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dotcommie's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Gender: femme
Posts: 33
Originally Posted by sofialuv
1 Never try to combine things, like a red t-shirt with red shoes, don´t like combinations that are obvious

5 Like strange combinations, like a posh cardigan with old sneakers
Me too...this usually falls under my "never wear a whole outfit from the same source" rule.

Also, I love restrained color palettes. I don't mean subdued colors, but keeping the colors all in the same family
I wear lots of pins and patches on my bags and some jackets. Once a punk, always a punk, as they say ...honestly, because of my involvement with politics and "the scene," I get a lot of flak from people for loving fashion.

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goosemaster's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2005
Gender: homme
Posts: 530
1)I have two belts. But I almost only wear the black 'punk rock' studded belt. I got too thin so it doesnt even really hold my pants up well. It's ok style but only by default. When people give me compiments on it, I think they are a bit behind the times.
2)Again. I dont have too many pants to chose from these days. I usualy wear the same pair of pants for a week or two. I like jeans usualy.
3) tshirts. Inside out or normal. Sometimes two at once.
5)messy hair. Not on purpose it seems to go that way these last few years. Also alittle in need of a hair cut is fun
6)I like very low profile that looks realy cool. Too much flash or even a little seems stupid.
7) haveing a variety of addidas to choose from is nice. I have a pair of white with black stripes that were so ols and dirty that I finaly had to let go. They were nice to pull out once in a while.
8) No hair product. Everything must be sort of not too thought out.
9) I have a very cool german backpack. Sort of makes every outfit work.
10) have to start designing own cloths. And making own silksceen tshirts.

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tfs star
Melisande's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Paris
Gender: femme
Posts: 1,815
Prince of Cats...ME TOO...my greatest fashion regret ever was hesitating on a Dior Couture 1940's "New Look" jacket in tweed w/teal velvet trimming: my size AND ...25 bucks!...stupid stupid...when I went back immediately it was gone of course...

I pretty much have my taste down since 17 years ago.......with updates

HAIR: long and tousled; middle part and brown-black

MAKEUP: extended black eyeliner on top lid; rosy stained cheeks & lips

THE LOOK: ethereal/natural/hippy; real Ukranian embroidered blouses; wide pants/worn in jeans, long skirts, lots of real vintage or artistic designer pieces like Dries, McQueen,Tsumori, Zucca

JEWELRY: either meaningful gifts or stuff I've made myself

SHOES: LOVE shoes: ankle straps, chunky wedges and boots

THE IDEA: I usually dont buy items I can make; try to buy ethically; comfort is key because I want to be able to run/dance/sing whenever and wherever...; I love handicrafts...my own, friends' or in general

SOMETIMES: I sometimes like wearing what I call my goody-goody Catholic/Godard look; A-line skirts/kilts/demure blouses and pearls and neat hair, w/ the eyeliner.

STYLE ICONS:... Helena Christiansen, French actresses like Vanessa Paradis, Charlotte G./Jane B., Anna Karina, Emanuelle Beart...I guess because they wear clothes naturally and comfortably but elegantly

Last edited by Melisande; 11-08-2005 at 05:38 AM.
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twistelette's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Gender: femme
Posts: 279
this is my first post, thought it was a good idea to start with this thread

1. Patti Smith is one of the few people I would call my style icon. she influenced the way I dressed completely when I was 17-18 (I am now 22). since then, I have forced myself to see that our bodyshapes are totally different. she is very thin, and I am curvy. it's really hard to wear men's shirts and jackets without looking too matronly when you have Breasts.

2. I am a student, and therefore I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes. I buy most things secondhand, on sale or at H&M. if I had money, I'd wear Martin Margiela, Isabelle Marant, Ann Demeulemeester and Humanoid.

3. I own 4 different red skirts

4. I have two different fashion personas, one is a rockstar and one is a hopeless romantic.

5. my toenails are always painted red

6. I fall in love with detail. there has to be Something About a piece of clothing.

7. after rummaging through my wardrobe, I often end up wearing clothes that I've worn 10000 times before.

8. I feel naked without earrings. I hardly wear any other jewellery, I find rings and bracelets uncomfortable. sometimes I wear a necklace, but when I do, I never wear earrings (or just tiny studs)

9. I live within walking distance to H&M, and have to be really strict with myself about entering the shop.

10. for a while, I wore only skirts as a salute to the main character in one of my favorite novel, 'Rachels Rokje' by Dutch author Charlotte Mutsaers

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seagreen serenades
strawberry daiquiri's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Montreal/Dublin
Gender: femme
Posts: 13,706
Welcome twistelette... love your uses of red

These are all so interesting to read.

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Belowen's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Australia
Gender: femme
Posts: 26,072
1. My first ever style icon - and this includes beauty as well as fashion, was Liv Tyler. So since then I've slowly evolved into my own style, but the basics do stem from Liv.

2. My hair has never been blonde, and it never will be blonde. I like it dark chocolate brown, below my shoulders and with a side part, side-swept fringe. Loose curls in the bottom is a natural thing for me, so I've used it to my benefit.

3. I have fair skin, and I don't tan easily so I tend to wear light foundation and just a bit of concealer. Other wise I look like I'm wearing too much. I like simple makeup - mascara/gloss/rosy cheeks. Nothing overdone.

4. I love finding certain peices that nobody else will have. I love unique earrings especially, and I have a pretty little collection that I love.

5. I wear a fair bit of black. I used to wear more, but I've tried to work some colours into the mix lately, lol.

6. I wear flats alot. I'm 5'7", so I'm reasonably tall without heels. I do love the height when I go out at night though, but I wear flats most days.

7. I love over-sized handbags. I'm not one for small little bags unless it's a clutch and I'm going out at night. I need to be able to fit at least a 1 litre bottle of water in there, or it's back on the shelf, lol.

8. I never wear anything that has an obvious label all over it. Or anything with silly logo's across the front like 'angel girl' or crap like that.

9. At work I wear simple accessories. My good leather/silver/swarovski crystal watch and diamond studs. I like to look professional and neat at all times. But when I go out with my friends, I relax a bit and let my hair down with soft flowing dresses, long earrings/necklaces and colourful heels.

10. My basic outfit is a pair of comfortable jeans and a white singlet/tank. Either with flats or flip flops and my oversized black leather bag. Because I can always add to that at the last minute if I need to dress it up.

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miss artemis's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Rio, Brazil
Gender: femme
Posts: 990
- I dont go for labels, i go for feeling good and comfortable
- i love vintage, rockabilly and hippie-ish
- i wear havaianas, all star and militar boots
- almost everything i have cost very little money of almost nothing.
- i customize.
- i hate emo style, so i keep away from it
- i dont like too tight jeans *or tops*
- i HATE strapless tops on me, it looks awful.
- i love bows on hair, like snow white's red strip
- whatever.

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twistelette's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Gender: femme
Posts: 279
thank you strawberry!

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shopsmuch's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Philadelphia/NYC
Gender: femme
Posts: 545
1) My wardrobe seriously lacks in prints. Something about most prints usually scares me. I wear bright colors but prints? Not so much. I have some DVF wrap dresses with subdued color prints, but if it's got more than four colors? Uh uh.

2) I have a lot of chocolate brown. I guess I have always naturally gravitated towards chocolate brown because it's the same color as my hair. And it's good for toning down bright colors.

3) I have a possibly scary amount of lace and also of chiffon in my wardrobe.

4) I have tons of vintage clothes from every decade in the past 100 years in my closet

5) I'm much more a skirts girl than pants girl, and so I have a heck of a lot more skirts than jeans and trousers combined (though I my slouchy Chloé trousers!)

6) Even though I have several pairs of flats in my closet, I never wear them because I can't walk in them . heels must be 3+ inches for me to walk correctly...except for flat summer sandals, somehow they're exempt.

7) I hate pink and there's nothing pink in my closet.

8) I never wear a lot of accessories...in fact I dont remember the last time I wore more than one accessory at a time...

9) I believe in investing in quality...but never wear logo ANYTHING.

10) I don't own a pair of sneakers. I feel really uncomfortable in sneakers or anything that could be considered remotely "sporty". Thank god we have excercise equipment in our house so I can just work out barefoot. In fact I don't even feel comfortable in a "really casual" outfit like tank, jeans, sandals...getting dressed is like a grand event for me, have to be wearing something exciting.

Last edited by shopsmuch; 11-08-2005 at 12:36 PM.
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IsolatedGrey's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Europe
Gender: femme
Posts: 498
1. i have 3 great quality bags that go with everything. 1 brown, 1 black and one white-ish. i'd rather have one [or a few] great quality bag[s] that go[es] with everything, then 10 crappy ones.

2. i always wear [bright] nailpolish. right now it's bright red. other colors are pink, orange, blue, black. and the color i wear on my nails never matches my outfit. don't know why, i just like it that way.

3. i like wearing slouchy/baggy tees under a tighter/fitted jacket or blazer. they're never both slouchy or both fitted. if i'm wearing a baggy tee then the jacket/blazer has to be fitted, it can never also be baggy.

4. i never wear heels. i would like to, but i'm 6' so i would be freakishly tall in heels.

this is hard.. i don't know anything else...

i'll try to think of more things and post them later..

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fashionista-ta's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Hardly ever at Barney's
Gender: femme
Posts: 16,014
1. I'm currently in recovery from a heavily black wardrobe. Brown and ivory are probably now as important in my wardrobe as black. I also like splashes of bold color and can get away with wearing orange because of my coloring.

2. I'm picky about jewelry--I don't like to feel it weighing me down. I always wear a watch, never wear bracelets, and don't like heavy necklaces. I like to suspend pendants from ribbons to make them feel more weightless. I always wear earrings. I like pearls a lot--they're so beautiful and they go with everything--I have them in many colors, sizes, and shapes, faux and real, mostly real. I collect Victorian jewelry, and love rose gold. I don't really like diamonds, and basically only own antique ones. I strongly disapprove of DeBeers. I hardly ever wear brooches, but like ornamented shoes.

3. I try to buy organic cotton basics when I can.

4. My figure kinda dictates that I wear lots of sweaters and other knit tops. I don't mind things being a bit low-cut, but I don't like showing a lot of leg.

5. I prefer buying clothes for Fall because of the rich colors, textures, and layering, but live in a climate where summer dominates. Summer's cool too though--love straw, espadrilles, etc.

6. I like embellishment, always have. I prefer the item with detailing over the plain. I like lots of subtle detail.

7. Some people would probably consider me over-coordinated. I really think we've gotten to the point where even in magazines (like Lucky) the outfits look like they were put together in the dark. I have a perfect memory for color--I can match tones (but not necessarily depth--I may be using the wrong technical terms here :p) from memory, and have always enjoyed doing it. I enjoy seeing something like different reds mixed when it's done well, but I am much more likely to put together unusual combinations of dissimilar colors.

8. I have virtually all separates--I'm a big believer. I think you get much more bang for your buck, and more opportunity for creativity.

9. I have no blue denim in my wardrobe. My denim-blue linen capris just bit the dust, and I like jeans made with Lycra. I have navy, coral, brown jeans, but just am not a fan of the traditional ones. And I am most especially not a fan of the fake distressing, particularly on older people, it looks so lame! I used to have a pair of Dalmatian print jeans that I totally loved. (I do like animal prints and have always had them in my wardrobe. Not so much now that they're ubiquitous.)

10. I was required to wear skirts growing up, and I now prefer them to pants--more comfortable, especially in the heat. Less hemming, too!

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northernsky's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 1,419
1. i have worn only black for ages, about a year ago i started wearing colours.
2. i didn't expect it to be that difficult, haha. i can't wear white (as i am almost white myself, i would disappear ) yellow, yellowish green, orange (but i hate it anyway) warm reds.. even light blue looks ugly on me.
3. normally i don't like prints, but i have one tee with a print on it (lightgrey cameo and veil on darkgrey background), which is one of my favorites.
4. i don't wear fur or leather (that is: yet. ), but i wear wool.
5. for me, the haptics are as important as the looks. and i really like combining different materials.
6. i'm always looking forward to the cold months, i don't care that much for summer clothes.
7. i am obsessed with jackets and coats, but my interest on the rest is constantly growing (thank you tsf. )
8. i work temporarily in a thrift store and know how to shop on a low budget.
9. i adore a clean puristic styling on others, but it's not for me unfortunately.
and 10. i will probably never get used to the sight of pointy shoes.

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fashionista-ta's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Hardly ever at Barney's
Gender: femme
Posts: 16,014
Originally Posted by indie
1. I think I'm having grungerockfunklolita-style, whatever that is .

2. I don't buy stuff from H&M anymore, only if it is in sale like 70 % . The clothes there are sooo mass-produced and I don't like that anymore.

3. My clothes..my moms and grannys and aunts and other relatives old ones, some of them are really cool ones from soviet union and so. I buy mostly clothes from vintage, second hand and charity shops.

4. I really like right now look with jeans, biiig t-shirt , canvas sneakers and big leather bag. it looks cool esp. with brown blazer.

5. Now I have tons of diffrent big t-shirts. Many of them are customized , I have added text and drawed to them . Many of them have really cool prints. Tomorrow I'm getting new one with Mr.Bean on it . It's adorable .

6. I have lots of shoes, but I've been only wearing canas sneakers lately.

7. Customizing and accesoring, love it . I have tons of badges ! really cool ones. I like ribbons ( not sure abt the word) with t-shirts, died in hips.

8. I have tons of bags too , but the big brown leather bag which I got from free is my fave right now.

9. People give me strange looks..

10. I love all colours.

most of all..if it's diffrent and no one likes it.. I'll wear it.
Ooooh, I would loooove a Mr Bean t-shirt!!! My favorite episode is the one where he's packing his suitcase, and cutting everything down to travel-size, but spares Teddy

I had a Rosie the Riveter T that I met the most interesting people in. One guy told me he lived down the street from the real Rosie when he was a little boy during the war in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I also had this Timberland Give Racism the Boot T that started some interesting conversations. Right now the most interesting one I have has a great big turquoise vintage Beetle on it. I bought every style of Beetle T the store had, and for some reason I didn't quite think where the headlights would end up I think it's funny though.

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Join Date: Jun 2005
Gender: femme
Posts: 596
1. I love to wear dark colors, such as blues, blacks, greys, and browns. I am starting to detest the color pink now, but I like it in darker shades. I just can't stand light pinks. My favorite color is black though, and I'm often wearing black.

2. I absolutely adore flats! I want them in every color! I also love slouchy boots and flip flops. I don't like to wear high heels very often because I tend to trip a lot. The only type of heel I can wear a lot is kitten heels.

3. I love to accessorize with long and dangly chandelier earrings. I have them in so many different colors. However, I don't like to overdo it. If I'm wearing earrings, I usually don't wear a necklace and vice versa because I don't want to look overdone.

4. I never wear shorts. I only wear them when I'm playing tennis, but otherwise I don't because either they are too short or they just don't fit me well. I'm more of a skirt person.

5. I always wear my hair half down. Occasionally...(like maybe once every 6 months) I may put it up in a half ponytail but otherwise it's always down and nice and flowy, wavy, and natural. I love messy hair and even when I wear my hair half up I love to make it nice and messy and sexy. I hate hair that is too neat or just overdone. It's weird cuz I haven't put my hair into an actual ponytail in like 2 years..I've only done it for when I'm playing a sport.

6. I like to change up my style often. I don't stick to a particular style label such as prep, punk, goth, bohemian, etc. I mix it up.

7. I love tank tops! I have them in so many different colors and I like to just wear them with like a denim skirt, jeans, or a flowy skirt. Tank tops can pull any outfit together and you can dress it up or down with accessories. Also they're sexy.

8. I usually dress casually and make my outfit more dressed up with accessories such as belts, scarves, shoes, or jewelry. I think that accessories make the outfit.

9. I'm not much of a bag person. In fact, I could care less of how many I have or what color it is. Just as long as it suits me and it's practical, I'm okay.

10. I prefer dressing for summer more because I can wear the shoes I like more often, which are flats and flip flops and I can wear more tank tops and skirts. However, I don't mind the fall or winter. I like to wear blazers with camisoles underneath and I like to wear sweatshirts to be comfy but I definitely prefer dressing for the summer much more.

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shoe_addict's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Gender: femme
Posts: 315
  1. I never wear anything from Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister . I hate their products EXCEPT for their jackets.
  2. I never wear any animal prints (not my style)
  3. I big handbags. Espeacially those that slouches
  4. I hardly wear sneakers. I only wear them when I feel sloppy and lazy.
  5. I love dressing in preppy or working clothes. Makes me feel more confident
  6. I hardly wear dresses unless it is to a special function like prom or dinner
  7. I hate printed skirts
  8. I never wear anything goth or punk.
  9. I hate anything piece of clothing that shows my belly
  10. I am a sucker for accessories and handbags


"When your life goes up in smoke, then you know it's time for a promotion" --Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada.
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