists.

5. I display my rings & earrings in bowls on my vanity to motivate me to put a little effort into getting dressed on 'do nothing' days.

6. I love black & white outfits with a pop! of color.

7. I never stick to one style. One day I'm glam (chunky jewelry, make up, nails painted), next I'm laid back (white v neck, solid bottom, toms), then I'm in head to toe black. [gemini]

8. I have a thing for oxfords. The shirt & the shoes. Right now I'm starting to collect white button down shirts.

9. I love tortoise shell accessories. Watches, sunglasses, clutches.

10. I love menswear. & guy's streetwear. Blazers & Sweatshirts with big chunky necklaces & rings. I would shop in the men's department with no problem.

Wish I could do more than 10! :p

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