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I had an 11 hour flight today, and since it was warm wore black dressy shorts, a black/grey layered tank,black cardi over top, black slouchy boots

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If it's a holiday flight I usually wear simple chinos, polo and slip ons. But if it's a work trip and I'm expected to be working the day I arrive, gotta be the suit and tie with leather slip ons.

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I'm usually in very long flights, mostly red eye; so i make sure to wear something confortable enough yet stylish. Last summer I even wore white jeans with high wedge sandals and a white tee and didn't regret it.
Lat winter, I wore slim jeans and flats with a black v neck and biker jacket.
This wednesday I'll be taking the plane again for a 7 hr flight overseas and I think I'm going to wear my cork super high heel sandals. long slim fit jeans with a cute top and a cardigan since it tends to get cold aboard!
The examples shows by Lacroix are great choices...
Bu I make sure not to put too much make up on since I'll be sleeping anyway, I always go straight from the plane to the washroom where I apply my make up and look fresh when I go through customs!!!
And never forget sunglasses.

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I usually wear linen pants, a simple tank top with a sweater or scarf over..shoes are often sandals.

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Wow, I feel so plain compared to you guys! Last flight (16 hours) I was on business and just I wore:

- dark True Religion skinny jeans (loose-ish)
- white scoop neck long sleeves (long)
- heather grey cardigan
- white flats
- black Urban Outfitters tote
- white head band
- Stanford sweatshirt

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hi next month i'll be flying from spain to california and well europe now has this really annoying liquids on flights policy!! I was wondering how some of u do it to still take makeup, mostourizer... i think u are not even allowed bottled water. ( you can buy it after passing security-- but it's really expensive)

any tips of advise???

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I second the "always natural fibers" rule. I go for linen pants (since they're meant to be wrinkled!), a cotton tank with long sleeved cotton shirt or a cashmere sweater over it. I wore lace-up sneakers on my last flight, but I'm going to go for slip-on sneakers for my next one so I don't hold up the security line with tying and untying my shoes.

I don't understand people who fly in heels or tiny miniskirts and tank tops.

Oh, and Lifeis, the U.S. also has restrictions on liquids. You should check with your country's transportation authority (they probably have a web site) to see if they allow you to take on small amounts. In the U.S. you can take items of 3 ounces or less as long as you put them in a single one-quart clear zip-top plastic bag. That includes toiletries and makeup, but of course that pretty much rules out bringing any drinks through security.

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I'd wear a t-shirt, possibly with something else over it as a light layer in case I feel cold, a light jacket or another shirt. Random bottom, a pair of comfortable shoes along with a watch and shades. I got some vintage-looking aqua colored luggage, and I'm going to Disneyworld in august so I'm probably going to use that.

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i mostly wear flats, an a-line skirt, a top, a cashmere cardi and a silk shawl, then i can layer as i think is most comfortable. i also bring a carry-all (filled with books, magazines, lip balm, moisturizer ect.). i wear makeup.

"Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity"

- Coco Chanel
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I traveled in my sweats and hoodie. It was heaven.

You feel a lil' bit like a homeless person (or seriously underdressed person) in business, but everything was so loose, it just felt comfortable.

How can all you girls sit on a plane with skinny jeans? I'd imagine it to be hell!

I gotta add though:

My flight was from Vienna to Hong Kong via Paris. From Vienna to Paris, I wore a pair of bootcut jeans, driving shoes/loafers, button down shirt and a merino pullover. (with a cashmere scarf thrown into the mix...) I just could get myself to set foot in Paris wearing sweats.... Then, as soon as the seatbelt sign dissappeared on the way to HK, I took my Keepall, went into the restroom (as it was still clean at that point... what's so hard about aiming? ) and changed into sweats, hoodie and t-shirt (yellow tee, brown hoodie and sweats). My trusty Havaianas on my feet

I wouldn't know how to survive 12 hours in such a confined space in different clothes.

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I generally wear yoga pants, a tank top, and a light jacket incase I get cold or hot. Also, slip on shoes so I can take them on and off easily for security checkpoints and more comfort on the plane.

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I flew from Asia to Germany (and back of course ) in Economy a few times this year and I am always wearing clothes I feel very comfy in it, plus shoes you can easily take off.

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Comfort is important. I wear my most comfy jeans with loose top and cardigan plus i change to warm socks as soon as possible.

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When I vacationed in June with my husband I wore black knit yoga pants (Gap) with a black knit kimono tunic top (Banana Republic) and black patent thong-type sandals that had a gold chain design on top. Very comfortable, very cool & breezy, yet stylish.

"Your clothing should be loose enough to show you're a lady and tight enough to show you're a woman."
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