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Ten things about your personal style
Share 10 things about your own style.

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Join Date: Apr 2003
Gender: femme
Posts: 15,868
Ok, so here I go :

1. I have a thing for semi-rockish, hippie clothes.

2. The colors that you'll most often see me in are black, shades of grey, vintage colored denim, and blue.

3. Right now, the only shoes I'll wear (and that I basically wear EVERYDAY) are hi top Converse All Stars in black.

4. I customize almost everything I have.

5. I have a healthy obsession with roomy bags, messenger bags and backpacks.

6. I tend to rarely ever accessorize. The only accessories I wear all the time are a black headband, a delicate black bracelet and a black leather watch.

7. To me, the all time wardrobe must haves are : black fitted thick blazer, a pair of worn out REAL denim, a black hoodie, black Converse, a pair of black leggings a few white and a few black classic t-shirts.

8. Right now I can't stop wearing my "indian" frayed sparkly grey scarf.

9. You'll never catch me wearing anything from Diesel, Juicy Couture......

10. I wear something with denim (skirts and jeans) almost ALL the time.

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Naturellement pulpeuse
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: The 'other' bit of the south of France
Gender: femme
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1. I was once offered a Christian Dior Haute Couture suit circa 1940s for £100 and didn't buy it. It's the greatest fashion regret I have... It was a woman's suit and I wouldn't have worn it but to own a piece of Haute Couture would have been fab.

2. I have recently been living in my Karl Lagerfeld jeans. They're extremely slim which makes them difficult to wear. I haven't found the right shoes to go with them because long shoes with jeans make you look like an overgrown spider but clunky ones are too big for tiny little jeans. Maybe I should just stick to flip flops.

3. If I were rich I'd probably buy a lot more Comme des Garcons and Raf Simons. In fact if I were rich I'd probably develop a whole new style. I really hate all the clothes I own. With a passion.

4. Solid silver Art Deco tie-clips are a god amongst accesories as far as I'm concerned. As are pearls and pearl cufflinks. Pearls are best in 'sprays' on silver wire.

5. My objective for the year is to find a decent leather jacket, preferably Jean Claude Jitrois or Collection Privee. Grey is the ideal colour for a leather jacket. Grey leather gloves are also cool. Ruched leather rocks. Poor quality stiff leather is hideous.

6. My wardrobe must have is a one or two button narrow-lapel suit, single breasted, in black or slate grey. Pinstripes are evil. The only pinstripes that are acceptable are crimson and silver metallic like on my Christian Dior suit.

7. I detested all jeans for a while. In a way, I still do. Denim is a really hideous fabric. If I could, I would only wear Marithe et Francois Girbaud, the French line not the American line produced under license, and Levi's.

8. Saturated colours really suit me but for a while I kept on trying to wear girly, wishy washy colours. I think when you first begin to realise that so many other people are idiots you start wearing all these boho colours just to spite them. I wear saturated colours now though.

9. You'll never catch me wearing cheap formal shoes. I'm talking about stuff like Irregular Choice, Kickers, Base and crap like that. Oliver Sweeney is cheaper, if bought from Marks & Spencers, and far more interesting. I can put up with a little uglyness, in fact things which are too beautiful become a caricature and are no longer beautiful, but dullness really sucks.

10. Buying clothes that really fit you is the most important part of style. There's a great temptation to buy beautiful clothes even if I don't actually want to wear them.

-Jamais fille chaste n'a lu de romans
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desire, undefined
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*4 out of 5 items in my wardrobe is H&M – it’s like an addiction.

*I have gold everything – gold tanks, cardigans, bags and last but not least shoes (I don’t wear it all at the same time though )

*Ok, actually I’m a sucker for everything that sparkles - Sequins, pearls, you name it …

*I like to dress up with heels and dresses even though I have no occasion.

*I think I tend to be a bit ‘too put together’ or ‘too coordinated’ when it comes to colors.

*I have nothing in my wardrobe with animal print and I don’t intend to get it.

*I prefer round toes over pointy. Don’t even mention square-toes! ()

*Strawberry once said she could always count on me when it comes to a cartoon character or two. Very true – I have loads and loads of childish stuff in my wardrobe like umbrellas, things from the Disney store and I pick up a lot of accessories in the children’s department in H&M.

*I hate wearing boots. I have loads but they’re in the back of my closet (I usually find a pair every winter promising myself I will wear them – two words: doesn’t happen!). I just recently found my soul mate boots.

*I search local flea markets every weekend for vintage finds – usually shoes, bags, dresses and any kinds of accessories.

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Location: us
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ooh, cute thread - good idea, kimkhuu!

1. I hate feeling fussy - I very rarely wear jewellery or complicated accessories, except for small studs and a ring that I never take off.

2. I wear jeans a lot in the winter, but in the summer it's almost always skirts.

3. black is usually my base colour - belts and shoes...I don't really ever wear brown, unless it's a random vintage bag.

4. I wear ballet flats constantly.

5. for a very long time I rarely ever wore my hair down...but I'm starting to do so again.

6. like kimkhuu, I like very roomy bags that I can just throw all my notebooks, small bits of shopping, etc, into.

7. I hate clothes that don't fit right, especially trousers and jeans.

8. 65-70% of my wardrobe is inaccessible to me while I'm at uni.

9. I own over 30 scarves.

10. I dress very modestly...I don't like showing much skin. sweet over sexy.

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1.The last item of clothing I bought was a long dark green skirt
2.One of my favourite items in my wardrobe is my vintage brown leather belt
3.If I could afford it I'd buy a lot of Mcqueen,Balenciaga and Chloe
4.My style icons are: Kate Moss,Bay Garnett and Edie Sedgwick
5.I would never wear any clothes from: Sweetface,Juicy Couture or babyphat
6.I also love roomy bags,I need a bag I can chuck a lot of stuff into
7.My wardrobe must have is a well fitted black blazer.One which you can dress up or dress down
8.At some point I'd like to die my hair pink
9.I love earring's
10.I hate people who look to 'put together'

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Location: Paris
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1. I wear all kind of colours but never creams or beiges, make me look like a ghost. I specially like black, blue, green and dark purple.

2. My shoes are always converse, ballet flats, and sometimes flat boots (flip flops in summer)

3. I prefer dresses and skirts than trousers. The lenght: over the knee. Mod or flourished dresses.

4. Talking about trousers, I only wear jeans and black capri trousers. I don't like any other kind of trousers.

5. I only wear denim in trousers and miniskirts (never shirts or jackets)

6. I like sixties inspired coats, and tweed jackets

7. My accesories are: scarves, scarves, scarves and even more scarves. And also berets and original necklaces.

8. I always wear dangerous shopping bags (I mean those rectangular ones that aren't closed and it's easy to have your money stolen when you're wearing them) also mini-bags that you have to carry them in your hands.

9. If I could I would wear: Lanvin, Marni, Paul Smith, Missoni, Moschino and expensive vintage from the sixties.

10. I try to dress originaly, without trying to much, comfortable and cute, but not overdresses.

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about to fall or fly
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Location: montreal
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Originally Posted by Kimkhuu

3. Right now, the only shoes I'll wear (and that I basically wear EVERYDAY) are hi top Converse All Stars in black.
monocons! i wear mine CONSTANTLY! they're so comfortable! if only they weren't becoming so damn expensive...

here's me..

1) i used to wear all black all the time, no matter what..and i'm suddenly but slowly making the switch to white. how crazy.
2) i sometimes shop in the kid's department. it's easy when you're 5foot!
3) i don't really like prints..i love solid colors, usually tertiaries, not a huge fan of bright primary colors.
4) i LOVE coats and scarfs...i have so so many! i think i have about 30 scarfs and almost as many coats.
5) i'd rather dress for fall than summer...i like scarfs and coats and sweaters. i love the spring and summer weather..but i feel more self-conscious the less i wear.
6) i just started wearing jeans last year! i used to only wear black cigarette pants.
7) i never wear accessories, just a watch..i think being so short, i feel shorter and bogged down with a lot of accoutrements.
8) i almost never wear heels...i can't seem to find a pair that makes me feel comfortable and not too fancy...and also look good. i love kitten heels though.
9) eras i love : the 60s mod style...so much black..scooter dresses; 20s and 30s..so glamourous! and currently!
10) my favorite bag to carry is my small black timbuk2 messenger bag, but i also love my brown tweed handbag and assorted handbags by independent designers.

maybe more later! this is a great thread. i really had to think about things i do everyday!

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front row
Join Date: Apr 2005
Gender: femme
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1. Right now it's pretty boho

2. I'm living in GAP camisoles with the built in bras

3.I'm obsessed with shoes

4.Canada is a crappy place to shop so its hard to get good finds sometimes

5.soo hard to find pants that fit me, i have to spend 145$ for a good pair of fitting jeans which is the shits

6.i love to layer

7.jewlery jewlery jewlery

8.well tailored clothing


10. classical

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Swim Upstream
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: europe
Gender: femme
Posts: 6,456
1. My base colours are black, navy & grey.
2. I am starting to prefer to buy fewer clothes but to spend more on each item.
3. I mostly wear flat shoes & boots but I wear heels to work.
4. I learned to love clothes from my Mum & my Gran & from looking at pictures of ballet dancers when I was a child.
5. I am less influenced by celebrity style but more influenced by real people I see on the street.
6. I tend not to dress in a conventionally sexy way - I am not big on revealing much flesh.
7. When it comes to planning an outfit, 'Expect the unexpected' is always my starting point.
8. I love wearing skirts over jeans for a casual look.
9. Recently I hardly wear earrings but I like unusual necklaces.
10. I strictly don't 'do' designer IT bags - too copied & too obvious.

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Location: Portland, OR
Gender: femme
Posts: 47
1. Converse lo-tops in pure black.
2. I love worn-in, jeans with holes that appear because you've worn them for so long.
3. You can never wear enough bracelets.
4. Obsessed with aviators.
5. Hoodies... any color.. a little bit baggy.
6. Hoodies over blazers
7. I like purses that look comfy, like they are molded to you.
8. Hate bra straps showing I don't care if SJP made it cool on Sex & the City.. it's tacky. Or pantylines
9. Belts aren't always necessary.
10. Skirts are nice, as long as they are a-line (i'm pear shaped) and comfy. I must be able to breathe!

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crossed wires.
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1. I love black and i'll wear it top to toe when I feel like it
2. I'm very fond of scarves, gloves, armwarmers
3 I'm a compulsive earring buyer
4. At the moment I'm off drop earrings and back onto diamante/pearl studs
5. I wear neckties most of the time, and will make them out of any interesting materials I find.
6. I try my best to have my nails well painted all the time in either red, burgundy, sea green or black.
7. I'm a compulsive co-ordinator.
8. I'm also a handbag-aholic, not anything monogrammed though...(not that i can afford it at the moment, but it's just not me)
9. When I'm in the house I like to co-ordinate my tops and my socks (sad I know, but comforting)
10. I sew some of my own stuff, and will buy something I don't really like but adapt it until I do like it

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Oooo... sea green nail polish! Pretty. I will have to try that.

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tfs star
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1.I love GAP, but I bought only items on sale. I love their Long and Lean Jeans ,the only jeans in which I look good

2.I'm addicted to bags , shoes and jewellery. I have over 60 bags ( from small ones to big ones, but I prefer roomy bags) in almost every colour. I have over 50 pairs of shoes (sneakers, boots, flats, flip flops, heels ,just everything) but I still prefer flats. I love accessoires, I have so many earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

3.I love the printed shirts by H&M ( they used to be 7.90€ now 9.90€) I have like 15-20 of them.

4. I prefer v-neck shirts more than round neck shirts

5. I love denim , but not from head to toe. Some jeans are like over 7 years old and I still wear them.

6. I love blazers, ( in general jackets) that's why I have so many (2 blacks(different style), 2 beiges (different fabrics) ,2 brown (also different fabrics), 1 green, 1 purple, 1 blue)

7. I can't throw something away , not matter how old it is

8.I like almost every colour but I also like to wear only black

9.Like 90% if my clothes I bought on sale, I hardly buy items at the regular price , only if I really want it and can't wait for sale ( working hard besides my study so I'm carefully with spending :p )

10.I like to change my " look " all the time, I like being preppy, I like being hippie, I like being more the "rock-chick", I like being sophisticated, I like being classy.....all these things influence me a lot ,so one day I can be this and the other day something different. But I would never wear too sexy, trashy clothes, that's not me

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What fresh hell is this.?
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1:my main colours are black and brown, but I also love grey, blue, purple and green. they are practially always dusty or dark.
2:When it's too cold to wear skirts I'm practially always wearing jeans.
3:My favorite jeans brands are Lee and Levis
4:I buy most of my clothes in h&m
5:I don't wear much jewlery, and if I do, then it's long neckleces or brooches
6:I love blazers
7:I've always hated my hair and now I've finally found a haircut which suits me, so I'm practially always wearing my hair down
8: I never wear skirts or dresses which are below my knees
9:I'm always wearing flats, because I can't find heels in the right size.
10: I try to mix my clothes different each time i put it on. But often I just end up in what I'm usually wearing

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